Saturday, March 24, 2007

What's cooking in the covert operation pot?

Earlier this month, Seymour Hersh came up with a new article in the New Yorker's Annals of National Security:The Redirection. Hersh's main argument is this:

Bush's new strategy, according to Hersh, is to weaken the shiite (Hezbollah and Iran) influence by empowering Sunni extremists, often with a hostile militant view of Islam, anti-American and pro Al-Quaeda sympathizers. This is done without congressional approval or funding.

Who are the planners and what are the core tactics of this redirection?

  1. The key players are Vice-President Dick Cheney, the deputy national-security adviser Elliott Abrams, the departing Ambassador to Iraq (and nominee for United Nations Ambassador), Zalmay Khalilzad, Prince Bandar bin Sultan, the Saudi national-security adviser.
  2. The House appropriation committee is kept in pitch dark.
  3. Clandestine operations are kept secret by leaving the execution or funding to Saudis, who have considerable financial means, and have deep relations with extremist anti-shiite movements such as the Muslim Brotherhood and the Salafis, who are also critical of the royal family's corruption. But the decadant royals keep these dissidants quiet by funding them, and Americans outsource their clandestine operations to these groups, e.g. AlQuaeda and their operations against the Soviet Union in the 80s! (Catch 22, heh?)
  4. The shift is focusing on generating a Sunni-Shiite coldwar (I used to think this was a stupid proposition, until I met some Arab nationalists who really seem to think Iran shiism poses a hegemonic threat; so I think the propaganda is working stronger on the Arab nationalist Sunnis--who perhaps have not recovered from being defeated by Israelis; and thus are susceptible to paranoia and propaganda that is redirecting their attention from their arch enemy: Israel, to a virtual one:Iran--than on Iranian shiites whose nationalism is empowered by the fact that they have not succumbed to the middle east colonization process of the past century, and have been making (perhaps slow, thanks to sanctions and Arab-nationalism-driven-US-backed war with Saddam) steady progress in economic, industrial and social modernization of the country. These Arab nationalists, of course, do not want the shiite Iran to cave to nuclear-demands, and expect the non-Arab-hegemonizing Iran to stand up to the monsterous infidel American empire and their Zionist rookies, in the name of Ummah!!)


  1. Israel would be assured that its security was paramoun and that Washington and Saudi Arabia and other Sunni states shared its concern about Iran
  2. Hamas, the Islamist Palestinian party will curtail its anti-Israeli aggression and will begin serious talks about sharing leadership with Fatah, the more secular Palestinian group.
  3. the Bush Administration would work directly with Sunni nations to counteract Shiite ascendance in the region
  4. The Saudi government, with Washington’s approval, would provide funds and logistical aid to weaken the government of President Bashir Assad, of Syria.
  5. The United States would give clandestine support to the Siniora government by spreading the money around as much as possible to enhance the Sunni capability to resist Shiite (i.e. Hezbollah/Iran) influence. (Hersh has evidence that Siniora has allowed some of America's one billion dollar aid to Lebanon to end in the hands of the Sunni extremists)
But, since the congress is not informed about all that the Bush Administration is doing in the Middle East, where is the money coming from?

According to a Pentagon consultant: “There are many, many pots of black money, scattered in many places and used all over the world on a variety of missions”. And, the budgetary chaos in Iraq, where billions of dollars are unaccounted for, has made it a vehicle for such transactions.(See Mystery of Missing Meters, Accounting for Iraq's Oil Revenue)

Hersh also draw attention to the "Iran-Contra, lessons learned" meeting two years ago, where today's policy makers learned that "even though the program was eventually exposed, it had been possible to execute it without telling Congress".

Now to go beyond Hersh and the Sunni-Shiite cold-war, what other covert operations may the Bush administration be funding? Let's compile a list of things that they have opposed recently:

But a more serious saga around this pipeline project is perhaps unfolding in Pakistan. Of course, by claiming the legal and human rights for detainees arrested in relation to Al Quaeda charges (CIA style), the chief justice also seems to have stepped on the CIA's toes. Thus one may speculate that CIA will have killed two birds with one stone? After all, the Iranians and Pakistanis seem to be cozying up to each other, and Musharraf doesn't seem to want to join US in a fight with Iran.

