Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Western Hypocrisy: episode # N.

In April 2006, Israel launched Eros B from Russia, with the explicit intention of spying on Iran!

In January 2008, Israel launches TecSAR, a new spying sattelite on Iran.

Yesterday (Feb 4 2008) Iran inaugurates the Iranian space center, and launches a research rocket into space.

Then American press goes bizzerk:
Iran's Satellite Program Is `Troubling Development,' US Says
Bloomberg -11 hours ago

Iran rocket test 'unfortunate': White House
AFP - 15 hours ago

White House calls Iran rocket launch "unfortunate"
Reuters - 23 hours ago
Anything that may counter Israeli's ability to spy on, mass murder, and hold hostage the Middle East is unfortunate!!!!


nunya said...

Hi Naj :)

It's election day, election day, election day---ooooh, dare I hope for something better????

Naj said...


I don't care who wins, anything is better than bushit!

an average patriot said...

I find it troubling that the Russians let a spy sattelite be launched by them on what I thought was their ally Iran.
Bush the idiot you know is going to make a mountain out of a mole hill at every turn, He is going to keep digging until he has instigated the US or others in the world to act against Iran.
This is an important year to watch. Bush will do something before the elections that will keep him in power to fight his wars. The excuse to do so are adding up and it is only a matter of time before he takes total control over us and acts! Oh what a mess!
Just a note! McCain and Clinton will not hurt Americans as Bush does but nothing will change in the middle east. You better hope for my man Obama but I fear he will be assassinated. There is no way the awesome powers Bush has amassed will be allowed in Dem hands and certainly in the hands of a JFK unifier and you know what happened to him!

Naj said...

Funny you say that Jim, fear of Obama assassination is running everywhere.

I just watched a great film "into the wild".

unrelated, of course.

But re Clinton and McCain, youa re right. Will things change in teh middle east? I think if middle easterners remain passive recipients of Western orders, no things will not change. But if they are proactive and clever and less dumb than they have been in the past 100 years, and if they pull together and do not let Israel manipulate them and their emotions, and if the leaders of the middle east stop being petty and insecure, THEN they will force America to change as well.

Now Bush, the idiot who he is, has managed to create a lot of havoc. But frankly he has not harmed and betrayed ANYONE as much as he has hurt and betrayed Americans. We in teh middle east neither trust americans, nor expect them to have our interest in mind. Let's be clear on that :))

Iraq will stand again; a country that has withstood the test of time will not vanish on a cowboy's whim! The bruises look deep now, but the country will recover. I wish to say the same thing for America as well. I hope it too will recover Bushco's disaster-reign!

an average patriot said...

I very much fear for Obama's life. I also fully expect Bush will figure out a way to stay in power to continue his plan for new world order. It is the world those who are the forces behind him are after and no one will be unscathed!

Anon-Paranoid said...

I too fear for Obama and I also worry that we won't have elections.

Now that Der Fuhrer Bush has destroyed the National Guard our first line of defense at home he can use his private army of woman and children murders {Blackwater}to put down all of us who oppose him.

I think that Obama wan kenobi is are only hope.

God Bless.

nunya said...

I found an interesting article:

A Silly Pretext

By Democracy and Socialism

04/23/06 "Democracy and Socialism" -- -- No Arab or Islamic country armed even with the smallest of atomic bombs will be ready to hit Israel. And that, is because Israel is a small country interwoven and surrounded by Palestinian and Arab nations.

The explosion of an atomic bomb will kill the Palestinians and Arabs too. The radio-active fallout will reach the entire Middle-East including Iran itself.

Thus the brawl surrounding the danger of the atomic Iran against Israel is silly and is only a pretext to attack that country, similar to the lies about the existence of Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq before colonizing it.

Iran is an oil and gas rich giant that connects the Caspian Sea oil and gas resources to the huge Persian Gulf petroleum fields.

The most rabid think-tanks of the US imperialism insist that who ever controls this area will retain its supremacy over other imperialists or future emerging powers.

That is why before boiling so much ado about Iran, the US Government planned to attack this country even before the March 2003 invasion of Iraq.

According to an article by William Arkin – a former US intelligence analyst –which was published in the Washington Post, on April 16th, 2006, there was a plan named TIRANNT, an acronym for “Theatre Iran Near Term”.

In September 2000, one year before the 9-11, a document written by the Project for the New American Century (PNAC) , a think-tank staffed by some of the Bush Presidency leading figures, said: America needed a blueprint for maintaining US global pre-eminence, precluding the rise of a great power-rival, and shaping the international security order, in line with American principles and interests – namely the big companies and not the people’s interests.

