Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Fascism in Florida?

Florida Unilaterally Restricts Travel to Iran, "State Sponsors of Terror"

A law has been passed by the Florida legislature making it significantly more difficult for Iranian Americans to travel to Iran to visit family and friends. On June 23rd the Governor of Florida, Charlie Crist, signed into law SB 1310, which imposes heavy restrictions on Florida travel agencies that arrange trips to any state sponsors of terrorism. Among these restrictions, travel agents must pay a $1000 registration fee and secure at least a $100,000 security bond to provide services to anyone seeking to visit countries recognized by the State Department as a supporter of terrorism, including Iran.

Could this have anything to do with the growing number of Western human shields who are traveling to Iran, determined to deter an attack against Iran?

Or could it have to do with the growing number of peace delegation groups determined to bring back to America the stories of real Iran, not the ones propagated by the MSM war pimps?

Or does it have to do with the reports by top American scientists who are writing back home about the sophistication of research and development in Iran?

How come suddenly travel to Iran has become such a big crime?!!!
It will not look good on America to have bombed a country that looks familiar, beautiful and precious, does it?


Rick said...

Like is said at the end of 'Chinatown'- Forget it, Naj. It's Florida.
And yes I suspect all those reasons you put forward played a role, overall it serves to isolate and reduce understanding... in the state responsible for the Bush junta. Obviously bored of pandering to anti Castro and anti Chavez loonies they found another far right hobby horse to jump on.
Florida Naj, it's Florida!

Pedestrian said...

Add to all of your points the fact that Charlie Crist badly wants to be vice president ... So he's doing everything he can to be deemed hawkish enough for Monsieur McCain and fellow Republicans ...