Similarly, little ethnic fires are being set in different corners of Iran: Namely in the Iranian provinces of Baluchistan and Azerbaijan! The Iranians, however, are hyper-vigilant about the Western hand in all this; and this may explain the recent crack downs on many social and labour related protests; which will inevitably produce the Washington-desired outcome of portraying Iran's regime as demonic, and the America's operations as liberating!!!


nunya said...

Dude-ette, that is one hell of a post. I wish I felt good enough to read it now, but I'm going to bed, I have a cold and my head is clogged. Great title!

I smelled a rat a while ago re: oil metering

Naj said...

Wish you get well Nunya.

Yes the rats have been scunking up the world since at least two years ago, as far as the gas goes!

bijan said...

Great post Naj, Thanks!

Monte said...

So weird - how the Bushites play one side against another. Reminds me that Saddam was once America-backed, then Osama. It seems like the strategy is simply to keep things in a perpetual state of disruption, so any player can be declared the bad guy and taken out to US advantage.
I find it repulsive and immoral.

Amre El-Abyad said...

Dear Naj

i guess you are refering to the debate we had in your post "and meanwhile in Iraq"

that's a very interesting analysis. Hoewever, it appears to me that you are doing Arab nationalists injustice on some parts!

who said that Arab nationalists were defeated by ISRAEL. well naj, it it was only the pan-arab nationalistic Egypt and no one but Egypt that faught Israel, England and France in 1956 and emerged victorious.

What about the war of attrition from 1968 to 1970 which forced ISRAEL TO DEMAND A SIEZE FIRE.

Finally, Arab nationalistic Egypt was only country who defeated Israel in war and took land from it by force in 1973...and eventually made clear that Israel CAN't TAKE EGYPTIAN LANDS and it was us who paid the heavy toll in terms of our blood economy and suppressed development plans.

It was the Arab nationalistic Egypt that invoked France to Join England and Israel and provide Israel withthe daymona reactor in 1962 in their defeated inavason of Egypt in 1956 because of supporting the Algerian revolution!

Frankly speaking, the Arabs have reasons to be suspicious about Iran who never fired a bullet against Israel while they are only good at making hollow threats .

Remeber in the 1973 war Iraq faught with armoured diviosns to protect Demascus while Iran stationed its troops on the IRAQI BORDERS AND ENCOURAGED THE KURDS TO REBEL, IN ORDER TO PREVENT A FULL iRAQI INTERVENTIOn.

It was Khomini in 1979 who called upon the shiites in iraq to topple the progressive Iraqi government, as he considered Arab nationalism heresey and sdam' regime an infidel one.

Iraq under that regime, according to the U.N reports was prospected to reach WESTERN EUROPEAN STANDARDS IN TECHNOLOGY, women rights and social welfare in a mater of 10 years.


It was the oiless Arab nationalistic Egypt who spent all its resources despite of being an oiless in guerilla war in Yemen to induce a social and economic change that would TOPPLE THE RETARDED IMAMS regime in yemen!

We spent all our resources and jeopardised our ambitous development plans for sake of fighting colonialism. while if we had simply truned a blind eye or collabortaed we would have been better than South Korea.

according to UN reports the progress in Egypt in the sixties was examplatory for developing nations!

now please tell me what did Iran do for Arabs or muslims? huhh?? did they war israel England otr france, did they try to topple retarded fantic imami regimes.......

About succumbing to colonialism......what do you call the phlavi dynasty which was a puppet installed by the British.

At least the egyptian royal family destroyed the otomanuan empire, and defied centuries of western dominace by trying to catch up with the industrial revolution??

it was the egyptian revolutions of 1919 and 1936 supported covertly by the royal familly that itroduced the notions of Arab nationilism, combating emperial hegemony, that inspired the liberation movements in the region

In iraq they faught the British in 1920and was bomabrded with chemical weapons in 1921.........

in Egypt it was us put an end to colonial existance in the region in 1956, hadnt it been for the collaborating Iran??

