Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Ahmadinejad celebrates his birthday together with Mohamad-Reza Shah's!

I was browsing; the news port of Iran's reformist minority in the Iranian parliament, Majles, that I came across a post "The event of Mr President's birthday cake"! A quick surf yields brand new information which has fallen off of our radars:

While we were busy mourning the death of our youth who claimed their votes, while we were suffering the agony of our human right lawyers who were jailed and tortured, while our country's workers, manufacturers, farmers were being crushed under the Chinese boots of our fascist militant-capitalists, Ahmadinejad gave birth to "جشنواره تولد شیرین" The festival of Sweet Birth!!

The festival is set up to celebrate the birthday of the volunteers, employees and also beneficiaries of a charity: بنیاد خیریه نبی اکرم (Bonyad Kheyriyeh Nabi-e Akram). This charity is run by individuals whose photos are on the introductory page but whose names are nowhere to be found. Don't ask me why. Perhaps they don't like to be googled!

Why are they celebrating the charitable birthdays in the month of October? Because that is when Iran's plagiarist, cheating, vote rigging president is born(Oct 28)! In fact, tor the second time, they shall bake a symbolic cake for him. Already, they are makeing ample media noise about the "unveiling of the Presidential cake". So let me join their festive choir too!

According to the secretary of the "Sweet Birth Festival", these festivities are set up according to Islamic tradition to "uplift and cheer up the society of muslims" from the inevitable stresses of modern lives !!

Of course, it is increasingly clear that little Mahmud wants to declare himself the King of Kings of Iran (or to be more shiite, the hidden Imam himself!).

A few months ago he suddenly started paying tribute to Cyrus the great (after all traces of Iranian dynasties having been removed from school history books.). He also declared the parliament irrelvant and secondary to the office of president--officially challenging the IRI's constitution that insists on separation of the judiciary, legislative and executive offices; and makes the executive office (of president and his cabinet) accountable to the parliament at all times.

And now, this? Taking a page from Mohammad-Reza shah's birthday page?

Isn't it ironic that Mohammad-Reza Shah Pahlavi, the so called despot overthrown by Ahmadinejad's Islamic revolution, was born on 26th of October?! Isn't it ironic that the news of cake-unveiling pops on the sweet-birth page on Oct 26?

Isn't this ironic?


Anonymous said...

Change your red white and green quote, Caterpillars don't fly. Suggesting that Iran is a caterpillar waiting to fly, means it never will.

You're referring to a butterfly, which is the transformed (metamorphosis) caterpillar, that can fly.

I truly believe that mis-stated sayings like this is the kind of karma that keeps Iran back. Fix it and Iran will be fixed.

Naj said...


Read correctly: iran is "BOUND to fly". Not yet, as right now it is a worm, not even a caterpillar!

Accept the realities as tehy are, if you want to change them.

Anonymous said...

'so called despot' hmmm.......ok.


Naj said...


"despotism" is relative, isn't it? When the sha is considered a despot by the IRI, then it is "so called" despot.

Anonymous said...

I think the IRI also considered Saddam a despot. What can we conclude from that?

This chronic anti-IRIism paralels thought processes i've only seen before in religous fanatics. It's beyond me how anyone can 'suspend'rational thought for such a long time.


Naj said...



Chronic anti-IRIism baffles your "rational" thought?!?!?!?

What the hell are you talking about?

Just tell me exactly which aspect of the IRI you find "rationally" enlightened or enlightening? this is a regime that is founded on the principle of a CHEAT!

The so called Imam Khomeini who declared clergy had no interest in power and yet, when time came, not only did he grab at the strings, but also made himself the holy King--a situation that only got worse by his successor. This is a regime that is founded on killing its own children first, and then killing any other voice of dissent.

Just look at what they are doing NOW. What is rationally attractive to you, in what you see? I am totally curious to know!

the IRI calls Saddam a despot? Yeah, well let's see, Saddam CHEMICALLY bombed his own population; the neighboring country, and invaded two neighboring countries. so, compared to IRI, he was more despotic.

But, what was the precise despotism of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, "compared" to these idiots? I like you to make me a rational list so I can learn what I miss!!

Anonymous said...

While is the Color of Faith
Green is the color of Hope - the Fulfillment of Faith
Red is the color of Love - the Sacred Heart of the Universe