Saturday, November 28, 2009

Behzad Nabavi: 10 day off from prison on 800K bail

Before being given a mini-vacation (on over 800,000 dollars bail, the 68 year old Behzad Nabavi--one of the first revolutionaries and companions of Khomeini--was given 6 years of jail for his role in "instigating unrest". It is funny that he was arrested a few days after the coup d'etat. Even if he wanted, he didn't get the opportunity to provoke unrest!

You might want to consider that the bail for one of the most notorious drug-traffickers of Iran was set to 200K.

Nabavi is scheduled to undergo a coronary artery surgery upon return to prison. (He also underwent another operation while in prison.)

Cut 1: He is saying that his only concern was for his wife; because she is not political. He says that when he was young and in prison, he was single, so he had little care, he was in prison for 20 months and no worries, but now ...

Cut 2: Then he says when they were moving her in the car (after court session) he sees his wife yell from afar behind the gates: Behhzaaaaaaaad; he sends her an air kiss and gets in the car.

Cut 3: Then when the car passes by, he sees her (who was not political) run in front of the car and show him the V and yell, don't worry, we will win! This surprises him tremendously, but also that she starts pointing finger at guards that "If one strain of hair is lost from his head", he then laughs that he has got no more hair to loose, "she will interview with every single media channel" ...

This is a GREAT video; in this joking family session, Nabavi's making it abundantly clear that he is not planning to give up--that his only concern, his family is now in this with him and fearlessly behind him. He is poking fun at the dictators whose chain of 6-year jail term sentences to these leaders of reform is aimed at deterring people from activism. Nabavi is giving a personal example of how the least political housewives are now radicalized into action, and have learned their ways of modern-resistance: neo-resistance ... Media is the Message!

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