Despite of having the British army in the canal we fought in 1948........and it was our ideals that inspired the entire region to rebel against hegemony..............

our military tactics an egyptian trade mark in 1973 of man versus tank relying on shoulder launched missiles were the ones employed later by all islamist fighters.......

Even the ideas of revolutionary islam is Egyptian! it was hasan al bana(founder of mb in 1927) who brought the islamic discourse to the forefront.

the egyptian Arab nationalistic paradigm shift of developing countries' industralisation and social Justice was the one that opened the war for the tremndous Iraqi rise in the seveties and the eighties................and it is the example Iran is following at the present, under a different ideology,however,.

so i have to say, iam shocked Naj.... i was about to make a post about he things in common between Persians and Arabs....and that Arab nationalism and persian nationalism can and must support eachother in the face of hegemonial interests.

But that post of yours and your crack down on Arab nationalism have really disappointed me!

The Arab nationalists have go no interest whatsoever in Irani affairs or territories but it is the Iranians......who interfere in Arab affairs........otherwise, what would you call the IRANI SUPPORT OF THE TERRORIST TRAITER COLLABORATOR CURRENT IRAQI GOVERNMENT THAT IS WORKING AGAINST THE HEROIC IRAQI RESISTANCE?

I was willing to believe it is rumours(though i'm not sure) but now I'm forced to change my mind, unless you expalin why are cracking down on Arab nationalism...?

One last thing if iran condemns the current traitor iraqi govenmrnt ....all the Arabs will defend our great old dear muslim neighbour with all our hearts.....

But, frankly speaking the policies of iran opens the door for alternative expalination.

as i told you the Arab turkish relations can be an example of beautiful peaceful coexistance between different natonalisms. Based on the principal good fence good neighbour!!! but it seems to me that the Iranians dont want to build the fence!!!!!!!!!!

I sincerely wish you can prove me wrong........

Naj said...

Hi Amre, I responded to your comments in the earlier post:

Frankly, I don't quite understand why you are getting worked up; but my explanations are there!

I am not cracking down on ANYONE's nationalism :))

Naj said...

By the way, Amre, you see how you are playing the Bushit's hand by imagining these rifts between Persians and Arabs?

So much so that a little post on my little blog is making you QUESTION the whole possibility of Arab-Persian peaceful coexistence!!

Naj said...


May I suggest that it is not only the Bushits who are playing all sides? but that this game has been long practiced, even during Carter: who recognized the Islamic Republic of Iran within a few minutes, against the supposed alliance with their alleged puppet, Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi!

QUASAR9 said...

Wow Naj, you really covered just about every corner or crack.

Subterfuge is the name of the game
Divide & Conquer has been the policy of all 'great' Empires ...
Great as in large or big or powerful, not kindness or charity. Few if any empires have become empires without bloodshed and war.

However the most critical thing is how you highlight how sometimes the Empire will 'create' a cause to intervene ...

Note the 15 british navy personnel (8 sailors & 7 marines) held by Teheran, were they just 'testing' the waters, or is Tont Blair going to claim the iranian revolutionary guard or navy tresspassed into iraqi territoorial waters to kidnap uk personnel.

"To satisfy Israel and Washington, Iran needs to be poor, unstable and bankrupt"
Sadly some people think that policy is acceptable, and some people never take their eye off the ball or 'long term' plans.
You know the US would overtly like to dominate and control the world economy - everybody has to pay tithes in dollars to Washington - is part of US foreign policy.

nunya said...

When you say "You know the US would overtly like to dominate and control the world economy - everybody has to pay tithes in dollars to Washington - is part of US foreign policy."

I'm assuming you mean "the US Government" currently in power because the Supreme Court made a really bad decision in 2000 and the citizens were not allowed to get rid of in 2004 because of rigged voting machines and voter disenfranchisement, right?

nunya said...

