Thursday, November 12, 2009

So ... they started it with execution of a Kurdish prisoner


Shame on IRI ... SHAME ...

Ehsan Fatahian becomes the FIRST political prisoner executed after Ahmadinejad's Coup D'etat

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You know my stance on nuclear issue; now here's my take on minority issues:

1) My heartfelt condolences and solidarity with all my Kurdish and Baluchi friends and fellow countrymen. In their plight for equal rights I stand with them.

2) The charges of Kurdish or Baluchi separatism ARE RED HERRING TOO. As far as I know, the kurdish and Balushi activists are not seeking sectarian divide; just a little recognition of their rights; and a little attention from the central government that is WASTING away the wealth of that country, keeping these marginalized, border-dwelling people DEPRIVED of not only right to educate and develop in their own languages; but also of the slightest economic development that can assist them change their own human condition.

3) I CONDEMN any form of violence against ANY minority or faction who chooses to not belong to another country. Frankly, with this latest crime against the Kurds, I don't know why they should care to stay under the Iranian flag.

4) As a member of the Persian/Shiite majority of my country am UTTERLY ASHAMED of the crimes committed against the minorities of my country.



Naj said...

I am on vacation. I had promised to not touch news ... and ... news touched me ...

German said...

Dear Naj,

there is this article - very likely known to you - in the British "Guardian" which seems to explain plausibly (to my mind) the "motives" for this sentence, which obviously falls into the category "miscarriage of justice" - for reasons you express here via your text.

[[BTW: Though, when thinking of the fact, that these pathetic, wretched Germans weren't even able, before 1945, to tolerate the adherents of just and only a third religious creed (Jewish) alongside their other two religious beliefs (Protestantism + Catholicism). Incredible.

Thinking of that I imagine the problems that a country like Iran with its diversity of cultures, ethnicities and languages has to cope with and - compared to the just cited historical example - seems to cope relatively successful.

An outstanding accomplishment, really !
Unfortunately the present government seems to exploit this issue to divert public opinion from their own imcompetence - as suggested by your text]]

You affixed precisely this misdemeanour of the judiciary branch to the present "raison d'État".

Though everyday something relevant is happening,
I hope you will be on holiday - somehow or other! -


هزاردستان چمن said...

It's extremely sad, Naj. Last night, I couldn't sleep. Wish you a lovely vacation and let's hope for better future.

Naj said...


this has nothing to do with "tolerance", this has to do with competence.

Killing minorities is the "scarecrow" of the INCOMPETENT IRanian government. It is their "fear and intimidate" device

Medieval as they are, this is their way of saying "we are more ruthless to politically active youth, than to criminally active ones--where they leave a savior dor open to the criminal one, and none to the political.

They are not killing out of RACISM; they are killing out of fear. Again, you cannot draw comparison between this sloppy government who uses the minorities to keep at bay the majority; with the economically, and systematically nazi killers.

Frankly, I don't see any comparison between Iran and Germany, before or after 1945. Iranian are NOT racist to the point of exterminating and annihilating others. So, I don't see any reason to congratulate Iran for "tolerating" its minorities. These minorities belong to Iran, and are far more Iranian than most of us central-dwelling ones.

The PROBLEM, the one and ONLY problem, is the central governments INCOMPETENCE to give these minorities what is OWED to them.

I stress again, Iranians bear no racist ill will against minorities of their own country. Hence, no comparison,none what so ever, to the pre-45 wretched Germans is valid. HENCE, what you see in Iran is NOT AN OUTSTANDING ACCOMPLISHMENT.

What remains the biggest outstanding FAILURE of human history is the programmed killing the well educated, mighty, wealthy, collectively-loyal/ignorant Germans did.

Sorry, I just think it is COMPLETELY irresponsible to congratulate anyone/anything for being "better" than Nazis.

German said...

Of course you are right!- I just wanted to say that someone with that history on his back is really not entitled to criticize or utter an opinion on a country that is not his one. I think.
That was the purpose of a misplaced
comparison not really intended as such a one.

This state of affairs of course makes it somehow difficult or inadmissible (for me) to express one's opinion at all on anything - though of course one does have / I have subjective views. [A Gordian knot - because sometimes one just wants to exchange views with people hailing from other countries.]

[So lastly I ought to abstain from communicating with - anyone not German.]


Anonymous said...

Hi Naj,

1. I cannot believe that this upper comment was written by any German individual with common education.

2. Your own statements about pre-45 germans shows ideologic disinformation as well. Please be informed there are libraries availlable, how to evaluate history - and it was global history, not reduceable to Germany or to Europe only - when in the past 19th and 20th century people around the world (Iranian people as well) were chasing for the "guilty on financial-economic crisis". Tragedy was, the german Nazi - supporters (and these groups didn't represent Germany in a general speaking) established an European organisation for group genocide to Jews, Roma and Sinti, labour union members, political socialists, communists, ... - as they were believed to be the reason for week economies by leaders all over the world! The Nazi's race explanation was not the reason for the genocide, it was kind of ideologic strategy to break the resistance within worldwide humanism, resisting german medicines so wis law-appendixes to force them to follow the terrible Nazi murderer machinery.

