Friday, March 9, 2007

And meanwhile in Iraq ...

I woke up to this headline today:
Millions of Shiites defy Sunni bombs to mark Arba'een--the 40th day of Imam Hossein's martyrdom in KArbala, in 680 AD.

  • Apparently some 3 million pilgrims attended the festival.
  • No security violation took place during the festival.
  • Millions of more pilgrims are expected to arrive, even on foot.

On Tuesday, a suicide bombing killed 117 of these pilgrims. (117 PEOPLE DEAD. We make memorials when four of our RCMP officers die a senseless death; so let's multiply the indignation by order of 30, shall we?)

"I came to beg God to unite Iraqis after politicians failed," said Mahdi Saeed Jassim, a 50-year-old civil servant from Balbil province.

In the meantime, Americans have been arresting "terrorists". (We haven't heard much about their Iran-made weapons.)

  • 16 suspected insurgents on Friday including an Al-Qaeda leader known as "The Butcher" because of his penchant for beheading captives. (for those in CIA who don't know the difference between Shiite and Sunnis, AlQuaeda is a Sunni movement)
  • 2 men suspected of helping foreign extremist fighters to slip into the country, arrested in the western city of Fallujah.
  • 8 more suspected members of an insurgent courier network, including an "Al-Qaeda media emir" responsible for propaganda.
I wonder:
  1. why we don't hear about the make of weapons seized from AlQuaeda operands?
  2. why there is no information about the nationality of these AlQuaeda suspects?

I wouldn't have noticed these things, had the war-hungry Bushists not been parading around with the so called evidence that Iranians were supporting the insurgency in Iraq! but one MUST wonder what kind of weapons the Sunni and the AlQuaeda people are using!


Brother Tim said...

I believe the answers to your questions would be:

1. US weaponry

2. Saudi Nationals

How, in God's Holy Name, could Bushco ever let something like that come out?

N. said...

I was hoping some of their CIA guys may leak again ;)

Naj said...

No, no hard feelings.
But frankly, this is the first time I hear about hatred between Persians and Arabs. Why would Iranians hate Arab nationalism? At least the current government doesn't! that is for sure.

Mojahedin-e khalgh are the only group of Iranians who have raised arms against their own country. For that, I will not forgive them. But one must also keep in mind, that the Iranian regime killed many of those, unjustly and in prisons. I have a great contemp for their leaders of mujahedin, for misleading and having so many young and bright young people killed.

Anyways, I do not want ANYONE killed! I cried when they hanged Saddam, so did my mother, and most people in Iran were not hapy about it. The government handed out some cash to the Iraqi government. And people were unhappy about that too: "Why do you give 1 billion dollars away when were are on the brink of sanctions ourselves?", was what you heard in the taxis.

You know Amre, if Iranians were expansionist, they would perhaps try to exert their influence in former sotheren Soviet states, that used to belong to Iran and which are Persian states. But Iranians care about nothing other than their own territorial integrity.

Live and let live is a Persian virtue. And Persians are not suposed to kill for honor. In our slogans, we say, "we will die for our contry"; I have never heard "We will kill for our country" uttered in Iran.

Amre El-Abyad said...
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Naj said...

:) No my surprise about Ferdowsi was actually because of the volumousness of his work, and its historical specificity.

Khayam is understandable. Who wouldn't love him.

You see Amre, we really do not hate eachother, us Persians and Arabs. It's the oil monsters who just spread the rumors and create virtual enemies.

hatred begets hatred.

Om Kalthom, or as we call her omm-e kolsoom ... I HAVE heard her name from my parents, but haven't heard her.

By the way, what is all that talk of Persians and Arabs not liking eachother, Mohamad Reza Shah's first wife was Egyptian! And, the only country that gave him reguge was Egypt; that's where he is burried no?

aaargh someday when I have time, I am going to sit down and read aall about the Fatemis ...