Naj, now that I've had a chance to actually read this post, I am thoroughly impressed. Great work!

Naj said...

Thanks nunya, quasar9.

Nunya, I think I agree with Quasar that America's been empire-building far before the current administration stole the office. I don't think American people have decidedly contributed to that, but they have not always asked their governemnts tha hard questions, nor have they held them really responsible.

I have documented a number of American's covert operations in Iran, even during the democrat's rule.

ella said...

Oh my gosh, do you really believe what you write?
I don't have time to comment on everything Hersh (the guy who was prized by al qaeda) wrote, but I would like you to get some idea on couple of things
Bush's new strategy, according to Hersh, is to weaken the shiite (Hezbollah and Iran)
Could you explain in what way Hizbullah is weakened when weapons and money are daily going from Iran through Syria to Hizbullah and clandestine operations by Sepah supporting Hizbullah, on the Lebanon territory are kept secret from the people of Lebanon?

"How" points
1) You wrote " Israel would be assured that its security was paramount and that Washington and Saudi Arabia and other Sunni states shared its concern about Iran"
But if security of Israel will be disrupted by the nuclear bomb from iran that would mean that the nuclear fall out will reach the neighbouring countries. Wouldn't you think so? So not dropping nuclear bomb on Israel is rather important to Israel's neighbours.
2)Hamas, the Islamist Palestinian party will curtail its anti-Israeli aggression and will begin serious talks about sharing leadership with Fatah, the more secular Palestinian group.
What do you have against the talks between Hamas and Fatah? Both have members in the palestinian government, chosen by the palestinians, and supported by them. Hamas is also supported partially by money and guns from Iran as is the Palestinian Jihad.
3)the Bush Administration would work directly with Sunni nations to counteract Shiite ascendance in the region
That is conjecture not supported by any facts. Bush administration, presently, do not support or oppose any muslim factions.
4)The Saudi government, with Washington’s approval, would provide funds and logistical aid to weaken the government of President Bashir Assad, of Syria
You are forgetting about French government who has their own position on Bashir Assad of Syria. You are also forgetting about Iranian support for Syria and Syria's desire to once again control Lebanon, against majority Lebanese wishes.
5)The United States would give clandestine support to the Siniora government by spreading the money around as much as possible to enhance the Sunni capability to resist Shiite (i.e. Hezbollah/Iran) influence. (Hersh has evidence that Siniora has allowed some of America's one billion dollar aid to Lebanon to end in the hands of the Sunni extremists)
What extremist organization are you talking about? The only extremist organizations present in Lebanon are Hizbullah and palestinians organizations in Ein el Hilweh

East Asia points
On March 19, the Iran-Armenia gas pipeline is inaugurated.
Right, in which Russian will have 68% interest, the pipeline diameter was reduced to 700 milimeters and therefore Iran will only be able to transit Iranian gas to Armenia, not to the third countries.
On March 19th, the Russian daily "Kommersant" reported that an agreement on forming a gas exportation cartel (like OPEC) was reached between Russia, Iran, Qatar, Venezuela, and Algeria, accounting for 70% of the worlds reserves of natural gas.
In the same news:
Russian officials have repeatedly denied that Russia intends to form an international gas cartel.

Us informed the Indian government that the US opposes the Peace gas pipeline that is going to be crossing Iran, Pakistan and India.
So what.
"This (the negotiation) is at a very initial stage and unfortunately some people are trying to bring politics in that ... whether it will go ahead or not," he (india minister) said.

on March 23rd, US & Azerbaijan sign energy security agreement aimed at expanding oil and gas production in Azerbaijan and the Caspian region and moving it to European markets
Of course they did, they do not want russians to control all gas and oil production, as they would if the gas went from Iran. Russia does have controlling interest in armenian gas pipeline. Majority of Europeans also do not want it.

As for pakistan, you seem to see CIA under all rocks and in every crack in the wall. Pakistan for a long time supported Taliban, as you , in Iran, should know well.

