Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Celebrating Iranian Musicians


PoliShifter said...

So what's up with the 'incident' in the straight of hormuz between the US Navy and Iran's Navy?

Sounds like hogwash to me with Bush/Cheney angling for any excuse to bomb Iran.

What's your take?

Naj said...


Here's my take: Iranians wouldn;'t mind teasing Americans a little bit, especially when Butch barks louder!

However, Threatening with white boxes?! That is ludicrous! Washington Post was today criticizing Bushies childish behavior today! Now go figure ... when WP thinks Rice pudding exaggerates!

Also, Iranians are saying that the US has fabricated the video!

Bombing Iran? No! this is not what they want. They just want to create noise. The war-message is in trouble and Americans are due for a good dose of "fear!

Also, The Ahmadinejad camp is in SERIOUS trouble in Iran. so they TOO will benefit from Bushies rhetoric, and American military making threats!

Ahmadinejad and Bush coexist and operate in symbiosis! The neoconservatism in US strongly correlates with hardlinerism in Iran!

If it was not for Ahmadinejad-like hostage takers, Reagan would not have become the popular president of US, would he?!!

an average patriot said...

I want to comment on that incident but you know my thoughts there. I want to say I just checked out all those pictures. Very good. I don't have the knowledge but I wish you did to get the music on I'd like to hear it.
I noticed the pictures of Hillary. What a face!

Larry Gambone said...

Just found you blog. Thank you for doing it. So good to hear what Iranian people really think as compared to the endless blare of war propaganda coming from the US media.