Friday, May 14, 2010

Statement and Analysis of Kurdish Reformists about Recent Executions

Source: Emrooz

The totalitarians can never drag to violence, our civil and peaceful movement for the human and legal rights of Kurds.

Respectable people of Iran,
Dear Kurdish compatriots,

Last week, 5 young countrymen were executed on the charges of terrorism and "moharebeh" (combat) by the judiciary system. The coordinating council of reformist Kurds, offers condolences to the families of the victims of this violence, and all compatriots; and expresses gratitute for the compassion and sympathy of personalities, parties, and different sectors of the society; and especially thanks the wise position adopted by Mrs Mousavi, Karoubi and Ms Zahra Rahnavard. These homogenous reactions are proof of coherence and compassion for the pain shared by all IRanians, of all religion and ethnicity and emphasize the following important points:

1) Our initial analysis is that a minority of war mongering and violence instigating individuals, whosustain themselves on unrest and tension in different parts of the country, are unhappy about the relative calm and peace on Kurdistan in the past few years, and seek to provoke violence. Therefore, we seriously warn all those who plan for violence, that resorting to violence from any group and faction will set a fire that will burn all.

2) According to what is heard from the victims and their lawyers, it is certain that non of the charges against these individuals were proven in the court of law, and the evidence registered in the court could have never led to a death penalty. As Mr Mousavi's statement emphasized, people have the right to be informed of the steps and quality of prosecution of the suspects. How is it that the details of an infamous person like Hossein Shariatmadari who has targeted the dignity and integrity of decent peopel of this country are broadcast in the so-called "national media", but a court that condemns 5 Iranians to death is held outside of the view of the public?

3) Some letters of these individuals, and stories of their inmates and their families indicate the bitter reality that these individuals have undergone torture to admit to crimes they had not committed. It is obvious, according to the explicit order of Constitution, that confession under such conditions cannot be used to deliver such verdict. These statements, and the fact that the trial and the execution of these individuals has taken place secretly sheds serious doubts on the judiciary due diligence.

4) It is heard that Farzad Kamangar was planning to write a note entitled "I am and Iranians, I am a Kurdish Iranian"; and that Shirin Alam-Hooli, in talking to her lawyer, expresses her wish to become a lawyer to defend the innocent, it is surprising how the judiciary system that finds excuses to postpone carrying the execution verdict of the criminals of the Kahrizak prison, has rushed to send the youth of this country to gallows, without any legal or juristic justification, and while the country is under the crisis of internal solidarity [with the government] and external threats against national security. The question remains, would the IRI have benefited better from executing the Kahrizak murderers, or these 5 innocent jailed young people?

5)As stated before, and repeatedly mentioned in previous years, the Kurdish reformists are against any movement that may lead to violence. History has shown us that between the people and the government, violence leads to a detrimental cycle. Just as we have perpetually condemned the violent actions of some factions, we condemn the violence of the the execution of these five young innocent individuals, and we reiterate to the political and civil activists to not fall in the trap of those who seek violence; and ask politicians, and security and judiciary forces to not violate the citizen rights by such unjust and illegal actions. Obviously, such actions widen the rift between the people and the government.

6) It seems that this action of the judiciary (which, judging from its actions in the past year, seems to be operating under the spell of the political and security forces) has taken place coincidentally with the anniversary of 22 Khordad (12 June, election day) to send an intimidation warning to the green movement. Throughout the history, the proud people of Kurdestan have constantly paid a high price for the freedom and democracy movements of Iran. Let them be the pioneers of this hard path again. But the mindless rulers must have now well known that torture and fire, killing and jailing and raping the brave children of this nation, will never deter them of the path they have chosen. Better if they learn from the history; and do not disillusion people out of hope for reforming this system; and instead of authoritarian, arrogant and atrocious actions, submit to the rule of law and permit the people to mark the future of the country without inflammation.

Again, we offer condolences to the grand people of Iran, and especially the families of the victims and our honored kurdish compatriots; we feel ourselves part of this tragedy. The totalitarian faction should know, that these actions will not distract the peaceful and civil movement for Kurd's right into violence. We have no doubt that all factions and political activists in Kurdestan are alert, and with acute intelligence, while sympathizing with the families of the victims, prevent the wish of the violence-seekers come true.

The coordinating council of reformist Kurds
May 14, 2010


Anonymous said...

The organization to which three or four of the executed prisoners (depending on which Western media reports one reads) are alleged to have belonged, PJAK, was designated as a terrorist organization not only by the Islamic Republic of Iran but also by the Obama Administration.

Naj said...

anonymous, PJAK considers itself as much a terrorist organization as does PLO!

Don't overlook the following FACTS:

1) that these individuals were executed WITHOUT due judiciary process.

2) that these individuals were under torture

3) that these executions took place outside of the public eyes. Even their bodies are not yet released to their families. What are they waiting for? the bodies to decay to conceal the signs of torture? Or could it be that hey are still alive--I pray this be a sick joke of the violence lovers in the IRI!

4) and that Iranians are working hard to join the rank of civilized nations (no USA is not one!) and abolish death penalty--ESPECIALLY for political prisoners!

5) the Kurdish council that issued this statement has ALWAYS distanced itself from PJAK. the death of these individuals is a national tragedy, it's crime against humanity, transcends politics!

Even Bush didn't hang "convicted" terrorists in guantanamo! The IRI is outdoing all criminals of the world!

Anonymous said...

Kurds have now a homeland in Iraq.
If Iran is so bad for them, they can pursue their dreams there.

There are many millions of Kurds also in Turkey. Since you and many think Iran is worse than Hell, these Kurds would be well advised to go and live in Turkey.

Why are they in Iran, why do they want to destroy Iran?

We, the Iranians, have only one country - Persian, Azeri, Lur, Gilack, Balouch, etc.

All these ethnolingustic groups are present among Iran's neighbours'. If there are individuals that are not happy in Iran, they can go to any of these countries - Perisans to Tajikistan and Afghanistan, Balouch to Afghanistan and Pakistan, Arabs to any of the 23 Arab states, Azeris to any one the 7 Turkic states, etc.

Taking up arms to destory Iran gets them what they desrve - Death.