Monday, November 2, 2009

Sarmayeh Newspaper: BANNED ...

This is the newspaper that I often cited. "Sarmayeh" in Persian means "Capital" or "Assets", therefore it was a newspaper focusing on the economy! In recent months, after speaking about Mousavi and Karoubi was "forbidden", Sarmayeh was again focusing on the economy; often providing detailed reports of irregularities in IRGC's economic practice and participation!

There goes another source ... below a snap shot of their headlines today. With everyone of these newspapers going offline, I feel like loosing a friend. Imagine a world when you wake up knowing your favorite newspaper will never be delivered to your door again ... the IRI is loosing the very last particles of its legitimacy ... COWARD CRIMINALS.


Pedestrian said...

After every one of those "2nd of Khordaad" newspapers was closed down I cried my eyes out. You're right, each one is like a friend who is no longer. How many friends have we lost throughout these years?

Anonymous said...

Talking about the "Capital" in Iran, Naj did you read?

Tehran set to lose status as Iran capital
Expediency council approves plan for new capital – which could be a new or existing city – amid earthquake fears over Tehran

Naj said...

you guessed my next post if I ever get out of work swamp