Saturday, March 31, 2007

No War with Iran

If you liked these shots and the music:
Light in the eyes of friends, thorn in the eyes of enemies
you may like these too:
Beautiful Iran

Here's an indication of a change of the Arab heart/strategy in the Daily Kos. (Thanks to Loopy and Furgaia,) and an indication of the change of the British heart, as nicely encapsulated by The Fanonite.

Have you seen the previous post yet? I love to hear what books you loved as a child.


Damian Zerek said...

Hey! I am Damian from Free-Journal. Great work with this blog, it is awesome to have a person who is directly from Iran reporting on the situation in the country. It brings a new perspective than the one shown by the media!

I'm adding you to my links!


nunya said...

Damian, she's not IN Iran.

Naj, I'm aware that the Saudis are backing away from the US actions. They probably only gave the smirking chimp the benefit of the doubt because of who his father is.
Does the rest of the world know that both Iran AND Saudi Arabia have hit peak oil?

nunya said...

Oil is the only reason the western powers ever had anything to do with the Middle East. It's really a shame that western populations were never informed of that.

Naj said...

Welcome to neo-resistance! You have a nice blog yourself.

Well Nunya, if it weren't for oil, could America expand into gigantic suburbs as it has? And would the Chevys be as big as they are?

I don't think there is a lack of knowledge about oil in the western world, but there is a great complicity. No?

Brother Tim said...

Great slide-show, Naj, thanks.

Many of the pictures could have been taken anywhere in America. People everywhere basically want the same things, peace, love, family, friends, and to just enjoy life.

My dreams and wishes are to live in a world without hatred or wars. They may be the 'impossible dreams', but I still cherish and cling to them.

Peace and Grace to you, Naj, keep up the good work!

nunya said...

Did you go to school in the US? If not, then you really don't know what children are taught here, do you?
You don't know. Most of the inhabitants of the US never even thought about oil until 9/11 and the arrogant assholes that sell them that oil don't have a problem with that.
Peak Oil?

Hubbert was laughed at in the US.

Anonymous said...

Without oil, Iran would have been like Afghanistan or Pakistan. We are very glad for our oil & gas.

That foreigners do not care a whit about us is fine - we do not care about them either.

We sell our oil and we develop our country to the best of our ability. Americans may or may not attack us - but we have been there and are ready for them.

There is a chance that we will be defeated but there is no other way - "No Surrender - No Retreat".

Ya Imam Husein

pen Name

Damian Zerek said...

I just watched the photo-journey of Iran and I have to say that it is a very beautiful country. War is such a primal instinct of destruction. I thought that maybe by now we could have gotten passed that period of violence between ourselves yet sadly it is not reality.


Naj said...

Damian, Brother Tim

Yes Iran is a very beautiful country, and we intend to keep it beautiful.


Are you suggesting that if American students were educated about oil they would have forced their contry to adopt different econoion that I economic and development strategies in the US?

I am half-educated here and half educated in Iran, and the basis of my education was "think for yourself" and learn the tools of rational thinking. I grew up in a dictatorship: the information that I sought was often unavailable to me; but that didn't stop me.

I am sorry, but I am not going to blame the American ignorance on the absence of proper education: the information is out there, so if the schools fail to educate, the familis should!


You fight for Iran with your passion of Husein, I will fight for it with my passion for peace and beauty of Iran's lans and culture. The people of the world don't know Husein, but they can surely appreciate beauty. The common appreciation for peace and beauty binds me to the rest of the world, and I am sure we will preveil!

Elsewhere, you state you are here to "educate"; I suggest you take the opportunity to also get educated, after all, you don't hold all of knowledge and your is just as finite and as fallibile as mine!

And no anomymous, hatred is not okey; I do not hate Nazis; I hate Nazism! I do not hate Bush, I hate Bushism! And in fact I hate any form and shape of "ism" that abstracts humans from their basic humanity and thrusts them into abstract realms of philosophizations, aimed at obtaining and sustaining power and supremacy, EVEN if it is Shiism!

Naj said...

nunya, that "econion that I" is a typo!

QUASAR9 said...

I hope not Naj, I really do
It would be a disfrace and insult to 'civilised' humanity

But I can no longer trust Blair
I no longer know if he would dare jump into another falsely instigated war - just as an excuse to stay in office for a few years more.

Power is a drug, power corrupts, and when one has held it for as long as Blair, it becomes harder to let go

QUASAR9 said...

