Friday, February 1, 2008

Life goes on

By Syma Syah

The winners of the Third Kaveh Golestan Photojournalism Award were announced on Friday October 27 in Tehran. This year, Kian Amani won the Best Young Talent award with his The Best Years Of Our Lives photo collection.

Amani has captured young couples sitting intimately at a park in Tehran. A series of pictures show how a couple is approached and questioned by police and then taken away.

And so the story continues...



Georg said...

Bonjour Naj,

Some months ago, I saw those photos on an Iranian blog. There they were cited as proof that money was being offered to the Police agent who let them go.

I was not convinced at that time and I am glad to see that there is no more question of this.


Naj said...


No it IS true, a lot of policemen can be bribed in Iran. Although the government is getting tough on bribery! they recently hanged a custom's officer for that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aardvark EF-111B said...

silly..., leave people alone, dammit !!