Sunday, April 27, 2008

Prevent the Iranian Genocide!


David G said...

America hasn't stopped murdering since WW2! It and its little partner, Israel, are in the war-for-profit business and they don't care who they kill as long as the dollars keep rolling in and they keep acquiring more and more territory.

They are a scourge, a malignant cancer. Stopping them is the No1 priority for the civilized world!

nunya said...

Is the most powerful man in Iraq an Iranian?

Naj said...

Nunya, dear, the media has joined Cheney and Betrayus in creating a case for attacking Iran!
None of these nonsenses deserves much attention!

goatman said...

It deserves attention if you are near a facility which may be bombed! Please be careful, these ***holes are serious. The leaders of my country are crazy with power and donot care who they hurt or kill. They have only until next year in control but they will make a final attempt at showing off their *icks, I suspect.

I hate this period of history and wish for those leaders who can talk to one another, get along, and maintain sanity. But I am not holding my breath.
Keep safe my friend.

Naj said...


If Americans cannot prevent their leaders from such hideous crime; if Americans are voting for Clinton who promises to obliterate a nation of 70 million, if a nation is not indignant over Hillary's obliteration comments,


What about a DEMOCRATIC revolution?

How come American soldiers are ready to bring democracy to Iraq; but incapable to bring democracy to America?

I WILL NOT EXCUSE ANY AMERICAN, should this happen!

Aardvark EF-111B said...

what does [poised to order] mean?

nunya said...

How very Persian of you. We both read the same book, remember? I know what is underneath the Bomb Iran rhetoric, but you won't admit that Americans use blustery rhetoric, but in other countries it should be understood that that is all it is. You and I both know that Iranian leadership is not uninterested in hegemony in the Middle East.

I think the Iraq war has been a miserable mistake that Americans were bamboozled into by the media, and here is nine minutes of proof:
Pentagon Pundits Scandal: John Stauber debates Bob Zelnick

Do I think that this is more of the same?

Frankly Naj, I just don't know.

I do know that I don't want war with Iran, and frankly, I'm trying as hard as I can to understand people who do. I'm not understanding.

Any kind of nuclear bombing activity in the Middle East would contaminate Israel. Hillary is pro-Israel, remember?

Naj said...


yes we have lived the same book; but that is just one book of many others which you and I have not read together.

One cannot take any ONE book to be a bible!

I too hope this is just diplomatic arm wrestling!

"Iran is interested in hegemony" is just too broad a notion to really mean anything useful. I think it may help you to understand what you mean by "hegemony".

I know you generally do harbor certain kind of resentment for certain nationalities; but I am going to take your "how very Persian of you" as a compliment!

It's great to be Persian; thank you!

Naj said...

aardvark: I am not a linguist. Consult your local dictionary!

A.N. Iraqi said...

You're right, the most powerful man in Iraq is an Iranian. His name is Ali Sistani, have you heard of him?
There's no conspiracy I'm afraid, the wise old man wields power by virtue of the love and obedience people have for him.
No one has done more to stop Iraq turning into a complete catastrophe than Sistani.
Funny, Bush's bacon was saved by an Iranian Ayatollah...

Long may he live.

Naj said...

AN Iraqi,

an excellent point. The sooner people start realizing the nature of relationship between Iranian and Iraqis (hundreds of years of family ties; if nothing else); the sooner they will get off of their SMS paranoia wagon!

goatman said...

And you should not excuse any American should the bombing happen.
But you must realize that it took my friends and I 6 years of demonstrating and marching just to end the Viet Nam nonsense. I refused to fight on grounds of humanity. We have only so much power and now that those fighting in Iraq are volunteer soldiers (there is no draft here) the lower classes' kids are doing the fighting and the dying: and they are easily convinced that what they are doing is right. All others do not care since their kids are safe from the carnage. But, you are right, the everyday concerns of gas (I hear that you pay only 11 cents per gallon in Iran?) food prices and everyday jobs and living are priority for most Americans. It is hard for most to care if foreign civilians die especially if our government convinces the ignorant that it is necessary. The arguement for the bomb in Japan has always been that it saved many American lives but I still think the point could have been made without killing civilians.
I hope and pray the best for you and your country, still my friend.

nunya said...

"I WILL NOT EXCUSE ANY AMERICAN, should this happen!"

What? That's silly, and a bit hypocritical. Were you able to control the leadership in Iran when you lived there?

Oh, and yeah, wanna buy a voting machine on EBay?
Be a good thing to have if you want to practice hacking the machines before the election. It's the same exact one they use here in San Diego. You know, where the Republicans always win?

"SMS paranoia wagon!"

Could you explain that please? Most Americans understand that people are people and have family ties all over. I certainly understand it, half of Mexico lives in San Diego.

One more thing. This is a long article, & I'd like your opinion on it. It's certainly not attacking Iran, just trying to explain what all the blustery rhetoric is about.

posted May 01, 2008 12:58 pm
Tomgram: Pepe Escobar, Iran under the Gun

"I know you generally do harbor certain kind of resentment for certain nationalities;"

Hmmm, unless you're talking about the particular misogynistic Arab Muslim men that I personally have tangled with, better make that "personalities, and/or religious fanatics," Cuz butt-heads come in all nationalities, as do great people.