Instead of retiring, after
1) Having reduced poverty in Africa
2) improved patient care in the uk, rather than just doubling spending and putting the whole lot in the hands of Foundation Trusts free to choose NOT to treat patients, and with even less public accountability than ever before
3) Having achieved some great feat in space exploration or other great technological achievement, rather than pumping yet more into Trident and a Nuclear arsenal, to threaten or disarm others? - lol!

Instead he presumes to hang on to power by the skin of his teeth, with Iraq still in tatters and in the middle of a quasi civil war, with the 'coalition' on one side, and the opposition in alliance with the remnants of the old regime on the other in an unfinished and unresolved conflict.

Just itching (like Napoleon) to be a 'historical' general in some war in far away lands - until he meets his Waterloo

And still wanting to take out Mugabe from Zimbabwe in some sort of commando raid, as in the days of the long gone (dead) empire he clearly thinks he is the PM off.

If he does start another war, I shall propose he at least have the balls like Napoleon to stand his ground on the front line, not winning his 'rhetorical' victories in the comfort of the walls of Parliament House.

Naj said...

Blair is solely responsible for the faith of his marines and sailors. (Iranians will NOT harm POWs, but so far they have not treated these soldiers as POW, but as guests; that will change if Blair doesn't ease up his threats. No Iranians will not harm them, because the Iranian government is not unprincipled in war, like the Americans are, as evidenced by Abu Garib. But Iran may use them as human shield to discourage an attack on Iran, and then will we blame them for that?)

Iranians wanted to release them early on.

The soldiers trespasses; or Iranians would not have dared to arrest them; for a simple reason: the Iranians wouldn't want to give anyone an excuse!

And Iranians HAD TO stick to their guns about the country's disputed borders; they have my support on that. If not, the US and UK army may unintentionally push their way all the way to Tehran and then start huffing and puffing that the Iranian resistance is "illegal"!

Early on, the Iranians stated that they would accept that this may have been an unintended mistake; but Blair chose to not do diplomacy and to act like a primate minister, uttering threats against a sovereign country at NO FAULT but protecting its borders!

All it took was diplomacy; and Iranians DID diplomacy; it is Blair who refused; just as BushCo refused Iran's hand of diplomacy in 2003; even Ahmadi Nejad's call for "civilzed negotioation".

These peopel are IN SANE!

They need to be stopped or else the Nazim will win; and all the hybernating nazis will grin and say "we told you this is the only world order"!

nunya said...

Ok Naj, Yes, it is the responsibility of families. I'm doing my best. I was raised by Repuplican authoritarians who kicked me out at eighteen so I was focused on survival, not the politics of oil. I chose a spoiled LA brat to breed with so, again, I was focused on the survival of myself and my child. I have many things to concentrate on doing differently. Anyway thank God for the internet and access to foreign news, because ours is pathetic.

My child has a wonderful, liberal library to choose from and she chooses....

fantasy novels.


Oy Vey.

She's interested in environmental science, and she was a pollworker in the last election. For a kid who was told that she wouldn't graduate from high school, she did a fabulous job of turning it around. She's taking 3 AP classes(advanced placement, that count as college classes, if the test is passed) and doing well in them. She is empathic, liberal, warm and intelligent. She's setting clothing trends at school, and that is hilarious because she shops at thrift stores (recycling!).

My husband is about as smart as a box of rocks (not the smart, but spoiled, LA brat), but a good man. One of those who actually paid attention when they were briefed on local customs before they dumped them off the ship.

We all have "stuff" on our plate.

Naj said...

Yours my dear Nunya seems like a nice family.
I think we all do what we can. I trust humans are not ill-intending, and those who are are ill!

There is a great documentary out there The Trap, what happened to our dream of freedom It very nicely sums up how we're messed (messing up). (it must be available in google video/you tube)

And you know my friend, there are always people who wrestle with life and remain critical like you; and there are those who stick their heads in sand and believe themselves alive. I think when push comes to shove, challeners will have a better chance of survival than sand dwellers.


nunya said...

did you ses this?

nunya said...

Thanks for the tip, I found The Trap on google videos. Same narrator as "The Power of Nightmares"which I loved!

Anonymous said...


I am willing to be educated - so far the only thing I have heard from you that resonates is an appreciation of beauty:

It was Stendahl who defined "Beauty as the Promise of Happiness". And Robinson Jeffers who wrote:

"Or as mathematics, a human invention

That parallels but never touches reality, gives the astronomer

Metaphors through which he may comprehend

That powers and the flow of things: so the human sense

Of beauty is our metaphor of their excellence, their divine

nature:-like dust in a whirlwind, making

The wild wind visible."

