Sunday, February 3, 2008

Borghani, friend of journalists, dies.

Official state-funded agencies such as FarsNews didn't put it on their front page.
Tehran Times made a conservative announcement:

Former MP Ahmad Borghani dies of heart attack
Tehran Times Political Desk

TEHRAN, Feb. 02 (MNA) - Former lawmaker Ahmad Borghani died of heart stroke on Saturday night.
Borghani had served as the deputy culture minister for press affairs at the administration of President Mohammad Khatami. He was also the correspondent of the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) in New York.

In Iran, any position in the ministry of culture is synonymous with censorship. Borghani, however, was prosecuted for NOT CENSORING. He fought for Newspapers such as Jame'eh, and Toos. Had he been in office today, Zanan (Women) magazine would not have lost license.

Ten years ago, in an interview with NYT:
In an interview today as the results were being announced, Ahmad Borghani, a close aide and spokesman for the President-elect, said Mr. Khatami would ''try to make changes as best he can.''

He said one of the first priorities would be legalizing political parties, which have been effectively outlawed since the revolution.

''Of course Mr. Khatami will not continue the present restrictions on the press and media,'' Mr. Borghani said. ''He will have an open policy toward them.''

Mr. Borghani also suggested that the new Government would seek to curb the police and religious militia whose members patrol streets and neighborhoods in search of people who are having parties, listening to forbidden music, watching imported videos or satellite television, playing cards or otherwise violating the social code.

''We have heard Mr. Khatami say that people should not investigate other people's private lives,'' Mr. Borghani said. ''If people want to listen to music, they should turn it down so it does not disturb their neighbors. Otherwise it is fine.''

In a document last week outlining his principles, Mr. Khatami said he was dedicated to ''countering superstition and fanaticism'' and ''assuring civil rights and freedoms of citizens.'' He pledged to curb censorship, to recognize the ''variety and diversity of attitudes'' and to combat the view ''that politics should be monopolized by a specific group.''

It is these people that the White House did not shake hands with. It is these people that the White House disfavored, because CLOWNS like Ahmadinejad serve the neoconservative interests best.


Naj said...

Goatman, thanks for the link.

an average patriot said...

He sounded like a good one. Counter the NieoCon norm I take it? Oh well, all the good ones it seems!

Georg said...

Bonjour Naj,

Always had the impression that your president and the US N°43 have very much in common. Especially the idea to achieve great things by making use of religion.

Furthermore, a test might prove that both have a very special type of blood containing a large proportion of crude oil.

They should form a coalition for mutual benefit.


Naj said...

Ahmadinejad and Bush are similar in almost aall ways but one:

Bush is a rich asshole who benefits from oil business.

Ahmadinejad is a poor asshole who begrudges the rich assholes and hence counters their acts by mirroring them!