Friday, November 2, 2007

Count Bush's Early November troubles:


Anonymous said...

Keep fishing in the Mud

PoliShifter said...

Somehow despite all this I don't think there is any stopping Bush/Cheney.

They already govern like dictators above the law. They defy Congress and the American People.

the Bush Administration has already defied on numerous occasions Congressional subpoenas...I doubt they will honor Federal ones.

Any law Bush doesn't like, he just issues signing statements, executive orders, and presidential directives.

Sorry, but he is a dictator. Senators can say he has no authority to attack Iran, but it won't stop him if he decides to do it.

America needs to wake up and realize that Bush is a dictator now; a mad man with a 25% approval rating who thinks he can just issue ultimatums like a King issuing edicts...and he can.

Who will stop him?

Congress? Bah....

The American People? Depends whats on TV and if it's on a weekday or a weekend, preferably not Sundays or Friday nights, and if we're going to protest on a Saturday can we make sure we wrap up early enough so we can all go clubbing afterward?

Ahh, who am I kidding...most Americans probably don't know where Iran is on a map.

betmo said...

naj- off topic- feel free to come by and join or just read and look around. i started this recently. :)

Naj said...


I'm afraid I agree with you that statistically speaking, the enlightened American dudes I have met are less than those of other nations.

But is that not the "capitalist" design? To drown man in joys of working for earning individual happiness? and happiness means: relaxing in a pink bath after spending a day shopping.

I watched Bill Moyer's Joulrnal Ethnic Media
I knew the MSM media was up to no good, but I wasn't aware of its racist agenda, typecasting certain people in certain roles, while making sure the alternate voice remains unheard.

I learned about WVON, an independent radio station catering to African Americans. Unlike Oprah, the producers of this show have a social/political agenda, and they reflect the voice of black activism that is drowning within the particular "rap-art" version of media imperialists that portrays the blacks as social delinquents who are rebelling against the petty material disparities of the American society. I never knew that the African Americans were those who dared to oppose the war, as everyone else was rushing to accelerate in patriotism!

So all this to say, perhaps people are not as apathetic as we are made to believe, although they may not have the existentialist angst (or intellectual/political training) that would help them raise their voice.

The North American society is forced to believe that conformity is the "norm" of behavior. There is a Dr Phil who is batting it in people's head every day! Once people realize they have a voice, they will speak up.

And right now, the Americans are realizing that their very style of life is threatened by their politicians! They shan't remain silent and complacent. Obama's shift on Iran is tapping onto that public interest. Don't you think?

nunya said...

And the Congress finally stands up to the Bush Regime!!!!