Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Three-bill evening at The Artist's Forum: Mashayekhi, Aghdashloo, Waezi!

Last year, I reported on the Artist's forum, or "Khaneh Honarmandan".
This year, I managed to catch the winds of Jamshid Mashayekhi's birthday (and half a century of his career). He is a veteran Iranian actor; one of those rare actors whose acting career has remained uninterrupted (even through revolution/war years when many Iranian actors were banned from screen) and rather outstanding since 1957.

In addition, there were two other exhibitions.

One was a painting exhibition, a tribute to Aydin Aghdashloo (the ex-husband of Oscar-winner Shohre Aghdashloo) by his students (
Kooche Oskoo, pelak-e 32, no 32, Oskoo Alley);

My favorite pieces were those of
Mojtaba Tajik (samples of his style)
Abdi Asbaghi (his official website)
Ali Esmailpour
Hasan AbbasNejad
Iraj Shafei (samples of his work)
Shahla Etemadi

And the other one was a photo gallery by 26 years old Fardin Waezi called Through Afghan Eyes. Fardin is an experienced Afghan photojournalist who started photography at the age of 7, with a box camera. He has been to Taliban prison for taking pictures, however he has been unrelenting in capturing snapshots of Afghanistans dynamic society. Presently, Fardin works for UN Assistance mission to Afghanistan (UNAMA) in Kabul. This is his blog.

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