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Eisenhower's role in 1953 (Simin's letters: Stanford Village 1951-52)

Today, I finished the first volume of the "letters".

Here are some excerpts. I reference the page number in Persian. (ISBN: 964-448-218-2)
Page 115
"Association of the oldest ladies i had ever seen. So many old ladies in one place is really overwhelming. Trust me, everything in the Us is weird. When I first entered, I felt I walked in a cemetery. All old old, gray gray. Your grandmother would have been the yongest. Anyways, they shook hands with us. I ate in the club, which was a very beautiful home. after dinner, someone, who had traveled to the Middle East, gave a speech and projected a few nice slides. Colorful pictures of coffee shops, mosques, museusm, people's lives, inns in Israel, Lebanin, syria, Egypt, Morocco, Algeria and Turkey. It was very interesting. Anyways, once they showed mosque pictures,(I had no clue why the had invited me), he said that now a young Iranian lady who is Muslim will introduce us to mosques and will tell us about Islam. I was first confused and shocked, but they had created a nice atmosphere, so I accepted and got up and talked. I talked about Islam, prayers, and etc. Anyways, they liked it a lot and from next day, they invited me to other clubs as well. I have not accepted any, but the one to which I will go tonight.
Dear Jalal, I went and came back. I'm exhausted. I talked about Iran's role in the United Nations, only ten minutes, but it was okey. I had gathered all th einformation already in the UN. I dragged the subject to Mosaddegh and the third force, which was interesting. I compared Mosaddegh to Gandhi. It was a success. Then they wrapped me in questions. And I told them that all the thirld world movements are the "third force" movements, which are not 100% in America's interest, but they help in the liberation of the people--which is America's objective. And then I gave an example of Sir Benegal Rau's role in the Korean crisis. ...]
Page 120
"Well dear. Mosadegh seem to have messed up the Brit's plans. Here, as you know, people are busy with the election. The feasts are on. A while back it was Eisenhowers' birthday. We're doomed if he wins. Everyone goes, eats and signs up to vote. Comes election time, they just have to sign. All are wearing pins. Either STEVENSON or IKE, and this itself is a form of propaganda. ... Trueman, who is a democrat and wants Stevenson to win, has recently exposed the Republicans corruption files. On the radio and TV, they constantly talk about new files. By the way, they are refuting the charges. Eisenhower rejected teh charges on TV and explained that he has earned his wealth from selling his book. Also Nixon, who wants to be the VP, has shown his life in TV and has given a big speech. Also, the Eisenhower supporters are very critical of Trueman, and blame him for the corruption of the cabinet, subordination to the British and large government spendings. Right now, this is a verbal attack market. But not abusive like in Iran. Here, they swear with documents and witnesses. Anyways, it is almost the same everywhere in the world."

[page 136]
And about the election. As you know Eisenhower won! We are screwed.
[page 137]
Eisenhower had higher number of states and also higher number of votes. He gave a speech and read the congratulation telegraphs. His wife and daughter in law were with him too. He said that the Korean problem is the first thing he will tackle. He didn't mention Iran. Here, Iranians believe that this silence will cost us. They think he will treat Iran hawkish.
[page 142-143]
Sunday talks of the History professor have concerned me. He has made a frightening prediction about Mosadegh. He said that because he has given liberty to the Toodehi [a version of communist party in Iran], these same Toodei will bring his demise. I told him that Mosadegh is the promoter of democracy and he has to give such liberties to all political parties. Otherwise, he is an aristocrat and cannot be communist. He said that the Brits are sneaky in politics, and are like cousins to Americans, and that the Americans use their colonial archives when dealing with countries like Iran. Of course the US is trying to take over the empire. But Iran's problem, because of the oil and the persian gulf is vital to the Briatain. They might throw Mosdadegh into Toodei lap, who always stick themselves to Mosaddegh. They [toodei] try to turn any movement into theirs, if they cannot destroy it. The Brits can convince eisenhower that unless mosadegh is ousted, Iran will fall in the soviet hands. I asked, you think they can fool Eisenhower. He shrugged and said, unfortunately modsadegh doesn't have strong party supporters. I said, because Shah has not allowed any party become strong; he is a dictator.

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