Monday, January 7, 2008

Snow White

Aplogies for earlier bug!
Blogger is teasing me these days. I have been unsuccessful even looking at my own blog, without my browser freezing on the front page. If you notice slow loading of the page, please let me know.


betmo said...

naj- i think they are supposed to be pictures but nothing shows up.

Naj said...


Sorry, dunno what happened, will fix it!

an average patriot said...

Hi Naj, enough said hope you are well! I did notice it should have been snow!

Aardvark EF-111B said...

Hmmm, the last blizzard at Tehran made an [Alice-In-A-Winter-Wonderland] landscape....

just imagine how Al-Buruz around Tehran looks like now

Naj said...


Alborz was already snow covered in November. I think the skiers are just happier now :)

I have pictures of Damavand (smoking), from 3 weeks ago ...will post them for you!

Servant said...

Go ahead. Blame blogger. Everyone will believe that. Sure.

Page loads fine.

But why is the snow white? It's supposed to be dirty gray-brown with pollution immediately as it falls out of the sky just like here in the U.S. Don't tell me they don't have pollution in Tehran. When are you Iranians going to get civilization?

Must be a really old picture :P

Naj said...

oh servant servant servant, don't you know when it snows Iranians declair national holidays and stay home and thus the air in Tehran becomes the cleanEST?

Well now you know :)