As for the last one
The Iranians, however, are hyper-vigilant about the Western hand in all this; and this may explain the recent crack downs on many social and labour related protests
Hmm, you mean IRI is cracking down on social and labour related protests just to show the West how vigilant IRI is and how inclined to put their own citizens, who done nothing against their own country, in prison?

I have documented a number of American's covert operations in Iran, even during the democrat's rule.
Really, perhaps you like to see documented Iranian covert operations in Lebanon, US and in europe?

Naj said...



Finally, some opposition on my posts!

Ella, be my guest and expose whatever you wish. but please post it on your own blog and invite us to visit it :)

Dr Victorino de la Vega said...

It takes two to tango my dear Naj!

It’s true the Sunni-Shiite chasm is widening dangerously fast which could trigger a series of Iraqi-style civil wars in Lebanon, Syria, Bahrain, Pakistan and Easter Saudi Arabia- not to mention Ahwaz and Baluchistan.

And it’s also true the Neocon/Hebrew conspirators and their Saudi/Salafi (I mean the Saudi people and their rulers) are to blame…

But so are the Iranians (I mean the Iranian regime): by siding squarely with Bush in Iraq in March 2003, Iran naturally exposed itself to massive retaliation from Arab nationalists be they secular/Westernized such as the disciples of Professor Michel Aflak (known as “Saddamist deadenders” in Neocon parlance) or reactionary Sunni Islamists such as the Salafis/MB types.

Frankly, the Iranians have only themselves to blame: they should have stayed on their side on the Karoun river!

Naj said...

Hi Dr V,

Well you know, it is not about blaming over the current affairs. Speaking on staying on one's own side of Karoun, well Iraqis changed that trend some time ago, didn't they?

But I feel the Arab's Persian-hating is not a post-2003 phenomenon. What I am trying to say is that Iran-Iraq war didn't make Iranians hate Arabs, and that Iran-Iraq war happened BECAUSE of the Arabs hatred for Persians.

(Is this because they have not "fired a shot on Israelians?")

Naj said...

Dr. V.
Iranian regime ... well I can't say they are saints, can I? but as long as they defend Iran's territorial integrity and economic interest, I will give them my support.

Dr Victorino de la Vega said...

Well my dear Naj I certainly can’t blame your for being profoundly patriotic.
And staunchly secular.
And well read and highly enlightened.

I can only wish (in vain I’m afraid!) more women (and men for that matter) on the Western side of the Karoun river were like you.

And yes, Seymour Hirsch is right: the Saudis and their Neocon/Israeli friends are actually funding and arming ultra-sectarian Wahhabi groups (to the right of Al-Qaeda) in North Lebanon and Baluchistan- allegedly to “combat the Shiite influence”.

How stupid: it’s as if they had learned nothing of their past mistakes.

One day the Salafi Islamist Hydra they’re feeding to fight the Shiites will turn against them.

That day will make 9-11 look like a minor incident…

Naj said...

Dr V, you're humbling me.

But I have to say my patriotism extends to all and every civilization in the world, it also extends to every single form of nomadic and tribalism in the world. My focus on Iran is because it is my home; it is presently in the eye of the storm; and I feel I know it well enough from the perspective of someone who should be holding DEEP grudges against the Islamic Republicanism in Iran. The Iranian government has shunned me out; but I will never abandon my home neither in the hands of the Iranian regime, nor in the hands of the American soldiers.

I just DETEST things being ruined and forcefully morphed and demorphed, be it on American soil by Al Qaeda; be it in mesopetemia by American soldiers.

Truth is, normal average decent human beings will NOT raise arm on normal decent average human beings. At times of war, normal decent human beings go to hiding, go to exile, or die innocently in the cross fire.

Crime is always outsourced to the extremists; and the extremists being Shiite or Sunni or evangelicans or freedom fighter, are the SAME.

It is ONLY the extremists who will go beyond the borders of their home/country to fight another's war.

Daniel said...

