Saturday, March 24, 2007

PBS: talking to Iran

Being Broadcast now

"How does a nation repents?" sighs the American delegate, trying to offer an apology when faced with a list of mischiefs such as 1953 coup, shooting down the passenger Airbus, supplying Saddam with chemical bombs used against Iranians, over 20 years of sanctions and etc.

This is really cool, these delegates have spoken to Khatami, Ahmadinejad, ... and now are talking to Washington, pushing for diplomacy, and seeking to tie President's hand by forcing him to obtain congressional approval before launching any attack on Iran (of course the AIPAC is undoing their efforts!)


Brother Tim said...

Thanks for the PBS link, which has many other links. I spent over an hour reading them.

I have had Ahmadinejad's Letter to the American people last November, bookmarked since it came out. I had considered posting it, interspersed with my commentaries, but thought it may be a little too controversial. I am now starting to re-think that. His letter had few points an intellectual and humanitarian mind could validly argue.

I believe the thing Westerners just don't understand or want to grasp is, Iranians, in general, and Ahmadinejad, in particular, don't hate Jews; they hate Zionists. The Westerners, especially the Americans, don't realize there is a distinct difference.

They think, 'All Zionists are Jews, therefore, all Jews are Zionists'. It's a textbook example of 'Flawed Logic'.

When I tell people of the very large Jewish community in Iran, and Iran's history (that pre-dates Christ) of helping and accepting Jews in their country; I am met with astonishment and disbelief.

I find the Jew/Zionist understanding to be the foremost Western conundrum in existence.

Naj said...

You are absolutely right brother tim. And I really encourage you to post Ahmadinejad's letter.

As for Iranians hating Zionists, you know, when I was in Iran, I really didn't know anything about zionism; and I didn't hate it at all. "Down with Zionism", was something like "Down with USA" ... a governmental slogan; and no one really paid attention to what it meant!

You will be surprised, but average Iranians do not know about the Palestine, nor do they care about whatever Arab-Israeli conflict.

As far as the WWII is concerned, like the rest of the world, we are subject to a LOT of anti-nazi education. But we do not receive any form anti-zionist education. In fact, we have a far more stereotypical view of Germans, than we have of Israelis!

I don't know what certain extremist religious groups may say or preach; but I know the majority of Iranians don't pay attention to the official lines uttered by the governmental zealots.

I think it is IMPORTANT to make the world realize Iranians do NOT hate anyone; they really don't; hatred is not a part of Persian culture.

I so wish Iran would not have been lumped together with the Middle East. I personally feel more cultural affinity with Indians or even Russians than I do with Saudi Arabians!

There is a common saying in Iran: "we can't wait till our oil runs out, then we'll be left to our own affairs."

Amre El-Abyad said...
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Naj said...

Hi Amre,

Thank you for your great, passionate and informative comment. I do admit I didn't do justice to the egyptian resistance, and their success in kicking the British butt. Please forgive that on my ignorance about the specifics.

I am sorry you feel disappointed about my post, but I think it's because of a little misunderstanding: I have NO INTENTION of belittling or cracking down on Arab nationalism. (and as I have told you before, Egypt doesn't fit in my view of pan-arabicism. I tend to separate Egypt from the rest of the crowd that is led and fed by the Saudi Arabia.)

You ask Now please tell me what did Iran do for Arabs or muslims?

I would think "nothing"; but I don't know why should she?

Yes I agree with these following points that you make:

Arabs have reasons to be suspicious about Iran who never fired a bullet against Israel

Iran has never fired a bullet on ISRAELIANS

Anyways, I hope your ideas about Persian's view of Arabs is not limited to mine. I have only one voice, and because I have no interest, or disinterest in Arab nationalism, I neither defend it, nor fight it. If it is going to bring peace and stability to the world, bring it on!

Also, I am no expert on Khomeini doctrine. He was considered a dictator when I was growing up, and as far as I know, most Iranians didn't share his "let's export our revolution" ideas! He and Saddam were both played against eachother to distabilize and weaken two of the most secular and advancing countries of the Middle East. I am sorry for both of their losses; and I hope both Arabs and Persians have learned to not fall in the same trap again!

C'est tout ce que j'a a dire!

Naj said...

Oh Amre, why did you delete your comment?? Oh I see, you posted it in the next post.

Amre El-Abyad said...

Look Naj, i really find it hard to follow up on your conception of the Arab- persian relations.

Look i like iran, yet i consider myself a hardcore Arab nationalist:)

and mixing up Arab nationalists for saudis and likes is an insult to Arab nationlism who has its roots in : Iraq, Egypt and Syria...the three of those countries are very different from Saudis and gulf staters............

Becauae there are actually no real problem between persians and Arabs . They both have their well-defined territories and special cultures!

aAss for Egypt not fitting into you view of pan-arabisim. well i have to say that it is funny and rediculous.

Egypt is capital of the Arab culture , language and civilsation. So, to say that Egypt is not Arabic is just like saying that Iran is chinese!!!!!!or Iran is not persian?????????...........

The supreme Authority of Arabic language is the immportals institute in cairo, Egyptian dialect is the most grammatically correct one. And the Egyptian dialect is used by all Arabs for instance when a morocan talks to an iraqi they use the Egyptian dialect.

50% of egyptians have direct lineage to old Arabic tribes, even the pharoahs had their main lineage to Arabs! and the preislamic peninsula Arabs themselves trace their origin to mixed egyptian and iaqi origins.

By the way, saudi Arabia can lead no one nor inspire anything.

Actually saudi arabia doesnt fit into my vision of Arab natioanlism .

For your own knowledge all Arab nationalists neither like Saudis nor the gulf states.....

the saudis have never been Arab nationalists, they faught the Egypt Syria unity in 1958, faught the Egyptians in yemen from 1962 to 1967 and along with Kuwaities brought about the destruction of Iraq. Fighting Arab nationalism is saudi Arabia's holly mission in this world.............

i dont think the Saudis are reaaly Arabs, most prrobably they mixed.

Egyptian , Iraqi, lebanese, syrian and Tunisian Arabs ......put together are the main sources human civilisation c of mankind, along with chinese and persians.

Naj, what has worked me that when i started visting your blog, I found that you have a far more different perspective on Arab persian relations than most iranians i .i was really optimistic.

well, i dont have a statistic, on persian perspectives of Arabs nor am interested in obtaining one....because that would be rediculous on my part, i just formulate impressions on and notions about different peoples from my everyday life.

I'm not a strategic planner to do so.

Alright, since you say Iranians should never fire a bullet on israel, then why do you want to convince us that Iran is doing whatever she is doing for the sake of Palestininas, Lebanese and the Umma in general?

Je ne sais pas pourquoi c'est tout tu vas dire?

Naj said...

:)) well Amre, if you kick the Saudi's out of the Arab league, then you can consider me an Arab nationalist too :)

Honestly, the Arabs that persians dislike are those of the penninsula and the gulf states. So we all agree! Now you can work on the post that's finding similarities between us :)

Naj said...

Oh i must make a very IMPORTANT disclaimer:

All the Saudi Arabian individulas whom I hev met are GREAT liberal human beings and I like them very much. My issue with them is only that they practice their liberalism abroad, and are conformists inside the Saudi Arabia!