Sunday, May 17, 2009

IRNA and ISNA headlines: May 16

This morning, i feel like awakening to a bizarro world:

IRNA: MohammadReza Khatami compares the current state of the country with Mongol's Invasion!!
IRNA: Government's speaker: "Fighting press censorship is our priority"!!
ISNA: Press deputy of the Minister of Guidance: "Publication of 'Yas-e No' is banned!"
IRNA: America asks Israel to stop ranting against Iran!!
IRNA: Ahmadinejad's captured America's backyard (reference to his popularity in South America)!!

Actually, something these mullah's have done is mutilating the Persian language! I have no freaking clue what kind of a grammar is this. Euh! 


nunya said...

Ummm. I'm confused. I guess I'm not alone, lol. Hang in there honey, I've felt like I was in bizarro world also.

Naj said...

:) I am confused too!
I started looking at the IRNA headlines in Persian and I thought they were absurdly funny. Then cross checked with ISNA as well; and then realized that I have no clue what those words and sentences meant; Iranians speak a very stupid Persian nowadays. It's horrendous reading the writings of many of the new generation; and the mullah talk is weird always, it just has so much arabic in it ... overall Mullahs are not good Persian writers speakers (I guess because they do most of their education in Arabic or in old Persian, but when they try to talk modern then it sounds awful! Anyways, just ranting ... I am nervous about the upcoming election; and I feel I have no preference! They all suck, equally!