Sunday, August 17, 2008

Woohoooo I get an award

DivaJood has bestowed me with the kick-ass blogger award :)

And this is the first time anyone has given me an award. And to get this award from DivaJood, an American(/Israeli) artist, who blogs for peace, and who--according to herself--doesn't see eye to eye with me, means even more.

To get this award is making me reflect a bit on the objective of the "Neo-Resistance". I started blogging in November 2006. The threat of war on Iran had begun to look eminent. The media was full of disinformation. People, who assumed themselves intellectuals had started noticing there was a place called Iran on the map. And Iran was becoming the buzz word of cocktail parties. What intrigued me to blog, was some German neuropsychologist, with self-assumed 'global' aspirations asking me: "so, In Iran, could you go to University?"

I was about to scream: "not only we do, but also our universities teach us well enough to not think/assume that in Germany everyone is still a Nazi."

I held my tongue, but came to blog the same evening.

I decided to do a counter-propagandist blog. To take the same buzz words used by CNN, and to use it in favor of my country and its ill-known people, culture, history. And this, I have been doing against the burden of life, against tragedies i have and am going through, and against my lack of proficiency in English language.
And, more importantly, I have been empowered in my struggle to blog, by every single one of your comments, your critics, your encouragements, and your enthusiasm to have learned something new about an old place in our world; about Iran.

These days I am busy; and I am in a state of hibernation with respect to Iran events. I also have limited access to internet; on my own decision. But, I am grateful to DivaJood for this gesture of appreciation, and keeping me on my toes, and letting me know that I may have been making a little difference, for peace, for justice, for human dignity.

I must pass on the torch to 5 other bloggers. These, wonderful men and women, inspire me, inform me and entertain me. My list is missing ALL those who are in my blogroll. I don't blogroll anyone who is not an ass-kicker!

Here, my selection criteria is just based on the most recent statistics of bloggers with whom I have communicated.

Marc: Adored by Hordes
Pedestrian: Sidewalk Lyrics
Brother Tim: Of Revelation
Sophia: Les Politiques
Rick: Ten Percent


RickB said...

Well thank you kindly Teh Najster!
First, the acceptance speech:-
Thank you. But of course this is not just an award for me, it’s for all the little people who helped make me so great. I can’t actually remember any of their names right now, or ever. But their hard work often goes unrewarded -I think concepts such as wages or gratitude only raise false expectations in my staff- and this will make them sob tears of gratitude as they sink into their troubled 5 hours of sleep before putting in another day of hard labour in order to increase my wealth. This award should also go by way of a thanks to my parents, who realising at an early stage how exceptional I was attempted to sell me in order to fund their burgeoning alcohol, drugs and snuff porn addictions. It’s certainly the only thanks they’ll get from me. Also I must thank those other talented creative individual’s of the ‘internet’ whose work makes me look good and who demand no acknowledgement, well they might, but I have good lawyers and give strict orders not to be bothered with tedious issues relating to something they term ‘integrity’ whatever that is.

Actually now I reflect on this I have to conclude this award is mostly for me, just for me, let everyone else get their own, should they be worthy, which I doubt. No this is all mine because I am fantastic… and probably some kind of God.

Meanwhile... sorry to hear you are in the midst of troubling times, I will wish good things upon you!
And yes, you do make a difference and I have learned about Iran here.

Naj said...

Uhm ... rrrrrrrick, are you making fun of my "teh"?? LOL

I SWEAR it's a typo!
I don't know where to use my articles; but I know it should be tHe. But I don't know why my fingers do the think of their own! ;)

Sadegh said...

congrats...well done...hopefully the first of many!!!

Sophia said...

Dear Naj,

The award suits you and your blog well. You have done a good job informing people about your country, including me who thought that I knew Iran well.
I am not as much kisk-ass as you but I thank you for the honor you bestowed upon me. I am going to pass it on.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on a well-deserved honor - you have been often an inspiration to me!

Brother Tim said...

Congrats, Naj, you are well-deserving.

Thanks for thinking of me, I'm honored, though not sure deserving.

As for 'teh', I just thought that was teh way you spelled it.;)

Morteza Mirgholami said...

Hi there,

I am an Iranian student at melbourne and follow you blog quite often. I am also a member of architect for peace organization.

I was wondering if it's ok to publish some of your posts in our forum so people can get to know more about Iran. We are also thinking of having a forum called Intent-city 2010 in Iran.

You can find out more here

RickB said...

No, no Naj, heaven forfend! I was using the iconic internet typo 'Teh' which has become a standard version of 'The' when describing awesomeness!

Naj said...

Thanks :)

I had an Oscar's moment. :)

And you have been a great voice debunking the false images of Iran.

Brother Tim:

I have been trying to contact your weblog for a while. I am very interested in yoru project. I was trying to get the Tehran Avenue to do a project with me on Urban Screens in Iran. We need to talk :)

Rick B:


Georg said...

Congratulations Naj,

Well deserved and a credit to you and to the author of the award.

What about writing a post on Iran's participation at the Olympic Games.
I would like to hear something from an insider.


Naj said...



I have to say that I am not the sporty kind and I have not been following the plympics at all. I just know that Iran's doing pretty bad and that a parliamentary committee is setting up a task force to look into sub-usual performance of Iranian athletes.

I know there is some basketbal player who is shining and is being recruited by some US team. And I know Iran didn't win the gold in wrestling.

If you tell me what kind of questions you have, I will try to investigate the answer, gladly.


Dave Dubya said...

You deserve not only awards, but our respect and admiration.

There are too few "voices in the wilderness' and we need your contributions to bolster our sanity and knowledge.

And no, I'm not sucking up for an award.;-)