Sunday, February 10, 2008

29 years after revolution: Cinema Stars

These actors are box-office makers! They are all the children of revolution (I have included only the younger stars). That Iranian cinema operates within a star system doesn't fit the charges of fundamentalism laid on Iran, does it?

These women are popular, and the films they play are successful because they play the roles of women who challenge the status quo, who overcome the barriers of tradition, patriarchy, and misogyny characteristic of all the biblical religions: Islam, Christianity and Judaism! That Iran has a cinema industry, made successful by talking about women issues, and profitable because of beautiful and strong women who create an identity for the mothers and daughters of Iran's future, is highly remarkable!

Leila Hatami

Mahnaz Afshaar

Baran Kosari

Tarane Alidoosti

Merila Zare'i

Pegah Ahangarani

Hedyeh Tehrani

Mitra Hadjar

Roya NoNahali

Golshifteh Farahani

Niki Karimi


RickB said...

Oh yeah baby!

Wally da Weasel said...

I find Iranian women to be most beautiful.

Larry said...

Nice photos and this is something we don't consider here.

Larry Gambone said...

Thank you for once again showing us a side of Iranian life that the Corporate media never shows. And to think the Neocons want to rain bombs down on these lovely women!

Georg said...

Hallo Naj,

Nice actresses, or better splendid and cool looking.

Thanks for visiting my blog. In fact I could have written a similar text about French expressions as I live here or about German, my home country.


Naj said...

greetings all!

The triumph of women on cinema screen is TRULY an oxymoron of teh Islamic Republic and a testimony to teh COMPLEXITY of Iran's culture and politics.

It cannot be reduced to little sound bites that come out of facile minds of the western press or wester politicians!

I really wish America was run by scholars!

Zeinobia said...

they look so beautiful and so persian , it is great that they are keeping their look as it is

Naj said...

Yeah they are typical of what "persian beauty" is supposed to look like :)

What do you mean keeping their looks though? As opposed to ?

Daniel Owen said...

Nice to see you support other things apart from Islamic terrorism, Naj!

Naj said...

Daniel Owen,

How about you stopping your support of neoconservative terrorism, and then we can have a cup of tea and crumpets!

Daniel Owen said...

You haven't actually read my blog, have you? I'm an anarchist, more precisely a syndicalist. I'm as anti-imperialist as you. Or more so, since you seem to have no problem with Islamic cultural imperialism. I'm an internationalist, but I love my country.

I do not support neoconservative terrorism. Unlike you, however, that doesn't mean I support Islamic terrorism. Hey, were 9/11 and 7/7 okay? It seems likely that the US government allowed the attacks to happen, and fostered Al-Queda, but the fact remains that there were Muslims ready to ram planes into buildings. Plus, something like 80% of British Muslims support Al-Queda. That's bollox.

I'd love to have a cuppa with you, I'd just like it if we were both alive to have it! ;)

Naj said...


for whatever reason you call me an Islamist terrorism suporter baffles me!

I am against ANY kind of terrorism!

And I AM against Islamic sharia being practiced in london or some weird ortodox Jewish ritual being practiced in NY, or some fundamentalist christian bombing abortion clinics!

All that said, I do not support the use of force, anarchy, genocide, and your favorite: "total war", in order to wrinkle out humanity's problems!

Renegade Eye said...

I didn't know about the Iranian fim industry before. Interesting post.

Sophia said...


These are beautiful women. Is the actress who starred in Ten among them. She impressed me a lot !

Naj said...

She is not. I don't think sh (Mania Akbari) is a professional actor either.

bb_aisha said...

These women are stunningly beautiful mashallah

I watched the Willow Tree recently-sobbed my eyes out & an Iranian film last year. I think the name was Candle n the Wind or something similiar. Both were fantastic movies. Loved them

nyx said...

"they look so beautiful and so persian , it is great that they are keeping their look as it is"

Well I don't think zeinobia is talking about plastic operations... or maybe she is just not aware of the amount of nose jobs performed in iran.

Naj said...


True, although some of these girls are really natural.

I will do a post on plastic surgery in Iran! In fact, I think after LA, perhaps Tehran is the second capital of plastic surgery!

I am wearing my huge Persian nose, very proudly--sign of distinction ;)

pissed off patricia said...

Oh my goodness, they are beautiful. Like larry gambone said, thank you for telling us what Iranian life is truly all about. Real people living real lives with issues that many of us share.

You aren't the only one who wishes that America was run by scholars. Many of us here would like that too.

Aardvark EF-111B said...

pls re-upload the pics, they don't browse correctly

Naj said...

hmm this is interesting ardvaark, wonder what happened!