Thursday, January 31, 2008

Now they have really crossed the line!

In my heart, I could accept EVERY single shit was coming out of the IRI and turn my eyes away and look at the formidable work that was done, and written about by the dedicated journalists of the Zanan magazine.

Now, they have SHUT IT DOWN TOO!

I am distressed.
This is depressing.
and I am in tears for the hurdles Iran's best friends, the writers, the journalists, the filmmakers, the historians, the philosphers have to put up with ... because a gang of ugly, wicked, low-life, socially-immature, STUPID, PETTY, IDIOTS ARE RUNNING MY COUNTRY ....

I was making a post that Iran's prominent filmmakers are protesting the new restrictions.
I was making a post that Iran's moderate politicians are protesting the unfair and unexplained rejection critera
There is nothing of Iran's beauty that tastes good to me now, until we have gotten the Zanan magazine back ... Women and the women movement were the only thing that Iran could take pride in ...

Economy's harmed more by mismanagement of Ahmadinejad than by sanctions.
Cultures's harmed more by narrowmindedness of Ahmadinejad than by US propaganda.
Natural resources're lost to Russia not because of Bush but because of Ahmadinejad.

It's too easy to blame Cheney ... but right now, Iran's being destroyed by Iranians. Cheney needs to do none but to sit back and grin!

I am angry!


nunya said...

Hang in there honey. I just don't think the "leadership" in our countries is going ot be able to run roughshod over their people for much longer. We are all angry.

Jolly Roger said...

You could exchange "US" for "Iran" in this post and be just about as accurate.

To quote a Clinton, I feel your pain.

Naj said...

Nun, Jolly ... I know.

Withot neoconservatism, we will not have been stcuk with these fucking mullahs.

Without these fucking mullah's and teh hostage crisis, you will nto have been stuck with these fucking neoconservatives.

they are just too coupled to eachother in the post-vietnam history, to ignore. If I wee a political scientist, I would be doing a correlational analysis on the synchrony with which these two groups of people have been stampeding us to ground!

MarcLord said...

Iran loses great people like you by doing such things.

An anecdote: in the diplomacy running up to the Non-Agression Pact between the Nazis and Soviets, they quickly established genuine rapport with each other. Got along famously. Ribbentrop and Molotov were quite literally dancing with each other. They were birds of a feather, with the same challenges, similar goals, and really understood each other. There is a strong element of that with the neocons, the Bush Admin, al-Qaeda, even the Taliban. They're all powerful religious idealists who feel misunderstood.

Naj said...


I risk sounding immodest ... but yes Iran is losing people like me.

I have still not recovered from the depression of being confronted with SO MANY Iranians who asked me how to apply to a university abroad.

There was this particular one, a woman, very religious, top PhD student in pure math, and by top PhD student I mean someone who ranked 1st in Iran's notorious national university exam. And she was desparate to leave Iran!


Who is this benefiting?

I am astonished at the rate with which Iranian students are given visas to come to US.

I have a little sister who got her MD in Iran, passed the USMLE exam in flying colors in almost a year after she came to the US, and she is so good that she's accepted in almost every position she has applied for.

WHY should we not be helping the country which we all love, which needs us?

We are exiled!

That's what it is!

We are exiled!

Those who are braver are still in Iran, fighting every day, making progress one step at a time ... those who are less brave, or more privileged live abroad, and are homesick ALL THE TIME!

Deplete Iran of resources
Deplete Iran of brains ...
but ... wait a minute, this is not new!
Persians managed to exile Rumi too!

So ... perhaps we are just ambassadors ...

gee I am irrationally emotional ... this Zanan magazine closure feels like a personal loss to me ...

an average patriot said...

I am sorry! knowing what you speak to in Iran I can only say I am sorry and hope cooler heads prevail. Maybe Khamanei will intervene. Seems to me that the Neocons are screwing both our countries. they are driving the agenda anto the future and it is scary!

RickB said...

So what can we do to bring it back?

betmo said...

yeah. there is really nothing to say that will bring any amount of comfort. this really stinks.

Naj said...

Thanks y'all.

Well, they hold no moral authority over people in Iran, much less on women.

So to answer your Q rick, one can do none but to feature the great works of Iranian women. I am all for positive campaigns.

Aardvark EF-111B said...

some of what i hear from the IRI exeeds the most idiotic statements i ever heard from Egyptian regime.

It is known that iran have some Ballistic capabilities, but a space programe, with soon launch of a satellite, excuse me.....

Naj said...

aardvark?! why don't you comment using your blogger account?!

I don't know how smart or stupid egyptians are but Iran DID launch!§ionid=351020101

bijan said...

I hear/feel your pain too. I've been this angry/disaapointed for several years now.