But Beauty can be Evil just as God is both Absolute Good and Absolute Evil (from the human stand-point).

In regards to your astonishing statements regarding NAZI-ism versus the NAZI person - you live in a horrible dreamworld.

I hate the racit, the NAZI, the invader. I hate the rapist, the murderer, and the tortuerer. I fo not hate ideas - they can be discussed. I hate the criminals.

As I wrote before: you are not tested, you are not violated, and you are not threatened.

Right now, in Iran, thousands of people actually hate Bush, Blair, Sharon, Olmert -as they did Saddam Hussein earlier.

The former dared to threaten for no justified cause and the latter caused great harm and injury and death to many of us.

And we celeberated when they hanged that enemy - for we hated him.

We in Iran are surrounded by enemies - and we hate our enemies.

nunya said...

Oh. My. God. Why does it not surprise me that the engine of the insane cold war was started by a paranoid schizophrenic at the Rand Corporation?

BBC The Trap

Naj said...

You anonymous, represent THAT which is going to wreck our country.

It is you that I dislike with as much vehemence that I dislike Bush.

It is people like you who live and breath on hatred! Your life depends on it; yours and the Bushists of the world.

You are my test!

I TOO live in that country and love it. And you do NOT speak for all of us. A simple poll will show that! Iran is a country of 70 million people, not thousands!

I love your knowledge, I love your passion, I love your faith, but I hate your hatred, it disgusts me to no end!

But please do not bother to respond, because in my dreamworld I want to believe that an Iranian cannot be as ugly as you are portraying yourself!

You are not a representative of average Iranians; self-righteous, inflexible, dogmatic!

Yes Iran IS surrounded with enemies: but as wisdom says: baa doostan morovat, ba doshmanan modara!

The best fence against an enemy is being smart not being hateful!

Naj said...


I pray for Cheney to die, almost every night!
But I will not be happy if he is hanged!

I want Bush tried, and I want Bush rotting in prison, but I will NOT celebrate his execution.

Dying is an easy escape for these people, the savagary with which Saddam was put to death immortalized him.

Humans killing humans is UGLY ... DISGUSTINGLY UGLY!

And I do nto want to resemble my enemy, neither in thought, not in action. If I hate my enemy for being a criminal, do I want to be one like him?

N E V E R!

Anonymous said...


Killing human beings, for most people, specially those raised by decent people, is not never pleasant. But it must be done from time to time.

I do not understand what your concern reagrding Mr. Hussein excutions is? He was an enemy of Iran, he was an enemy of the Iranian peoples - including those Iranian people who are called Kurd are left outside of the borders of the present-day Iran, and he caused the deaths of many many people. Last, but not least, he destroyed Iraq.

And what was savage about his execution? He was hanged as the criminal that he was.

Of course, in our fallen state (from Heaven since the Fall of Man) we and our enemies are not different in nature - we are diferent in our choices. Mr. Hussein made man many Evil choices in his life. By killing him nd people like him we are only perorming the necessary task of defending ourselves and exacting retribution.

pen Name

Naj said...

Himmler thought killing human beings was an unpleasant thing to do, and that it was a test of the Germanic character, to be able to carry such a hard but sacred task; for the greater good of the Germanic people!

Criminals ALWAYS think they are right and performing necessary tasks!

Delusional fools are those who think peace comes to world by the killing of criminals!


nunya said...

Wow. "The Trap" can be summarized very simply. It paints a picture of the progress of computerizing feudalism. The
NRA still has power politically here. I wonder if the elites will address that. I hope not.

Nadia said...


I'm an Egyptian girl who has just gone through your blog. I was introduced to your blog by Amre's latst post. Obviously you ar a nice and descent woman. But i just want to teell you that Iran is not surrounded by enemies. All Egyptians love Iran. It is just your govenrment acts in Iraq that is making us angry.

peace sister

Naj said...

Dear Nadia,

Thanks for dropping by.

I personally think that paranoia is what creates enemies. One doesn't need to think others are their enemy in order to be smart and wise about one's own well being.

Iran is positioned in the cross road between the west and the east; and as such it has experienced a violent history for thousands of years. This makes us vigilant, but Iranians do not harbour animosity in their hearts (except for their governments, regardless of what/which government it is :).