When you will have understood history, you might see, the above comments and response are not appropriate, neither to German history nore to any attempt on comparing the very different times in Iran.


Anonymous said...

Dear Naj,
baraye Iran va Irani

bezar abra bemiran
ruye khorshido bebinam dobare
bezar shab tamam beshe
sare rahe sobh beshinam dobare
kare emruzo be farda nazarim
sobho to seile shaba ja nazarim
mano ba khastegi tanha nazarin
mano to seile gamam ja nazarin
gereye farda kojast?
toye dastaye man o to kur shode
baske yek harfo zadim
gafele az ma ye alam dor shode
age bimare tabam bego bego
age hazyun be labam bego bego
man o hazyonamo bavar nakonin
gole zarde dardo par par nakonin

Orientalistin va hamwatane shoma!

Naj said...

Dear Art,

I am sorry that my comments have touched a soar spot.

Yes I agree that the killing of Jews and Older or incapable germans, gypseys and etc was not only a matter of race, but an "ideologically-justifiable-survival-of-the-fittest" kind of a thing.

I know that your Himmler was indeed rather sad that the fine character of the fine and delicate German soldier had to SUFFER the pain of killing an other human being; and I have also read enough about the romaticism of all that German shit taht happened NOWHERE ELSE BUT IN GERMANY.

If it had happened in some savage country, I would have had more sympathy ...

I also am full aware of the German revisionism reviving in the past ten/twenty years ... suddenly with the fall of the wall, Germany seems intent on healing its wounds, putting a bit of sand on the crap they have left somewhere on the road! This is all natural too; all creatures hide their poop!

In any case, whatever Germany did; she has apologized for it. Notwithstanding the current rends of racism (exhibited in the killing of the Egyptian woman), and witnessed by many a colored "immigrants" to Germany who feel EXCLUDED no matter how hard they try; notwithstanding the amount of jugementalism, nagging and general grumpiness exercised by almost all GErmans who are simultaneously self-hating and self-applauding; notwithstanding how rude and arrogant I saw the western German friends of mine talk about and treat the eastern Germans as I travelled from Berlin to Dresden ... I think Germans have paid their dues to history. I have no interest in drawing any comparison between them and what is happening in my country.

hyae said...

Hi Naj

It's not admissible, to compare racial motivated killings on political purpose to unify the nationalized masses, enbedded in a huge machinery of propaganda and on a background of biologistical evolutionism - with the targeted and programmatic killing of sligtest opposition to obscure political failure, divert public attention from the weakness of ideological fundations, and empower the regime by threat. The first is following an aggressive strategy of reinforcement of national power, the latter can be seen as the selfdefence of a political class.

I know, you wanted to close the argument here..

But I nevertheless see some casual commonalities, which we find in most, if not all dictatorships.

And I think, in the case of Iran, it could seem sort of apologetic, to blame only the powerholders of the ongoing terror, as long, as Solidarity towards injustice could seem sometimes selectively lived. I know, that this is a big affront, especially on this website, here it is completely out of context, but let me make my point!

I want to talk about the faint doubts, that I do not admit myself to have in causa Iran.. because it's not the time to have doubts, but to overcome them.
But, let me express this doubts, as they creep in by night..

I wonder about the solidarity of men towards women.
I wonder about the solidarity towards the killings and beatings of MEK lately in Iraq (now.. I hear your uproar..)
I wonder about the solidarity towards any death penalty (there are first and second class hanged..)
I wonder about the solidarity towards less popular detainees by low number of signatures at petitions..

I do not think, that I can allow myself any judgement. Really I even do not allow myself to question.. or wonder, because I definitely know, that there are many things, I just do not comprehend and maybe will never be able to retrace thoroughly.

The reason, why I write down this iniquitous thoughts, is to show, that it is very easy to tell someone, he or she is not on the height of the argument and has no right to say it's own (as happened to German), claiming to be in possess of a moral position above all and to withdraw the right of opinion and speech, also when it's maybe an inaccurate one.

If you want to question my motivation, do so. I know, that I am an upright freedomfighter. My grandfather was in concentration camp and there are more family members with this kind of history. But it's not about me. It's about shooting at someone, who was apparently thinking loud, shooting without halting half a sec to question oneself or the couterpart.


Naj said...

Dear Hyae

Let me address specific questions

I wonder about the solidarity of men towards women.
Men and women are in private solidarity; even if the public front looks otherwise. The men/women relationships in Iran, like everything else in Iran, is really not how it seems to the outside. Iranian women, even in some of the most traditional religious families, have freedoms unknown to many other seemingly similar societies. Women of Iran CAN BE very brutal to men; trust me!

I wonder about the solidarity towards the killings and beatings of MEK lately in Iraq (now.. I hear your uproar..)

