Sunday, August 24, 2008

Tribute to Khosro Shakibai

I JUST learned about the death of an actor whose star in Hamoun will outshine the short meteor of his life.

If you don't know Khosro Shakibai and what he was to the Iranian cinema, then think of him as what

Marcello Mastroianni was to the Italian one
Jeremy Irons is to the British one
Bruno Ganz to the German Cinema
Gerard Depardieu to the French Cinema
Toshiro Mifune to the Japanese cinema
Humphrey Bogart to the American cinema

Shakibai (or shakibayee) WAS the face of Iran's National Cinema after the war.

The following films are perhaps available in your upper-scale video club:
Hamoun , (1990)
Banoo (1995)
The mix (2000)

and I am noticing IMDB is missing a number of his films ...
I am happy I didn't learn about his death on my Birthday ...
Now I am quite s.a.d ...