Sunday, May 16, 2010

More Executions Lined Up: Tehran Prosecutor Talks of the Trap for Mousavi!

[I am VERY angry, reader's discretion advised. my anger is expressed in brackets.]

Six more executions are lined up. This time, the victims are alleged of relation to MKO. Juding from what Tehran's Prosecutor, Jafari Dolatabadi has juat said , it appears to me they are intent on killing more so-called proven "moharebs" to corner Mousavi into raising objections to unlawful executions, thus by prosecute him on charges of supporting the anti-revolutionary traitors. Here's some of what Jafari has said to this effect:

"Many of the positions that the defeated electon candidates have adopted are against the law [!], but we are acting according to Nezam's interest, therefore we are postponing confronting them to later. But it doesn't mean their statements are not criminal. To prosecute them as heads of the conspiracy is on the agenda of what interests the Islamic Republic Nezam! (Nezam=system, akak dictatorship]

Their statements in support of the anti-revolutionaries condemned to death is a statement separate from their election statemens and is against the principles [which?] and we will deal with it in time."

Then the mother !@$@# goes through what he considers "proof" of the convict's guilt and follows with salivating over upcoming execution of Mohammad Ali Saremi, Jafar Kazemi and Mohammad-Ali Haj Aghayee, whose connection to MKO is established--he says. Then continues:
The defeated candidates who have condemned the recent executions, have essentially supported these convicts and the anti-revolutionary groups and have questioned the final verdict of the court. When a verdict is confirmed, no one has the right to accuse the judiciary [am i the only one who is not getting the logic of this mother #!$#$%?] and to make the enemies of the IRI happy by having them believe we have executed the innocent and this is a great injustice.
The illogical blabber after he threatens legal action against Mousavi and Karoubi, because of their critical statements, continues:
We have repeatedly said that we differentiate between criticism and committing a crime. According to the constitution and the Press Law, criticism of the actions of the officials of the IRI is free and no one should worry about that. Both during the life of Imam [khomeini] and during the rule of the supreme leader, criticism has been free [liar liar liar]. But what is prohibited is questioning the pillars of the revolution [mother !@$!#%, Mousavi & Karoubi are a pillar of the @!#$$% revolution themselves] and supporting actions that are against the law. [can ANY lawyer make sense of this bullshit?]

The judiciary acts according to the law, but as Imam said, the Islamic Nezam has interests that may be outside of our understading! [Wow! does this asshole have a law degree?] Therefore, if we are not responding to teh call of people to confront the heads of the conspiracy [uhmmmm which people, the editor of Keyhan?] it is not because of our weakness, negligence, ignorance or agreements with them or carelessness, but because the time has not come yet.

Bottom line: critical=criminal!

But what strengthens suspicion that these executions are Mousavi-Trap is that Jafari has drawn parallels between the ongoing executions, and the killings of 1367 (1988) when Mousavi was the prime minister. In other words, he is trying to push a wedge between Mousavi and the Green movement. Let's see how this goes!

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