Thursday, February 14, 2008

Old promise: Kerman ( December 2007)

Kerman is the capital of Kerman province, located in the central south east of Iran. In the 3D century AD, during the Sassanids, Kerman was a major city and the remains of the Sassanid citadels are still standing in the city. However, several archeological studies in te Province of Kerman have found traces of different periods of civilization, dating to over 5000 years BC.

Believed to have be a Sassanid Zoroasterian temple, but reconstructed in the seljuk era (now the stone museum)

City Library

A window!

City Library's park

Ice cellar (Yakhdan) I have no clue how, but this is where people kept ice and preserved food, in historical times.
The City Library (ketabkhaneh Khorshid) Garden

Library under renovation.

Harandi Garden

Ruines of Girl's Castle (Ghale Dokhtar) myth has it that a 7-head dragon was guarding this castle, and Iran-dokht and Pourandokht, the daughters of Ardeshir the Sassanid King ruled here (3rd AD)
A window in Harandi Garden

A community center.

Water fountains (not favorite aesthetics of the elite Kermanis, but I find it cute!)

Not sure! Brother took this photo!
Yakhdan Mo'ayedi

A Calligraphist's atelier, Ali Rashidi
Music Museum (more pictures in the upcoming posts)

Gas Station, adds promote fuel conservation

Kerman University of Technology

Very ugly modernity! This bridge is absolutely unnecessary!
Kermani's elite are DECRYING the defacing of Kerman's historical urban spaces! However, Kerman has been ruled for centuries by a feudal elite, and in my opinion what is happening now is the revenge of the peasants.


Zeinobia said...

It is beautiful Naj ,I always read its name in the map but I did not know it is beautiful,I want to come with my camera and take thousand of shots
this is what I love about Iran ,this beauty
about the Iranian actresses ,I meant that they did not dye their hair and destroy their natural beauty

Naj said...

Hi Zeinobia,

Yes Kerman is a very nice place, it has a lot of famous places too but somehow it is not as famous as Isfahan. It also has very lovely and warm-hearted people. If you want to be a gust in Iran, you want to be in Kerman :))

Naj said...

Zeinobia, re dying hair ... well, I guess even if they did we wouldn't see would we? ;)

But no, dying hair is not fashionable in Iran anymore and "Persian" look is what people are "interested" in nowadays!

an average patriot said...

Beautiful picture! Thanks again for the education. History going back to 5,000 BC that's culture! Amazing!

Anon-Paranoid said...


Belated Happy Valentines day.

Those are some very good pictures and also beautiful buildings in them.

Take care and...

God Bless.

Anonymous said...

The ice houses were filled with ICE during winter - chaff was used in way of insulation. Moreover, the think earthen walls with very high heat capacity would reduce temperature change inside the storage area. The ice was used in the summers.

"Kermn" is philologically related to "German"; just like "Gilak" is related to "Gaelic" - these are vestiges of the times before the Aryan migrations began.

Naj said...

It seems like these yakhcahls operated on the same principle as koozeh!

Pen, have you been inside one of these?

I wished to go but it was noon and closed.

Monte said...

You are making Iran a place for which I am homesick, though I've never been there! Thanks - it is hugely important that these unimaginably beautiful places are known in the west.
I came across this link, which has a few Iranian artworks - Asian Art