Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Romance Continues!

US to free nine Iranians held in Iraq

Financial Times, 12 minutes ago!

The US military said on Tuesday that it would release nine Iranians being held in Iraq, including two of the so-called "Arbil five" arrested in January on suspicion of supporting armed militia in the country.

"It is our intent to release nine Iranians currently in custody in the near future," Rear Admiral Greg Smith, a US military spokesman, said at a press conference.

"These individuals have been assessed to be of no continuing value, nor do they pose a further threat to Iraqi security," he said.

(This is the American way of saying "Sorry! we screwed up innocent people again!")


RickB said...

For some of them that's 9 months in prison and being 'interrogated' some kind of reparations are in order, is there a lawyer in the world that good?

Naj said...

somehow bushit's haven't been barking too loud recently, have you noticed?

Aardvark EF-111B said...

[Mistakes, Apologies, Co-Incidence]

there is no such [things] in the current damn coas

pissed off patricia said...

Please understand this is the govt and the military doing this. Most of us here in the US hate what we see them doing and if many of us had our way bush and his administration would be on trial for their actions.

This whole thing is a freakin' shame and disgrace.

Naj said...

Check out the Gurus of Endless War

and a number of following posts on our new collective blog

an average patriot said...

Hi naj
By the way thanks for the link you gave me yesterday. You know I call it Bush's Forever war and it will not be stopped.
Anyway, I think there is a bit of tit for tat going on. Supposedly Iran is blocking IED's and other materials from getting into Iraq and less are showing up so I just thought this was their reward for doing so.
With Pakistan preparing to explode I think you read some of my stories on that in the past but I wrote about it today. Anyway this will further immerse us in Bush's Forever war.

Larry said...

Sounds like Bush tortured the Iranians and now that he has his jolly's from that, he lets them go.

Anonymous said...

1. former leader of the elite Revolutionary Guards Mohsen Rezaei
2. former Iranian intelligence chief Ali Fallahian
3. Hezbollah militant Imad Moughnieh

Prosecutors in Argentina say they have enough evidence for Interpol's 186-member general assembly to approve "red" notices for the six suspects which means they are wanted for possible extradition.
While the red notice does not force countries to arrest or extradite suspects, people with red-notice status appear on Interpol's equivalent of a most-wanted list.

Sophia said...

Romance continues.

Naj said...

Thanks Sophia for link to
This Pretty Much Kills the Iran Democracy Program

All the better!

I just wish the reporter who is suggesting a "softening" of relations between American Hawks and Iranians Hawks, bothered to mention that neither the US congress, nor the large body of leftist journalists who talked about "Iran's liberals don't want these funds" never brought to attention that American sanctions are preventing OXFAM money to go to earthquake survivors because it may support terrorism. That the world bank cannot transfer funds directed at low-cost housing projects in Iran because all of Iranian banks are deemed terrorist.

But again, from an American public/politician who sits idly watching their OWN child-care and infrastructure go belly up on Bush's whim, you cannot expect more, can you?

However, the warming up between Iran and US is cause for concern. Israel has never sat down quiet letting his rival steal his lover's attention! Israelis shall be planning some menacing deeds!

Anonymous said...


I recall saying same thing as Mohammad Ali Abtahi recently he posted in his blog this:
Preparation of the World Public Opinion for Starting War with Iran.

Unfortunately not only nothing is done inside the country to alter such opinion, but also statements are made which give better excuses for those who are seeking war against Iran.

He is very right in saying this.

This remind us of Iraqi regime stupid miscalculations in 1991 when he went and invaded Kuwait and insisted to stay the course when all the feeling the war coming closer and closer but that stupid regime was living in its bubble.

So as today with Iran US doing her best to convincing every one she is right to attacking Iran, unfortunately the regime in Tehran far from understanding the realty.

Also the new development in Pakistan, some writers and commentators bring the case of Shah Iran in 1978, its really looking similar case here as if these extremists in Pakistan get control and power in Pakistan then we expected high possibility there is war with Iran from east side of the country and what’s make it really dangerous is those Pakistani nuclear weapons which it might be very ruthless and irresponsible case if used against Iran.

This also remained us when Iraq nationalized its oil when Saddam was made it as his a big achievement and he stolen the power and control of the country the Iran revolutions stared so it is easy to ignite the fire between Iraq and Iran and let them kill each other,

Is it scary today more than before with all going things?

QUASAR9 said...

If I were Almadinejad,
I'd give Bush & Condolleza the finger and the cold shoulder.

If it weren't about Iraq, N Korea or Iran, Son of Bush would have even less to say.

The best insult (offence) is not to pau atencion (or take offence). Let the US sound just like the ranting warmongering drooling idiots they are. Expose their weak 'underbelly'