Monday, June 18, 2007

take two.






nunya said...

My sister does some photography. Good eye, my dear.

nunya said...

Are the stones obsidian?

David said...

Naj, your weekend and take two photos are very interesting! I especially like your Mirrors picture. I think it would make for a very cool piece of art if you blew it up to poster size and hung it on the wall. :)

I read an article about a very talented young artist in Tehran recently. Her paintings are quite visually striking. Perhaps you would appreciate them too. Here is a link:


ddmmyyyy said...

Hey Naj, thanks for your comment a while back on mine, sorry I've not responded sooner.

You said:
"I'm with you on this too, David.

David, do you get a sense that those of us who have lived outside Iran have a better sense of what freedom is NOT, than those who lament its absence in Iran all the time?"

Yes there is certain perspective one gains in bridging two styles or rule like the IRI and selected G8 nations. The Iranians are right in my mind to yearn an absence of many things but I do tire of hearing "beer", "headscarfs" and "dokhtar bazi" as being high up. But again, these things - trivial as they could seem - represent a taking of mind, in an Orwelian way.

There are many things that are obscenely oppressive and backwards in Iran and aspiring for better is natural, that we might look to models such as the UK and USA, this is setting the sights too low in my mind - but maybe it's good to have focus.

Me personally, I get cynical with the days, as is shown in my original entry you commented on. The Iranians aspire for a better slave master.

Take care and good luck with all.


goatman said...

I've tried to stay away from political blogs because they usually just make me excitable, but I keep returning to yours because of the beautiful photos and pictures. Also, when you matched the covers to "favorite childhood books" in one of your past posts I was in awe of your talents.
Sorry for my past comment, I try to stay cool but sometimes world events make me crazy.
Thanks for visiting and seeing my ducks.

Aardvark EF-111B said...


Anon-Paranoid said...

Hi Naj...

Sorry if I haven't seemed too have been around for awhile, but I have stopped by.

Just didn't feel that I had anything useful to contribute to your postings.

I fear that the Drums of War are being beaten by the criminal regime running my country.

I pray that this insane madman Der Fuehrer Bush doesn't once again take us down the path of war or has Israel do it by proxy.

Take care and stay safe.

God Bless.

Coffee Messiah said...

Very interesting.

Although the world spinning out of control can ever escape our minds, it certainly doesn't mean one can't continue to be creative, which helps feed the soul! ; )

Naj said...

I have no clue what those stones are. I mean I have no clue what's an obsidian :)

Yes I saw her art work a while back. I like abstract art, but I am not totally free of representative aspirations. I seek a meaning or a tangible sense out of things that I see. I like collaging things, and assembling geometrical shapes of practical and trivial items of my daily viewing. Sometimes, I just go around taking pictures of lines, and a theme emerges. I am some kind of a constructivist, I guess. Fascinated with the art of machines, and thus the bridges. anyways ...

There are many things that are obscenely oppressive and backwards in Iran and aspiring for better is natural, that we might look to models such as the UK and USA, this is setting the sights too low in my mind


Yes I do get cynical from time to time as well; but hey I have one life to live, and all I can do is to make sure I am living to the highest of standards I set for myself and to challenge anything that comes between me and my standards.

I have stopped visiting political sites since my father's operation. Somehow, I am tired of the "left" pessimism. I think the left needs to change its expression. too much negativity creates a bad chemical reaction in the body that leads to the numbing of the mind. I am sure that for example the poetic visitors of your blog are NOT war mongers, and I am sure none of them has cast a vote for Georgie Bush! Yet they are not always nagging and complaining about the inevitable end of the world!
Anyways, I am trying to balance my posts. A bit of humor is what we need to save ourselves and the world; and I wish I was a funny person :)

thank you :)

Your dropping by is the best contribution. Please do leave a footstep at the door; makes me happy.

And creativity is what you do have plenty of.

nunya said...

More pics this weekend maybe?

Naj said...

oh I wish ... but terribly work-quenched!

nunya said...

Bummer. Sorry. Hang in there!

mystic rose said...

these images are awesome.. esp the way they seem to juxtapose and compliment each other.. never knew arranging things like this could make so many evocative impressions