Monday, January 14, 2008

Chinese Banks Defy Western Wishes

... and resume deals with Iran!

This face is perhaps due to the welcome Bush got from Arabs!


nunya said...


China can do whatever it wants:

...Beijing turned away the USS Kitty Hawk and five ships accompanying it for a Hong Kong port call in November. The same week, two U.S. Navy minesweepers also were turned away after seeking shelter during a storm....


Asia Ponders Its Astounding Foreign Exchange Reserves
John Berthelsen
14 January 2008
...The US has thus become Asia’s biggest debtor by far, its international deficit in goods and services now having reached US$63.1 billion for the month of November alone, the biggest total in 14 months...

Hmmmm, what a switch from the way that the Asian Tigers were intenionally NOT bailed out when their economies melted down in the 90's, which is outlined in Naomi Klein's The Shock Doctrine

an average patriot said...

naj I hate that damn face, congratulations China! With Bush throwing around money and weapons over there and knowing how they really feel about the chief warmonger boy is the future ever troubling!

Daniel said...

Defying Western Wishes! What is this world coming to? Why can't these people learn their place?

Next they'll be wanting to be equals!

P.S. The Great White Race is in for a few shocks, methinks!

Naj said...

Well, for the time being, I hear Prince Waleed has bailed out the CitiGroup! Wouldn't it be fun when all these brownies and slant eyes take over the whities financial institutions?

And what have they got to counter the great big non-white conspiracy?


Well, methinks that perhaps the world is not going to that easily be falling in the great white trap of fighting wars, so Americans can sell weapons and feel good about them superior races!

Anyways, these are all lessons in humility that any empire gets to learn at some point. Maybe 5000 years from now the Western civilization (i.e. the one post industrial revolution) will have matured!

Aardvark EF-111B said...

sorry, prima-donna, may be you should not browse while eatin/cookin

i kept the status of distant observer on many debates on your blog, but this one amazingly diverted into Star-Trek Theories, Nutzzzzz.!

is it 1970th birth pop culture ?!?, cool !! :)