Your post certainly raises some interesting points, naj. But fermenting trouble to divide an enemy is an old, successful ploy. We see it clearly in the Hamas/Fatah scene.

Uniting against the common enemy, the U.S., is vital if peace is to ever be achieved. Cheers!

honestpoet said...

Hi Naj,

I was listening to Noam Chomsky last night on rhapsody, an album called "Imperialist Presidency." (It's not music.)

The fact that my president is operating under the legal principles enumerated by Hitler's lead jurist really creeps me out. I don't think most Americans are quite aware that we've got a fascist regime. Some of my compatriots bristle at the use of that term, and others pretend that it's no longer applicable since it's been overused by hysterical protesters for too long, but in this case is dead-on accurate.

Nazism is alive and well and playing out all over the globe.

ella said...


Ella, be my guest and expose whatever you wish. but please post it on your own blog and invite us to visit it :)
You don't like opposite views? You can't not refute what I wrote? You prefer only the views of "yes" people?
But of course, that's your blog, so I leave you, as is your wish, to the uplifting comments of your supporters.

Naj said...

Honest Poet,

Thanks for dropping by. Yes, I agree with you that Nazism is well and alive; and we have even transformed and improved the science of phernology ... Still, in America, people are not taken to prison and shot dead, yet! and this is why I think it is only americans who can revert this dangerous trend. If they cannot exercise their constitutional right to freedom of speech, who else can?

Naj said...


nono if you paid attention I was happy to receive your opposition. I just like to know you better before spending my time responding to your questions (which are not questions but maybe harrasments?)

But anyways, if I have your blog address, I will be more than happy to engage in conversation with you.

Feel free to visit and comment any time.

Anna said...

Dear Naj
Is there another way to contact you than with a comment! I'd have a rather serious - let' s say - "question".
Of course I could you publish for you my e-mail-adress here, but than it was published ... if you know what I mean :-)

Thanks in advance, Naj

Naj said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anna said...

Thank you, Naj. Got it, so do delete it. I'll write you during today.

betmo said...

it's called 'controlled chaos' and it is apparently what the neo cons want to use to take the reins of power over the world's finances. unfortunately for them- and fortunately for us- they tend to surround themselves with loyal people- not competent ones. that is our only hope of stopping them. not only have they stolen billions in iraqi money- but there are billions more from agencies in the us government that are unaccounted for. where are the fema funds?

sorry i missed the new year naj- i wish you and your countrymen well. not all of us want to invade or nuke your beautiful country. :)

Dr Victorino de la Vega said...

Hi Poet, Naj

Coincidentally re: the Nazi roots of Bush’s ideology, in yesterday’s issue of the New York Times, leading Neocon ideologue David Brooks declares openly his admiration for rightwing German nationalism (Herr Bismarck) and contemporary Israeli fascism (General Sharon)- which he says should be used as “role models” by weak-kneed American patriots blinded by their “excessive idealism” [sic]

In fact, the rightwing thugs of Eretz Yitzrael and their ultra-orthodox rabbi friends at The Pentagon have always been self-declared admirers of the “Germanic national model”.

And it’s the kind of (thinly) veiled ideology at work behind “300”, the latest Hollywood blockbuster to portray “Orientals” as a menacing magma threatening the integrity of Western civilization.

“They were 300 free individuals and they stood against wave after wave of Iranian locusts.”

Kasra said...

Some of the missing money is likely to be spent on contract soldiers. There are three videos of the mercenary operators in Iraq.

Anon-Paranoid said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I find yours very interesting and see that like my you care deeply for your country.

Like it or not we here in America do indeed have a fascist regime running it. And it is a Nazi Regime with many I believe who studied Hitler and his rise to power.

I don't know if we can change it or not as no one wants to see what's right in front of their eyes.

We here in America have become a decadent society who put one selves first and if it don't directly affect us as a single person, than we don't give a Damn about it.

I will get you added to my site when I can. I don't seem to have the energy or the time to post like I would like too and I still have a few years or so before I can retire and spend more time spreading the truth about what's happening here in my country.