I have personally condemned that; but I rest the blame for that on MEK leaders; who have led and misled a bunch of innocent naive individuals to these death camps. The actions of the MEK are despicable. They have lost HUGE ground inside Iran because of joining Saddam in taking military action against the Iranian forces during the IRan/Iraq war. They used to be and still are and armed terrorist group and therefore, they make it very hard for people to pour out their sympathies. I know/have many loved ones who used to be MEK; but as a party I cannot support them, like them, trust them. The killing in the camp was savagery. These kids wanted to go back to Iran ... I hate Rajavis fr doing what they do to these people in Iraq while enjoing the comforts of Paris, themselves.

I wonder about the solidarity towards any death penalty (there are first and second class hanged..)
Death penalty in Iran, like death penalty in America (or even in Canada where teh conservatives are lobbying to BRING IT BACK) is condemned by many and acceptable by many others. So I don't see a point of laying a collective guilt on a nation. This division is division of philosophy of law and order.

I wonder about the solidarity towards less popular detainees by low number of signatures at petitions..
signatures on petitions? Which petitions. I have not signed any petitions myself. there are hundreds of them out there. People don't sign most often because they doubt effectiveness of these petitions; or because they don't know enough about the motivation of the individuals or organizations that have initiated them.
Iranians are EXPERT passive aggressive protesters. They have been living 30 years of protest. The masses who came out are the neo-protestants :)) They soon will find more clever, less confrontational, and more effective ways of cornering the IRI ... remember. These kids are raised POST-revolution; and trust me, the dictatorship of Khomeini was FAR FAR FAR more frightening than what you see now. If they have not been able to indoctrinate Iranians born AFTER revolution. Rest assured, things will only get better now :)

This is why I am holding moral height; because as turbulent as our history, as tyrannical as our leader, WE, the little people, whom you don't see or hear, because we live in small towns or villages of IRan, next to Kurds and Turks and Arabs and Bahais, WE have not become genocidal criminals!


Pedro said...

Nice Blog :) enjoy reading it

Cheers from Portugal

Anonymous said...

Liebe Naj,Lieber German

Kultur der Verhinderung (Iran)

A culture of prevention

All totalitarian systems, which means power systems without democratic checks and balances, are inherently violent and disregard human rights. It’s the power of the stronger over the weak, those with the relevant knowledge over those without. But governments are ultimately responsible for the conditions under which their citizens live.

I don’t know the details, since I don’t live in Iran. But what I know and feel very deeply is that it concerns me, that it concerns us as Iranians in an existential way.

The facts mentioned above leave me with an ominous feeling. My impression is that, under the pretext of total protection of its citizens, human rights are ignored and citizens are cowed into obedience by strict forms of punishment, which sometimes have all the characteristics of revenge.

This is a life-threatening path, dangerous, and, if taken to its conclusion, leaves no way out. I would like to deal with two aspects; aspects that make me afraid.

First, the unresisted spread and use of evil.
Second, and in many ways related to the first, the totalitarian state.

In his play “The Skin of our Teeth”, Thorton Wilder presented the history of humanity through the story of the Anthropos family. One of the sons is Cain, who is evil and therefore cast out. One day he comes back, armed with a gun. Since there is no escape, the family has the choice of either accepting Cain back in the family fold or being killed by him. The family opts for the former and survives.
C.G. Jung calls this process the integration of one’s shadow.

Dealing with our shadows, our dark sides, is of decisive importance for the individual and for society. The way the shadow is dealt with ultimately decides whether health or illness, peace or conflict, will prevail.

This is also the issue when we talk about the quality of young people’s lives in Iran. How can we identify the shadow, how can we deal with it?
I have, among many Iranians, seen hopelessness take on the form of listlessness, the wilting of the will to live. Not to mention the absence of any “joie de vivre”.

And what happens to all the timorous young people who cannot find a job? They are filled with bad premonitions, but these are usually suppressed, since no normal human being can live with a permanent vision of horror. This leaves feelings of helplessness and senselessness. A general attitude of “There’s nothing we can do anyway”. And events run their course.

So Iran under the present repressive regime is simply not fit for survival in the long run. What is needed is a general, broadly based and undogmatic debate involving all sectors of the population, a debate that could generate ideas, forces and movements that would eventually secure this large country of such rich cultural history its proper place in the international community.

A lot will have to be set in motion before Iran can overcome its unhappy recent developments and once again draw on the full potential of its natural and intellectual resources for the benefit of its own people and for the benefit of the entire region.


Naj said...

Dear Orientalistin,

I share your horror, under present circumstances. I am doubly more scared this time around because Ahmadinejad's vision is motivated neither by love for country; nor love for religion; not even by a defined hatred ... I find the messianic tendencies expressed by Ahmadinejad's beloved, Mashayee, VERY threatening.

Khamenei, from what I have heard from his close associates, used to be a kind of father who beat his children to death to discipline them (no metaphor here, actual life). His behavior now confirms that account. But, Ahmadinejad's running a different agenda; while PRETENDING to carry out Khamenei's orders ...

I don't know. I want to just keep my eyes closed for now. I cannot watch this freak show and FUNCTION as a human. I need to find a detour; a loophole ...