Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I love the pictures (voice for Persian speakers)


bijan said...

Naj!!! What was that recording about? I stopped listening after the 2 minutes. Either I'm getting to old or that wasn't funny.

RickB said...

Is this you way of interjecting your past as a swimwear model?
Meanwhile- There's a blogswarm for the 5th anniversary of the Iraq war on the 19th March, being coordinated to get things going at so if you want to get involved/ mark it in your diary/spread the word that would be great.

Naj said...

Bijan, you have to consider the voice-over in an intellectual framefork of grotesque :)

RickB! .... hello! I am not THAT old! Thus fasciation with advertisements that I never saw because Islamic Revolution was bestowed upon us :)

19th March ... how can I forget! I was crying in a little bunker at work: "they are going to rape Iraq in spring!"

an average patriot said...

Of course I couldn't understand any of that but I was suprrised at some of the racy pictures and seeing Vodka advertised. Boy are we misled!