Thursday, June 7, 2007

Women in art, 500 years


Coffee Messiah said...

naj: Nice find and what a job putting it together! ; )

This is what I left for you on my blog:

naj:Although we are separated through the me when I say:Whether I agree or disagree with anyone is of no major importance. That I am strong enough inwardly to accept what anyone says as simply how they feel, could never impact my still wanting to read what you or anyone else may have to say.

Besides, how can anyone take what another says personally??? Hope you never worry about that again!!


betmo said...

wow!!! this is beautiful- i put it on betmo's corner (if that's ok) this is truly modern art! thank you

Naj said...

This is really fascinating, isn't it?
Must have been someone's graduate project or something; just can decide whether in computer science or in art :)

Anonymous said...

That is a vision of how God could be playing with human form; the act of Creation which continuosly regenerates the Universe.

Al Khaliq

pen Name

Anonymous said...

excellent morphing... nice find Naj.

David said...

Naj, are there pictures with this post? All I see is the title and a big empty space below it. I tried two different browsers, but with no luck. If your post includes a video, I may not be able to see it due to my antiquated dial-up access. Maybe there is a link you could give me so I can see what your post is about?

Naj said...

Hi david,

this is a youTube clip. 500 years of female portraits, morphing into one another, revealing the similarities.

Can you see YouTube at all?

David said...

Hi Naj,

I have watched a few youTubes, but as an example of my connection speed, it takes about an hour to download a 5 minute youTube. Usually, I can see a still frame of youTube in a blog post. I am a bit puzzled that I see nothing at all in your post. Oh well, I am the one stuck in the dark ages. So, don't worry about it. :)

Btw, I have a new post. Perhaps my little poems will amuse you. ;)

mystic rose said...


David said...

Naj, did you hear about this:

Iran invites Israeli tourists

Very interesting! Well, it makes sense to me. Thousands of Iranian Jews live in Israel and 30,000 Jews still live in Iran. Considering the very positive ancient history between Persians and Jews, I hope the day will come soon when the two countries have friendly relations once again.

Naj said...

Off to your poems, I go David.

You know, I somehow belong to the Virilio camp, who calls the light-speed communication the hidden enemy.

I cannot live without my high speed cable internet (not because I watch movies, but because of my work) but I feel nostalgia for the good old days of dial up connection.

Although I got a dose of dialing up when I was in Iran ... man that was frustrating! :)

Anonymous said...

This more beautiful
ranian-born Banafsheh Sayyad is one of the few bearers of classical Persian dance outside of Iran where women's dancing is banned in public. With a background in Persian and Modern dance, Flamenco and Eastern sacred dances and philosophy, Banafsheh both preserves and innovates the Persian tradition, creating dances that "fuse ancient forms with a postmodern punch".