The anonymous person who comments here, does not overlap in philosophy with me; and if he is a representative of the Iranian government, then I can understad your frustration as well. (he calls himself the edifier, the educator, he is terribly smart but terribly stone headed, he lurks the net to correct, for that I appreciate him, but he is self-righteous; and nameless; and perhaps paid to edify the internet, which is good, as long as he doesn't spray the net with wordes of hatred!)

As I have repeatedly said, the Iranian people would rather their government stick to fixing their domestic problems, rather than meddling in the affairs of the Middle East. But the Iranian regime is recruiting its defenders from beyond the Iranian borders. And Iranians are well aware that one day, these foreign (Iraqi, Lebanese) militants will be used against Iranians, in defense of the Islamic republic. The chances of Iran falling in the hands of fascists has never been as high as it is now, and the comments of Anonymous is just an evidence for this claim.

That said, it is upon us, the peace lovers of this world to not let anyone capitalize on our anger, and to not mirror the philosophy and actions of those whom we despise.

I will stand with the Iranian government in defense of my country; but they better not think that they are the sole owners of Iran and recognize my human and citizen right.

Anonymous said...


You are too young to remember the Egyptians who fought in the Iran-Iraq War (the War of Sacred Defense) on behalf of Iraq. Your government supported our enemy to the hilt.

We even captured Egyptians during the war and later freed them when the war ended. Since Egypt had not declared war on Iran at that time, all those Egyptians were illegal combatants and should have been executed. We should have killed them to teach Egypt a lesson in deeds and consequences.

You say our government is acting in Iraq in such as way to make ou angry? Good! I am glad to hear that for our government is helping support and protect the dispossessed, the victims of Sunni aggression, the poor, the families of the murdered. We are proud of what our government is doing in Iraq helping the Shia and the Kurds.

We do not care one whit if you are angry; Egypt, under La vach qui ri, has been an enemy of Iran.


Why are you treating these anti-Iran individuals with respect? Do not you see how much they hate Iran?

No amount of rational explanation will change the Arab people - they are full of envy and malice for Iran.

This is a case of Iran-e-Mazloom.

By the way, I am not full of hatred and nor those that now hate Bush, Blair and others. Our hatred and anger is specific and direct.

As I said before, you are not tested. You are too young to remember our villages attacked by chemical weapons. You do not have to watch your loved ones whither away because of Iraqi chemical attacks. You did not probably see the POWs returning to Iran, some after 18 years. All because of that man Saddam Hussein, the Ba'ath, and Arabism. Mr. Hussein's execution, given his crimes against Iran and the Iranians, was too quick.

I also would like to add that Iraq, in 1979, had 17 million people. It could harvest twice a year so it could become the bred-basket of the region. And it produced so much oil that its wealth could have made Iraqis the most advanced Muslim country in 1400 years.

But Arabism- defined as being against Iran & Israel- killed that country & state - it is now gone with the wind.

pen Name

Naj said...

Pen Name,

I treat everyone with respect.

Nadia is telling me she loves Iran, and I trust her word.

To respect others is to respect myself. an no one is my enemy until they have pulled a sword on me, in deed and in words.

Do not be presumptous about my experience of war!

I GREW UP in that bloody war!

I remember when the POWs were returning from Iraq: frail, hungered, broken.

I also remember the Iraqi soldiers returning to Iraq. There was NO COMPARISON in their state of health: they looked like normal prisoners, and they did not appear too happy to leave the Iranian POW camps to go back to Iraq and fight another one of Saddam's megalomanic wars!

And I have grown up PROUD of Iran's conduct in that war; I grew up proud that Iranians did not do to Iraquis what they did to us; that Iranians did not rape the women of Basra, like Iraqis did in Khuzestan.

My national PRIDE is that Iranians do NOT retaliate, do not kill Egyptian mercenaries.

My national pride is that we have NOT fought a war of aggression; and THAT is why the Iran-Iraq war is a sacred defense for me.

Even that, I wish had ended sooner.

As for Pan arabism ... I'd say:
Mah feshanad noor o sag ow ow konad!

My exchange with Amre was the FIRST time I learned about such sentiments in the Arab world. But my life and time is more sacred than to spend it fighting such sentiments; or even devoting any portion of my emotional reserve to hating it! This type of nationalism to me is just pure "silly" and laughable!

But, you my brother, you I will not ignore; because we belong to the SAME house, the same land and we both HAVE to live together, and have to respect eachother. and that is not difficult if we stick to the basics of goodness: respect and understanding.

Iran is too beautiful to be hated by anyone; let's show the world how beautiful it is ... we have short time, little energy, let facts speak for themselves ... the "enemies" portray us as a nation of hate, and we are NOT a hating nation ... we have NO HATRED written in our agenda or in our history ... let's keep us clean.

