Sunday, June 17, 2007


Vivaldi's Song by Michael Franks.

Enjoy the lovely song; thanks to Nunya.


nunya said...

Thanks, dear, he is very gentle, isn't he?

Naj said...

Wonderfully gentle.
Hey do you like the Tinderstick?

nunya said...

These guys?

I'd never heard of them. They are ok. Nothing I can't live without, though. I like my blues a little rougher, less innocuous:
Billie Holiday--Ain't Nobody's Business Here's one of my favorites: God Bless the Child
Then there are the Lady Day's classic renditions of "Strange Fruit" and "Good Morning Heartache."

Naj said...

Euyyy, tindersticks really sounds better without a video. But this wasn't a nice song either.

Thanks for Billi Holiday. Blues is not my cup of tea. (Although recently, I have become music intolerance, so somehow nothing really cranks my wheels unless it borders on the edge of absurd and novel!)