(And yes, the comment about being Persian was a compliment, in a bemused sort of way :)

Naj said...


In IRan we live under dictatorship. No one has any misgivings about that; we know it; and we go to prison to fight it; we get tortured and killed and discriminated against and the human rights watch is writing about us and we are not praised for our governments.

Au contraire, in the USA, people claim they live in a democracy and the leaders are defenders of FREEDOM!

That is the difference!

Furthermore, in Iran, we do not send troops to fight abstract enemies. Iran's Army is never deployed to any other country to kill innocent civilians.
Au contraire, American army has: Viet Nam, Korea, Iraq ...!

nunya said...

and Naj?
You should know by now that I really wish somebody would hack Dick Cheney's pacemaker.

Naj said...

I know how to hack that:

Wear magnetic clothes and dance around him :))

nunya said...


Article opinion? Any opinion on the "democracy" here? It's a republic, and democracy is a joke, but you absolutely refuse to see that.
Bush sez let me be the dictator

and writes his own laws?

The tanking of the US dollar is reverberating around the world right now. Sell the oil in Euros? Expect consequences. All the oil producers have been in bed with the "evil west" for far too long. Nobody gets out of this one clean.

Ghost Dansing said...

Iran is not gonna get genocided.... it's a really kewl old country and one day they will get rid of the theocrats and that will be that.

nunya said...

I'm sure a lot of Americans would agree with the vitriol that JP has for the "leadership" in the US right now:
Assclowns of the Week #69: Omission Accomplished Edition

JollyRoger said...

If we engage Iran, it won't be the end of Iran; it'll be the end of the United States.

We're living on borrowed money, and we're borrowing a lot of that money from an entity that has become a pretty good friend of Iran. If we hit Iran, they will shut off the funding, and we will suddenly have a Federal Government in default. In the meantime, the Armed Forces rank and file will have become enraged by Chimpy's new war for nothing, and they won't be any happier when they start running out of stuff because we don't have any money anymore.

There will be regional breakoffs within weeks of an attack on Iran. I expect California to lead the way, perhaps with Washington and Oregon as partners. Then, other States and regions will systematically peel off the United States until there is a rump USA that is about the same size as the old Confederacy. Whether or not there will be skirmishes between the regions, remains to be seen. It could be a Czechoslovak divorce, or it could be a Yugoslav one.

Naj said...


I think you are right.

I have been watching a documentary series CARRIER on PBS. I really recommend it to bot American friends and foes. It demonstrates the paper tiger that the America's military might is.

Listening to those kids and those officers; watching their behaviors and outlooks on life; their philosophies; their concerns, even their patriotism ... I don't want to boast; but, Iran will have little to worry about fighting against such army!!

The strong sense of "defense" that defeated an American led attack on Iran by Saddam will only be 10000 times stronger this time; and in the past 30 years Iranians kids have become FAR SMARTER, and far more resourceful, THANKS TO SANCTIONS, that have made us a nation that can think for herself; instead of standing still waiting for "western" handouts!

The reach to China and India is just a sign of that shift of power paradigm. The grand advantage of Iran's friendship with India and China is that "they are all oriental cultures" and thus they speak and operate in fairly similar philosophical frameworks.

The west will be watching in disbelief; but it's time for a new empire; and the more peacefully they accept this fact; the more gracefully they concede to the fact that Iran makes a better "hegemon" in the middle east than America ever CAN, the sooner they get on the Iranian side; the better it will be for them. Iran's been on the silk road for thousands of years; and yes it will always be there; protected by the mountain, the desert, and a STRONG sense of national pride that unites it!

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

I don't even think Bush is stupid enough to start a third war. But, if everybody wants to get all riled up, who am I to stop you. And, besides, don't we need to save a little vitriol for the people who strap suicide bombs onto mentally retarded people? More than enough blame/white and black hats to go around, me-buckos.

nunya said...

I know the people on that ship. I know something you don't.

nunya said...

and this?

"The reach to China and India is just a sign of that shift of power paradigm. The grand advantage of Iran's friendship with India and China is that "they are all oriental cultures" and thus they speak and operate in fairly similar philosophical frameworks."

That's a creative take on things. How's that, the caste system? The labor slaves or the "one child" policy?

The oil producers decided to change the rules on what currencies denominate commodities, in particular OIL. Fine. They can send food to Africa as donations, and sell food to India and China, that's where it's being sold instead of being donated to food banks.

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

Another site that doesn't allow for dissent, just great.

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...
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little indian said...

Hi (after a long time) Naj,

I second your statement that the whole of America will have to accept the blame.
They say it is a 'democracy'. A government of, by and for the people.

I also agree with Jolly Roger; to attack Iran would be the end of US. I do not think there is any politician, even in America, who can be idiot enough to give such an order.