The same idea was headlined by the Wall Street Journal, just before the start of the war on Iraq, as “President’s Dream: Changing Not Just Regime But A Region, A Pro-US, Democratic Area Is A Goal That Has Israeli And Neo-Conservative Roots.” (March 21st, 2003).

In other words, the region must be divided into small protectorate states, hostile to each other, policed by atomic holder Israel, ready to be exploited to the end.

But the events in Iraq turned otherwise. People do not want to be enslaved!

nunya sez: Whooooeeee, the think-tankers are crazy arrogant.

Naj, did you rent the Axis of Evil Comedy Tour dvd yet? Those guys are sooooo funny. The Persian comic is the funniest, hands down.

Naj said...

hey Nunyah :)

I have seen some of the AoE on TV, I'll dig'em up, didn't know had a DVD to rent.

Re the imperialist project of enslaving and dividing and conquering ... it seems like a neo-con novelty, but for us in the ME, this is a game that is already played in our region for a century.

The stupid assholes that the think-tanks are (I see them in a tank, their vision narrowed and shut, whoever came up with the term think-tank) assume the world is frozen and so they can conquer it with the oldest of rules of the game ... Iraq, Palestine, Iran are proving them otherwise!

LEt's thank Hizbollah and Hamas for that, shall we?

nunya said...

Sure, we can thank Hezbollah and Hamas for that.

Umm, the think tankers say that Hamas is Sunni, backed by Arab states, and Hezbollah is Shiite, backed by Iran.

What does that say?

That Amre, our delightful little troll is correct in the assessment that there is no Arab/Persian unity in the Middle East?

And the damn think-tankers are correct in assuming that they can take advantage of that lack of unity?

Naj said...

the think tankers can go screw themselves AFAIAC! :)
The think thankers know nothing!
And who is supporting whom doesn't make a difference.

I am suprised that you also take note of Amro's blabber!

He is a what he calls pan-arabist! These idiots are THE REASON why Israel fucked them up in 1967! These idiotic pan arabists are teh CAUSE of Iraq!

They suffer suppressed megalomania! And are trying to construct a unique identity as a reaction to their colonial past!

Also I don't know what a Persian/Arab unity is supposed to look like.

People have diplomatic relationships! Iran had diplomatic relationships with its neighbors (3 of which are Arab), it had dealings with Saudi Arabia, it has dealings with egypt and so on!
Can you say, that "there is a French English unity"? What would this unity serve?

When people have a common interest, they unite to reach that goal. this is how foreign policy works! People who have distinct cultures will not unite and merge into another. That is neither necessary, nor desirable or even desired!

Also get that crap about hegemony stuff out of your head! Iran has become the source of aspiration for MANY people who love its stance against Israel and the US! Somone has to stand up to the Bully! Iran is brave enough to do that!

The Egyptian Amro, with all his pan-arabic shit should leave sweden and go back to egypt and make sure he builds a wall to keep ARAB Palestinans out of ARAB egypt!

nunya said...

Naj, I wasn't trying to piss you off, I really wasn't, I was just trying to understand the cool, calculating neo-cons in their think tanks. They do use the divide and conquer strategy. It's ugly and I don't agree with it, but it has a history of working for their interests.

It's destructive and so is this

Naj said...

Nunya, dear I know you didn't try to piss me off. But the DIVISION that you are talking about is FUELED by a minority of IDIOTS like Amro!

Really, 99% of shiite and sunnis live in peace and respect and love!

Today there were two independent shootings in the US! 5 people are dead. Does it mean all americans hate eachother and kill eachother in mass murder?

nunya said...

I believe it is true that Sunnis and Shias live in peace all over the planet. I also believe that the media tries to focus attention on every little thing that goes wrong: "if it bleeds, it leads"

As for the shootings here in the US, that is the power of the mainstream media with the National Rife Association and their right to sell guns which they have managed to convince most Americans is tied in with the 2nd amendment

Oh, and on Obama being assassinated, my friend and I both are frightened of that, but for different reasons. She thinks it will happen simply because of his skin color. I think that he gives Americans hope of a unified, cohesive, functioning government and that's why he'll die, just like JFK.

an average patriot said...

The think tankers and Bush have created the division as they always do for their gain. I have said it so many times but no one listens.
Divide and conquer has always worked for them and it will in the middle east as the drive for world war will not be stopped but it will appear as if we were forced to fight it while Bush instigated from beginning to end the entire scenario.
I will once again try to illustrate that to Global Research shortly.