Monday, May 24, 2010

Khoramshahr: defiant on the anniversary of its liberation!

This shameless man thinks by wearing a green shawl he is divesting the opposition movement of its symbolic color!

The fool that he is!

The people of Khoramshahr (which was liberated from Iraqi occupation on this day) are shouting in unison:


overpowering his senseless propaganda about his grand national plans ...

Simply, the brave people of the "frontline", are defying "the enemy within" ...
Judging from the enthusiastic reception this video is receiving, perhaps this is the beginning of their end!

I just pray they won't open fire on labour protesters soon.

P.S. they are now executing from the Baluchestan; the other hot-zone on the eastern border with Pakistan.


هزاردستان چمن said...

Great points Naj.
If you have more info about the Balouchi victims, let's publicize it as much as we can. The more we publicize their cases the more pricey it becomes for the murderers.

Did you see the hands of the other guy next to A'nejad who was trying to ask people to be quiet. Ah they are gross.

Naj said...

1000; well Abdolhamid Rigi is the one everyone's writing about now. He was kept as a hostage, and his executions got stayed repeatedly, because they feared Abdulmalek (the founder of Jundollah) will retaliate deadly. But now Abdulmalek is also in jail.

Baluchestan has received even less attention than Kurdistan, throughout the history. If people can at least connect to Kurdistan by its beautiful nature, by its eye-candy population, by Bistoon, by Nazeri, by Alizadeh, by etc; Baluchestan is tucked away in a forgotten desolate nature ... When people can romanticize the "struggle of the Kurds", they often shy away from the "drug-dealer Baluch".

I try to dig in a few Baluchi weblogs I know ... I know for a fact that things in Baluchestan are not very inflamed; and actually, contrary to what I used to think last year it seems that the people of Baluchestan cities are not too thrilled about the Jundollah.

Nevertheless, all these executions are politically motivated!

I wonder when's Malek's turn ... I am sure they will soon kill him.

You know 1000; today I was reading on some blogs about the iran-iraq war. I was dismayed to read so me people (judging from their notes, young and anti-regimist) saying things like "Saddam shoudl have been hanged many years ago".

I think, there is a serious "farhang-sazi" is needed about the death penalty in Iran. the concept of "ghesaas" [an eye for an eye] must be uprooted from the psych of a large great majority of the people.

Now I am going to stomach another round of this Ahmadinejad rant, to see which hand movement you are talking about :)

Pedestrian said...

As a fellow Khuzestani, I'm so proud of my countrymen :-P

Naj said...

Ped; I hsvr brrn thinking of you and I am proud of you and yoru countryfellas too. If this had happened in my country, I will have been proud too; but we are known for being jolly fellows; hardly ever protesting in modern times :)

Pedestrian said...

Naj, was wondering if you saw this?

Don't know if you have the stomach to watch 30 minutes of Shamkhani, and the beginning with Banisadr was typical. But the rest was fascinating to me. I read RajaNews and FarceNews a lot, and it astounds me that in the past year, the Ahmadinejadists have tried to revive the "Khomeini wanted to continue fighting and the country could afford it, but Mousavi and Rafasanjani wanted us to settle for defeat"

I guess it's just one way of putting down both Mousavi and Rafsanjani, but it's a whole scary game all together. How the FUCK would more fighting help us anyways? Even if that bitter, vile old man wanted it ...

I think Shamkhani does a good job of answering that dimwit.

Naj said...

Ped i haven't; but i must read your khuzestan story :)

Anonymous said...

ایـــــران فقط تهران نیست

Naj said...

Anonymous; a wonderful statement. Fully agree.