Monday, May 4, 2009

Uhuuh! Delara's hanging was just another political act to curtail IRAN/US rapprochement ... no not Iran's government's fault!

"The execution, which happened on Friday, caught everyone by surprise. Not only had there been no formal notification 48 hours before the hanging, as required under Iranian law, but, just a fortnight earlier, Ms Darabi had actually been granted a two-month stay of execution by the head of the judiciary. The day before their daughter would end up being walked to the gallows, her parents had even visited her in jail where she had excitedly informed them there was to be an appeal so new evidence could be heard. Twenty-four hours later, she was dead.

Rights groups inside and outside Iran reacted with horror over the weekend as news of the secret hanging seeped out. "It appears Iran's head of judiciary has no ability to control his own judges," said Zama Coursen-Neff from the children's rights division of Human Rights Watch. "This is an outrageous violation of Iranian as well as international human rights law, and a callous affront to basic human dignity." Amnesty International said that the decision to rush the execution through in secret "appears to have been a cynical move on the part of the authorities to avoid domestic and international protests which might have saved Delara Darabi's life". The Independent

I would hang these judges for treason! (No I won't I am opposed to death penalty; it is too easy an exit given to any criminal! In Iran, the human rights movements are focusing on stopping execution of women to pave the ideological way for abolishing it entirely out of the criminal law. Also, I should remind my fellow American friends that many American state are just as DRACONIAN as Iran is in such cases!)

Now, the "West" is given an opportunity (since the Nuclear ticket didn't seem to get them far in biasing public opinion against Iran) to demonize Iran!

Well tough luck! We are beginning to see a pattern emerge here as well: Roxana Saberi; now this UNLAWFUL execution ... Someone's stirring some shit ...


nunya said...


"No I won't I am opposed to death penalty; it is too easy an exit given to any criminal" I feel the same way about certain cases here in this country.

I know full well that the justice system can be draconian here, even in my state.

The "third strike" law was written badly and instead of keeping child molesters in jail for life there are people in jail for life who have done nothing more than get caught with a tiny bit of marijuana, or steal a piece of pizza.

I understand that no justice sytem is perfect.

nunya said...

Khamenei Scolds Ahmadinejad Over Dismissed Official ALI AKBAR DAREINI | May 4, 2009 02:12 PM EST

Did you happen to see this?

Looks like a power struggle is going on amongst the powerful in Iran?

an average patriot said...

Secret hangings how the heck can they get away with that? Seems like it would only succeed in causing very undesirable coverage for whoever was responsible for that. Elections are coming up aren't they?

Naj said...

Nunya, no I didn't hear about that and I cannot find a trace of it in Iranians "state" media either!

Jim is right, election time, things are getting ugly. Looking at the UGLY faces of these so called politicians makes me wish for a Mullah to run the country! At least Mullahs have proper dress code, are well groomed in their religious attire and have impeccable hygene!

Also, they have to undergo proper rigorous education to earn the dress they are given and abide by strict principles if they are to keep it. I cannot stand the UGLY site of the Iranian cabinet; who are probably all crooks or criminals of some sort!

I am disgruntled people!

Naj said...

sight! (acute dyslexia attack!)

Anonymous said...


The case you mentioned is not going to significantly affect the Iranian election for President or the position of Mr. Ahmadinejad.

He had ordered the Haji Organization (in charge of arranging for the travel of hundreds of thousands of Iranians to Mecca for the annual Haji pilgrimage ) and the Tourism Organization in order to save money and resources.

But the bureaucrats fought back.

They implicitly invoked Khomeini's dictum: "Islam does not kid around with anybody." to imply that the Haji Organization is too serious an organization to be merged with the frivolous Tourism Organization.

And Mr. Ahmadinejad lost this one, just like he lost the battle to permit women to attend sports events since the Ayatollahs opposed it.

Anonymous said...

شما نوشت اید :"من این قضات را به (جرم) خینت به دا ر می‌‌آویزم".

این سازنده نیست چون شما هم به این شیوه به سنت بی‌ قانونی چندین هزار سا لهٔ ایران کمک می‌‌کنید.

الان چندین سال است که حکومت در حال عزل قضات بی‌ کفایت است.

شما باید از قنونمندی در ایران دفاع کنید.

بر‌ا‌یه مثل، باید به پرسید که آیا اولیا یه دم حاضر بودند که وی را - در صورت وصول پول - به بخشند؟

در آن صورت محکومیت وی به حبس آباد تقلیت می‌‌یافت.

و اگر جواب مثبت بود، باید پرسید که پس آن آدم بی‌ پول کشته میشود ولی‌ پولدار نه.

خوب - این بی‌ عدالتی است.

تنها از این طریق و شیوه‌های مشابه میتوان امید به اصلاح داشت - آن هم پس از گذشت چندین دهه.

خانوم عبادی هم به همین شیوه عمل میکند ولی‌ این پیکا ریست سخت و جان سوز.

قلم نام

Naj said...

Pen, the judges need to be tried on charges of treason; and whatever is the penalty of prison and insubordination, they should pay.

Anonymous said...


Americans were lynching black men until 1960s.

White officials and members of the juries refused to bring charges against the murderes or acquitted them.

It took decades to clean that garbage in US.

It will take equally long time here.

Justics, a central demand and desire of the Constitutional Revolution, is still only a dream.

I know that I will be dead before that dream comes true; I hope my children see it.

pen Name

nunya said...


"..Iranian cabinet; who are probably all crooks or criminals of some sort!"

Doesn't sound much different than the US Congress, lol

see exhibit A
Banksters On The War Path To Stop New Regulations

Beach Bum said...

Also, I should remind my fellow American friends that many American state are just as DRACONIAN as Iran is in such cases!)

Actually given the people I'm around and the state I live in we are worse.