Keep up the good posts and...

God Bless

Brother Tim said...

"Still, in America, people are not taken to prison and shot dead, yet!"

Not that we know of, Naj, but I wouldn't entirely rule it out, either.

Naj said...

Hi Betmo, "Controlled Chaos", I am not so sure about the controlledness of this chaos. To me, it's beginning to look like a patch work, one that will soon collapse onto itself.

Dr V Thank you for the link.
It is indeed important to know who Bush's advisors are. Even a wikipedia search on this guy looks gloomy!

Re 300: I have decided to look at it optimistically in this light:
a- The 300 Spartans, who seem to be ready to loose their life against the empire look like the good old kamikazes of the worl ddon't they? So who cares that it is the Persians who are depicted as the evil empire, the moral message of the film is the evil empires are defeated by little guys of radical persuasion ;)
b- The film made the Islamic Republic of Iran nod at Iran's ancient glory; and actually pledge to produce a counter-film. I'd say, they should have Bahram Baizai make that film for them (oh actually if they did let Baharam Baizai's films screened; then screens of the world were not so deplete from Persian classics!)

Kasra: Merci!

America Weeps; aka Anon-Paranoid I can't wait to retire too. Sadly I still have a loooooong way to go! Speaking of fascism; I think this is as close as America has ever come to totalitarianism. Of course, I don't think young Americans really do understand what totalitarianism means. Luckily for them; they have not lived it. But the way the white house is running the affairs of America and the world, is beginning to emulate the worst of them.

I really do not see any hope for the world, but an American uprising. It's time for people of the US to WAKE up and do something!

Today, I was speaking to a British gentelman; who was telling me how if Americans attack Iran, the British "people" will not support it; and how it is the british government who is the lap puppy of Bush.

I think if the people of the US and UK are against their government; they have to do what people of other parts of the world do against their non-democratic governments (and get killed/imprisoned/exiled for it): i.e. mobilize to topple the government!

Now .. HOW can we do this? it's been 40 years since America has "moved"; and perhaps, you my friend have some advice for the rest of us?

Again, Kasra's post on mercenaries gives us a glimps of HOW undemocratic the BushCo is running America.

Naj said...

Brother Tim ... i'm afraid I can't rule it out either. But, in America, killing is done more effectively by smearing; don't you think?

Compare the Clinton assassination with MLK's (not that they are really comparable, but conceptually ...)

Anon-Paranoid said...

I'm currently on dial-up so it makes it hard to watch any video's or you tube items. Though shortly I will be getting broadband lite. That will help a lot in making it a lot easier to catch up on sites I visit and posting.

I did a post about Der Fuehrer's Civilian Reserve Corps he hinted at in his State of the Fourth Reich speech in January.

Once he breaks our military he will use mercenary's against American Citizens. I have no doubt of this, though I wish I were wrong.

I think the only hope we have left is the World Standing up against us and forcibly removing him from power. If not now, surly in the near future.

I read an article on AlterNet how a town in the Chechen area refused him a radar site. They don't want us there and I don't blame them.

I really need to put there link up along with Aljazeera as I visit there once in awhile.

Well that's it for me tonight, catch you another time and...

God Bless.

Anon-Paranoid said...

Well, not really sure now where I read that story as I can't find it now. I think it might have been on Aljazeera on second thought though.

There is a good story on AlterNet about the possible implosion of America due to its military actions around the world.

See you later...

God Bless.

Dave On Fire said...

Once he breaks our military he will use mercenary's against American Citizens. I have no doubt of this, though I wish I were wrong.
As the films show, mercenaries from Blackwater, one of the most notorious contract firms in Iraq, were deployed to "keep the peace" in post-Katrina New Orleans, and they are building large bases in U.S. territory.

I like your interpretation of 300, but it brings to mind another dangerous way in which it was perhaps intended to be misinterpreted. The Persian "Orientals" are not only evil and barbaric, but overwhelming in their sheer numbers. Exaggerating this "regional superpower"'s strength may be one more way of getting public sympathy for the "plucky" Americans. Israel does well enough milking its image as the little guy fighting big hostile neighbours for freedom and even survival.

