Sunday, November 29, 2009

What are Neo-Cons up to these days, vis a vis Iran?

They think they are "cheering on Iranians to topple the regime!" They come up with little pep talk of "fight on the good courageous people of Iran" and they perhaps think that beyond our little polite smiles we do not read their intentions. Perhaps they cannot even recognize that our silence is in the spirit of unity and in the interest of our country. At the same time they seem to be trying to silence, or make non-credible, voices for Iran who preach peace and engagement. This is how ....

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At the same time, the Iranian authority should know that their little nuclear bluffs are NOT going to rally us behind them; that putting Iran in antagonistic situations, which will only underline and highlight the Western hypocrisies, WILL NOT make us align with them!

We will handle hypocrisies of Iran and Israel and the 5+1 SEPARATELY; each in its own context! The "imperialist" project is no longer an excuse for IRI's atrocities. And IRI's atrocities are no longer an excuse for the military industry complexes of USrael, and their colonial vendetta of anti-terrorism.


RickB said...

Also The neocon smear campaign against Trita Parsi and NIAC

Anonymous said...

dear Ms. Naj,
Aren't worries about the nefarious machinations of the "neo-Cons" rather dated in the New Age of Obama ? The link seems to cover insignificant bit players in Iran's drama, and the repeated
" war with, or crippling sanctions against " seems like hysteria.There has NEVER been a credible military option, and sanctions have always proved to be more like annoying than "crippling".How would you advise President Obama's policy toward this Thugocracy ?

Naj said...


I think Obama's gretest mistake was to let the nuclear issue be the centerpiece of the negotiation table. He ought to have refused to talk to IRan until IRan's internal affairs got sorted. The Thugs of Iran have engaged in a frontal fascist attack; and I just don't know where this is leading; but I assure you I am very nervous and scared!