Friday, March 23, 2007

The Apple of God's Eye

There was quite a bit of a buzz about the Vote Different Apple spoof last week, wasn't?

Check out the new Apple products iRack & iRan

This is unrelated but very interesting documentaries, posted by The Fanonite:The Trap; What happened to our dream of freedom? Which I think to some extent addresses the concerns raised by Fleming: Next Shackle: Blogs and Big Brother

Of course, I do share Baudrillard's concerns about our age of Simulacra and Simulation and I am not 100% sold to the idea of e-activism. But I will write about that later, or when I publish my i-phenomenon paper, elsewhere.

Now I should figure out what the British spies were doing in the Iranian waters, and what is the "fuss" about their equipments that the British authority wants definitely returned!

It's holidays in Iran (as it was in this blog); and I suspect spying agencies become creative during national holidays; don't they?


nunya said...

Totally unrelated to Apple, but what do you think of these stories hitting the newswires at the same time?

House Backs Troop Withdrawal in Challenge to Bush (Update3)

Britain demands Iran free seized sailors

Color me cynical.

Naj said...

Well well well ... they were in Iran waters doing what? SPYING?

I will soon be posting about US's objection to the new Gas pipeline project, going through Iran pakistan and India.

Also the unrest in Pakistan is alarming. Time for me to get out of new-year fuzz and dig up some links for you, my dear Nunya!

But what is frightening me, is Bushists creating a scenario, to attack IRan (or have Israel attack Iran) ... this will take the attorney-firing heat of of them for a while.


nunya said...

Yup, that was my first sneaking suspicion, that the Brits behavior in Iranian waters stunk of CIA/MI5 stuff, and oh, here looky what I found:
CIA hunts for new head of state in Pakistan's arm


nunya said...

I know you're busy with work, does this help?

Transnational pipelines face uncertain future

Hey Naj, how do you post a link in a picture--so that when you click on the picture the page link works? I'm not much of a geek, can you show me how to do this?

nunya said...

Thank you!!!! It worked, ohhh, I just got a little geekier. :)

RickB said...

Hey Naj,
this navy incident is bullshit but it's the kind of bullshit that has been used before to distract from scandal and justify attacks. I'm keeping a beady eye on those war pimps.