Saturday, November 3, 2007

Why is the Israel-Lobby Pushing for War?

In a 2002 article, Jason Vest of The Nation wrote about the link between the Committee of Present Danger (CPD), the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (JINSA) and the Center for Security Policy (CSP). This is a dense but important article that exposes the core relationship between Zionism, neoconservatives, and the new Middle East project.

Read an earlier post about the intriguing link between the Israel-Lobby, Neoconservative hawks, and the military industry complex!

Useful links at SourceWatch: Study Group on a New Israeli Strategy towards 2000


Naj said...

Here's an example of the lunacy of the Lobby:
Peter Huessy (president of GeoStrategic Analysis, a Maryland defense consulting firm, and a consultant on defense to the National Defense University Foundation) writes "U.S. would be praised and honored worldwide to do teh civilized world a favor and bomb Iran to prevent the second Holocaust!!

They won't publish my comment, so I post it here:

A "second holocaust"?

Would you be kind enough to provide a comparative analysis of the historical parallels that make you believe a second holocaust is in making?

And do you believe that the second holocaust may be directed at other people and not the Jewish people, this time around.

And do you think people who are promising this second holocaust are more likely to be those who possess the military scales posessed by Hitler. and would you reckon that Iran is not teh one who is militarily par with the US and Israel? So if we use the rule of logic, teh ones who are likely to start the second holocaust in the world (against Iranians and muslims) are Israelis and Americans, and not the other way around.

I suggest Iranians should rise up, and learn from the error of their Jewish humen fellow, who sat silent and let Holocaust happen to them.

oh sorry
peace doesn't sell arms => won't create salary for you! My err!

nunya said...

Hi Naj,

My friend returned my book and I'm now attempting to slog through it (I got 90% on the mid-term)... The book is dense also.

This post, and the article you linked to made me think of the (idealogical/fanatical) comparisons I've seen of the Muslim Brotherhood and the neoconservative "Chicago Boys."

An article on "The Power of Nightmares" also in the Nation came up: Beware a Holy War

Naj said...

Nunya, fanatics may speak different languages, worship different temples, dress in different attire and eat different drinks, but they all share a similar syndrome: Schizophrenia and Psychosis!

nunya said...

That was my point. That's in the article, and so are the
Blowback facts.

nunya said...

Buzzflash ins't a mainstream media outlet, but finally someone exposes the anti-war movement in the US in the mainstream media. (the lady with bloody hands in Condi's face)

Linda Milazzo: Captured red-handed by the media -- at last

It's been here, it's just been hidden.

Oh, yeah, I almost laughed when they mentioned in the article you linked to that the funder of the Israeli settlements made his money on the California lottery. The lottery got sold to California voters by promising $ to the underfunded (underfunded because of prop 13, the lowering taxes initiative, by the way) education system.

And last week's fires show just how in control of politics in CA the real estate developers are.