Saturday, June 23, 2007

(Not mine. Click on the image for source.)


Naj said...

Sorry Nunya, i feel like that today. Will be more uplifting, maybe tomorrow.

Daniel said...

Hey, Naj, I'm back in the game again. I found that cutting myself off from the world's madness had a very negative effect on me.

I hope life goes well with you. We carers have to stick together!

David said...

Naj, are you trying to convey a message with this picture? One of the birds appears to be dead, while the other is very upset about it. It seems a very sad pic to me.

Naj said...

Welcome back!
I too have cut myself off of the world's madness. Out of necessity though, and only for now. But I am genetically stuck to all the carers :)

No, didn't think of messages; just saw the picture and felt like that screaming bird, should I have to lose my love.

mystic rose said...

:(. what an agonising image.

Anna said...

Dear Naj ... a very expressive and strucking picture!

Let me say YOU the following in probably not quite correctly written persian:

Hargez ghamo ghosse be tarafet nayad


Parvaaz raa be khater bespaar ... parandeh mordanist!

Love and all the best to you

Naj said...

Message to anonymous:
Pen Name,
if you can, get a copy of Hawar. (he- alef vav alef re) It's a Kurdish paper. it might change your mind about the "sincerety" of Iranian Kurds. I remain convinced that they ARE.

Yeah, sad, heh?!

Actually, I was looking for a "parandeh" picture to post something poetic for Nunya my fried who asked for more weekend pictures, and then I stumbled on this and couldn't resist it. soothingly suited me! Sorrow ... I am one of those philosophically melancholics who acquire skills of kicking sorrow out of the practical aspects of the life, but keeping it as a precious treasure to themselves, in case they need resources for rebellion ;)

:) Have a jolly weekend!

nunya said...

What, do you read minds?

go here for
waterfall pics

Ok now, take a DEEP breath.


Zeinobia said...

this is so beautiful powerful shot,so powerful

Anna said...

"""I am one of those philosophically melancholics ...................................................................."""

Can't imagine life without this quality! Possibly something we share :-)


Naj said...

Naz ... a Persian word for which I do not know an English translation. It means a lot of things together: Nice, nuanced, sweet, subtly flirtatious, caress. The Naz behavior is something oriental, or maybe even victorian ...

Just rambling random thoughts ...

Anonymous said...

There are multiple meanings but in this context it means:

refined, delicate, new growth,

In Love:

The Indifference of the Beloved (usually a silly girl) to the Lover (usually a hormome-crazed young man).

به نازى كه ليلى به محمل نشيند

pen Name

Naj said...

re Hawar, I can email it. But, i wish to learn how to upload a PDF file on this blog?

Anonymous said...

This Web-log does not support that feature.

I will look for it myself.

Thank u.

pen Name

Naj said...

Et voila! Hawar!

Naj said...

Found a way to circumvent the web log! :)

Anonymous said...



I will read it.

"Ha-War" is a Kurdish Nationalist site.

Did u know that?

pen Name

Naj said...

Well, only as nationalist as the Scottish, and the Quebecers of the world are!

(I know the editors personally and I know they are not secessionists.)

Naj said...

Oh I see what you mean!
Hmm, I don't think the paper and the nationalist Kurds are related.

Anonymous said...


I find Hawar disturbing.

It writes of "Justice for Kurds" and "Kurdish Civilization" and insinuates thus that they (the Kurds) are oppressed and secondly that they have a (separate) Civilization.

Both are false.

I do not have any problems with concrete demands for central government investments in the Western provinces of Iran. There are Kurdish MPs in the Majlis and are trying to do exactly that. In what manner are the Kurds oppressed it is never made concrete. The sole example of gasoline restrictions in order to reduce smuggling makes a lot of sense to me since many Kurds have made their living off smuggling for decades - before or after the Islamic Revolution.

The request for more Kurdish government officials may or may not be legitimate; I cannot tell since I do not know the number of Kurds in the Iranian government and their distributions and qualifications. As long as they are not asking for reverse discrimination an accommodation may be worked out.

