Saturday, May 9, 2009

Yo, Netanyahu: Hands off!!


David G said...

Benny lives in a world of unreality. He imagines there is a God who has chosen him and those like him as being unique and special.

He imagines that this mythical God wants him to create a super State, a Greater Israel.

He imagines he is special, above all other humans, that all other humans are expendable, without value.

He imagines that he is entitled to destroy any nation that gets in his road.

He is deranged and, possessing nukes, he and his ilk are extremely dangerous.

He and his friends belong in a padded cell!

Georg said...

Just don't get it. What has this northern border country to do with Israel?

And what do you want to say when showing the photo depicting a mountain slope??


Naj said...


That this is our beautiful country! And that he better keep his dirty hands and his dirty intentions off of the idea of attacking it.

That the mountains have protected Iran for thousands of years; and that they will continue to do so; and so no one better mess up with us :)