Thursday, July 31, 2008

Simin and Jalal

For those of you who have not given up on me yet, I am busy with renovation and have decidedly cut the internet off of my evening hours. This has given me the chance to read Iranian books and I am reading the letters of Simin Daneshvar to her husband Jalal Ale-Ahmad during her 9 months trip to Stanford University (CA) in 1952.

The letters are important as the reflect the views of one of the pioneering Iranian female academics encountering the post-war America. They are also important because they give a sense of general political mood of the US intellectuals about Iran in years prior to the 1953-coup. In some ways it is retrospective history.

I will be translating excerpt of this book and will share them with you.

In the meanwhile, you can familiarize yourself with Daneshvar's literary work here.

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nunya said...

The Jewish American journalism pushback against the monopolization of American media and foreign policy ( the politicization of nonpartisan govt positions ) by the neocons has begun.

Whether or not they'll be seen on cable is questionable.