The paper is written by & for the Kurds - it really does not come grips with the reality that there are Azeri Turks and Persians present in substantial numbers in these areas and they do not feel either safe or comfortable with the local organs of the state being dominated by Kurds.

You see, during the periods of so-called Kurdish autonomy, Kurds did a fine job of alienating non-Kurds in the areas of their heaviest concentrations.

Lastly, there is no Kurdish Civilization - there is a language, a culture, and a way of life but no such distinct civilization - which is yet another myth for which the Kurdish blood as well as non-Kurdish blood is to be shed in the future - no doubt!

You are probably too young to have seen many such things before. I have.

My suspicion is that they are laying the pseudo-intellectual foundations for their separatism. It usually works this way:

"We have a separate culture and civilization, we are a distinct people, and we cannot get Justice in the country XYZ. So armed struggle is the only way forward. Please you kind decent freedom-loving (usually gullible Westerners) help us kill these not-Us people so that we can realize our intellectual tribal fantasy projects.”

Since you know them, please tell them to stop being stubborn and come back to Iran & Islam.

pen Name

Naj said...

Yes, I agree with you on disagreeing about the notions of "Kurdish civilization" and kurdish suppression.

I have argued with the editor of this paper before that governmental discrimination is not only directed at kurds but also at people like me for not conforming to the protectionist and exclusionist ideologies of the "regime"

Anywas, I haven't read Hawar cover to cover. But when people tell me we are not separatists, I believe them. I will convey your message though.

Thank you.

Brother Tim said...

Hey Naj--
That picture is truly heartbreaking. I will save that pic to my files. There are two common denominators linking all living things --- Love and Grief.

Thanks. How's your father doing?

Anonymous said...

but also at people like me for not conforming to the protectionist and exclusionist ideologies of the "regime"

Really naj? Are you?
If you are, how you safely went visited Iran with all those rosy pictures you posted about that visit here?

Nothing of in your blog can tell you are!!

Coffee Messiah said...

Quite an expressive photo!

Who says a picture "isn't" worth a thousand words?

Anon-Paranoid said...


I too feel like screaming. I just found out that what I learned about our Government in school was all wrong.

We really have four branches instead of the three we were taught.

The fourth branch is the OVP branch or better known as the Dictatorship Branch under the Dark Lord Dick {Heinrich Himmler} Cheney.

I fear that war with Iran is just around the corner as the Dark Lord and his office is unaccountable too anyone and there the ones pushing a war with Iran.

Just a heads up of what may occur in the near future if he's not stopped.

God Bless.

Naj said...

brother tim

Thanks for dropping by. My father's doing quite well. My mom's having difficulty keeping him away from his usual activities: re-arborization of the ancestral properties, building roads in the middle of mountains ... things like that :)

Go get a life. Oh and maybe a ticket to go to Iran! Even if you are one of those TRAITOR mojahedins, you will find many of them bing busy doing something USEFUL for Iran, inside Iran! stop nagging, will you?!

I so wish to find out the person who clicked the shot on these birdies. Clever photography!

Yes your Lord Cheney seems to be above the law, doesn't he? But the more dirt is exposed about him, the better chance of Rice keeping the Gate closed on the idea of lifting a finger on Iran!

Something tells me, that even the most conservative branches of teh US government are beginning to be fed up with this dude! I just don't know why his heart doesn't kill him! (oh maybe because he doesn't rely on a heart!)

nunya said...

Hi Naj,
you say:

"Something tells me, that even the most conservative branches of teh US government are beginning to be fed up with this dude! I just don't know why his heart doesn't kill him! (oh maybe because he doesn't rely on a heart!)"

I think so too.

I really don't think than an attack on Iran is a go. It's not practical, feasible, realistic, and most importantly, it's not smart.

Brother Tim said...

"......and most importantly, it's not smart."

When has this ever slowed down the Bush Administration?

nunya said...

Yeah brother tim, I knew I was setting myself up on that one.


Ann said...

Hi Naj,

Tremendous photograph as others have noted, a rare find. I'm a little late to the party but am enjoying the visit here.