Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Lover's Wind: Iran in 1969 through Albert Lamorisse's lens

See here for more details, and perhaps a better video ratio.

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Anonymous said...

Having spent two years in Iran, during which I spent not a few hours in helicopters, I have some observations:
1. Parts of the film are beautiful: others banal.
2. The unnecessary and dangerous harassment of people and animals was, even for those days, unacceptable. The sight of obviously panic-stricken children running accross the roofs of their homes was frightening indeed. Hopefully none were injured or killed, although that was certainly a possibility and one which the film maker and pilots should have considered, but obviously didn't. Instead, they repeated their grossly inconsiderate actions for the sake of "interesting" takes. The fishermen whose boat was deliberately tipped - if they survived - would have been upset for quite some time.