RickB said...

Hey Naj, I wrote about your blog, you've been Blogapalooz'd!

goatman said...

I commend you for diving into this "can of worms". We fought this battle when Viet Nam was the US plaything and won after a fashion. Now it may be your country. God help you, destruction is our goal, apparently.
If I could help, I would but I can't live forever and peace may just be slightly beyond my lifetime . . . I wish.

Anna said...

America in the trap of its own strategies > Terrorized by the "War on terror".
An excellent analysis by Brzezinski

Fleming said...

Naj, this post with the clever title is filled with really valuable information. It's difficult for me to take in all at once because I'm not personally familiar with the territory and parties as you are. I hope you will follow this post up with additional articles and explanations of what is going on as events unfold.

Twice this afternoon I come across comments to the effect that Israel's primary targets at this time are Hizbollah and Hamas, and that the current loud Zionist campaign against Iran is really because of its support of those groups and not so much because of the possibility of Iranian nuclear weapons in the distant future.

But of course, as you say, Israel wants Iran, like other countries in the area, to be weak, disorganized, and bankrupt. So far they're achieved that goal only in Iraq. Let's hope something stops them before Iran is damaged in any way.

Fleming said...

Naj, since leaving my comment I've read the other comments, including your responses, and I must say that this is the most interesting group of exchanges I've ever seen on a blog.

At the risk of sounding like a flatterer, I want to tell you publicly how extremely impressed I am by your intellect, your style, your writing, and your ability to counter every attack with an elegant riposte. Your responses within this set of comments are a display of true brilliance.

Naj said...

And here are my moon-walker friends:
goatman or moonbeam
and Fleming with a view from moon
goatman, yourPersian Portal is a GREAT help ... Thank you!

Dear Fleming ...
We should banner your perfect solution

Anna ... imagine how sorry is the state of a world where Brzezinski has to become the messanger of peace and reason ...

Naj said...

Sorry, annon and Dave I responded to your comments in my head but forgot to write them up.

Speaking of Der Furhrer Bush: some comments on a blog made me go back to my bookmarks in "The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich" and the influence of an Englishman on the Nazi philosophy and so I got my hand on an electronic copy of H. S. Chamberlain's book The Foundation of the 19th Century. As I was reading Chapter 4, I decided to do a little game and replace certain words with certain others. I was going to post the result, but I decided to stick to iranfacts for now. But again, the parallelism between now and then IS frightening. At some point I was quite fascinated by bush's "Skull and Bones" affiliations!

Dave on Fire ... yes the menacing orientals :) You inspired me to work on what good actually came out of 300 for Iranians. Stay tuned ;)

Anna said...

Yes Naj, during the times of cold war I somehow couldn't stand him. But know he seems having changed the mindset somehow, in contrast to Kissinger for example.

Anonymous said...

as quasar would say, "synchronosity".
you caught me precisely when I was exploring this blog after I saw torchwood - "a nazistic" tendency is hard to look past, without a second look...

I like the theme behind this blog.
**I strongly believe that the path to peace crosses through battle with self**

Good day to you.

Naj said...

Thanks Iris.

Once the clouds of this war has vanished (I hope soon) and Iran and the US have come to peaceful coexistance, and the Arabs and Israelis have stopped victimizing the Palestinians over the hatred for eachother, and one african child doesn't die per every three minutes, of malaria, I will abandon all my battles with my self and for peace, and will give myself fully to colors and light ...

I feel guilty at times that my frustration with the world prevents me from posting about beauty ... but perhpas I will do that just now, inspired by the striking image of night on your blog.

Anonymous said...

Quite a comprehensive round up on this post!

As for you, I suppose one must do what one must, at every turn. I cannot think of any other way to put it. But, I hope you do find time and space to enjoy the 'colors and light', despite everything else around you, even if you cannot afford to post about it.