Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Dinner Party in a Restaurant

We were all surprised when the director of the restaurant told us that we could take our scarves off and play dance music. The ladies, had to run to their cars to change into dresses they had brought for the after-dinner party (in the house)! Of course, we had rented the entire restaurant for the party, but still, they say that in the IRI one is not supposed to hold mix parties in public places! Our friends were joking:" where did the revolution go?"

Here's a little treat: recipe of Khoresht-e Fesenjan (slang: Fesenjoon)

Ingredients: (6 servings, keeps well in freezer)

  • (preferebly boneless) Chicken pieces, 1 kg
  • Ground walnuts, 300 grams
  • 1 large onion
  • Half a cup of pomegranate sauce (the Iranian version is rather sweet, the Mediterranean one more sour)
  • Sugar, 2-3 spoons 4 tbl spoons of oil Salt, black pepper, and 1 tea spoon of tumeric


  • Peel onions and slice thinly. Fry in oil on medium heat until slightly golden.
  • Add tumeric to onions and stir for another 2-3 minutes.
  • Fry chicken pieces (3-inch cuts) in onions until color changes.
  • Add ground walnuts and fry for 5 minutes, stirring continuously to prevent burning walnut.
  • Add one cup of water and bring to boil.
  • Add pomegranate sauce and simmer long enough until the sauce thickens.
  • The khoresht is well cooked when the oil in walnuts comes out (you will see a layer of yellow oil over the pot, you can dispose it, if you like).
  • Khoresht fesenjan should be served with white rice.
The Southern people like this more sweet, the Northrners more sour! I do not know anyone who dislikes this dish.

Variatoin: replace chicken with meatballs (ground beef, chicpea flour, grated onions, one egg)


betmo said...

sounds yummy :) i have never had pomegranate sauce before. come to think of it- i haven't ever eaten a pomegranate. something to try for the new year :)

Gianna said...

yummy....sounds so good. Where can I get some sour pomegranate sauce? Or can I make it? (I don't like sweet so much)

an average patriot said...

That sounds really good. I am a chicken lover. I have it every way possible. Can't say I've ever had it with pomegranate though I will now. I love pomegranates but never heard of sauce until lately and have wanted to try it and now will. Thanks naj!

bijan said...

Thanks for the recipe. I'm halfway there now. I just need to find someone who could put it in to practice ;)

Brother Tim said...

Thanks for all the previous posts, with the pictures and stories out of Iran. The beauty is breath-taking!

That's just one more reason to avoid war. War is ugly and destructive.

Concerning the restaurant picture: Now that's a 'spread'. Bon Appetit!!

Coffee Messiah said...

Wow, I've a lot to catch up on here!

In SF back in the 80s there was a Persian who made pizza with Pomegranate sauce and lamb.....it was delicious.

everything you're sharing about the culture is amazing and nice to read. Great photos too.

As to the earlier post about "everyone" seeming to fall for the Chinese purchase 'cause it's cheap. Seems to be a sad statement of the times.

I'm too old now, but I've always gone without, rather than fall for the cheap anything.

Quality over quantity is always a nice concept to keep.

My Best to You & Yours also!

Cheers! CM

MarcLord said...

Hi Naj,

so, looks like I should've been checking in more often. Thank you for seeking out the beauty in this great world, and for sharing it.


Rupee said...

Hai Naj,

I am Rupesh. I am very happy to hear your blogpost about the Dinner party in Tehran. Could you please give me the address of the resturant. I want to take my fiancee`s birthday party out there.

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I like Tehran without politics.
with care,