Naj said...

Today marks the start of the Unity Week in Iran: it's a week that spans the disputed date of Mohammad's birthday.

Sunni's celebrate it today, Shiites celebrate it next week.

The Islamic Republic of Iran celebrates the whole week!

Anonymous said...


There is much that you wrote that I agree with.

I certainly do not wish Iran to be hated - but she already is and has been hated because of what she is - a multi-lingual, multi-ethnic state with sincerity among all the Iranian peoples (excepting - unfortunately, the Suuni Kurds).

I am not against Arabs, Sunni Muslims, or any one else. I do not have any problms with UAE Arabs who bought land in Shiraz and built houses there before the Iranian Revolution. I am not against Azeri Republic even though it lusts after our lands.

But we have to defend ourselves - the only friend we have in the region whose people & government are not against us are the Christian Armenian: I salute them "Parev!".

I respect you that is why I have taken the trouble of engaging with you in this broad discussion.

I also understand you a little bit, I should think. I just disagree with your opinions and I tried to explain why.

Naj said...

Pen Name,

The one group of Iranians we need to closely watch and expose right now are the NCRI. Traitors!!!! They ought to realize that no one in Iran will accept their selling Iran to AIPAC and BushCo!

I admit I do not understand the Kurd's plight; but it's because the Kurds I have befriended do not want to go anywhere from Iran; nor do the Baluchis that I grew up with; nor any of my Azeri relatives.

Anonymous said...


Do not worry about NCRI - they are a spent force.

In a way, they are on the garbage heap of history already.

Nadia said...

Dearest Naj!

oh.....I have been put in a bad mood because of the recent exchange of comments between you and Mr anonymous whom i can do nothing but uttermost respect due to his age. I like your blog and attidude so much and i wanted us to be pen friends.It is my hobby to make friends with people from all over the world. Actually, i Know Amr very well from Cairo.

I went to Turkey once where i thought about visting Iran but i changed mind for various reasons..

I'm sorry to say that, but its people like him and Mr anonymous who make the world hard place.

Actually, i Know Amr very well from Cairo. Therefore, I'm not surprised at his attidude( we are kind of bittter friends).

Naj i have to expalin to you something: most of us Egyptians are pan-Arabs. However, our pan-arabism is very different from the baathist ones.We love Iran because it is harness of a beautiful old civilsation. Our pan- Arabism stems from our love and pride in our culture and language which is the extension of our great old civilsations in the region. It is not centred around hating anyone.

Pan Arabism for us means the love of our core values of justice, freedom from colonialism, Islam, christinity and judaism .

It stems from our love of Arabic Poetry that expresses our ancient pride, from our platonic trobadours who express the delicacy and abstraction of humanity, from love of our music where refined and meticulousdetails tones dive into the endless abyss of the human soul, of love of the pyramids and Babylon. It is a culture of unity and coorporation, of pride and passion, of honour and compassion

Actually, the idea of hating Iran never ever crossed my mind nor any other Egyptian, at least, as far as i know.

I'm sorry to know about the horrors of that war. But that is history now Naj. In Egypt we always say that love never comes, unless preceded by enemosity:)))))

As for the Egyptians who fought there, i have to remind you that they were not mercenaries. We all consider the Arabs to be one nation divided by artificial borders reinforced by parochial governments.

They were actually doing their patriotic role.

I agree with you that this war was useless, but in the eyes of ordinary soldiers who dont know much about strategy they were just fighting for a noble cause which to defend their country Iraq.

Now, it is the duty of enlightened peace lovers like yourself and mine to outroot the causes of what might lead to future conflicts.......

I invite you honey to come over to Cairo and dwell with me during your stay.......

I would love to to have an open minded Persian frined like you:) also you might as well teach me some Persian. My friend in the university was called "Rameen" she was always telling me that it is a Persian name! i know it is a guy name...but that's the way it is

One last thing honey.. open-minded, peace lover people like you and me must never let hateful freaks :) like Amr and anyone who behaves like him to keep us apart.

I didnt know about blogs untill very recently....soon i will have my blog, hope you will come and visit me:)

Peace and Love and always

......From an Arab girl to a beautiful Persian lady

Naj said...

Nadia Sure, sounds great! :)

Pen Name Trash is what seems to interest Bush the most!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I apologize for the two previous mistaken posts.


Please tell me in God's name when Arabs were ever members of a unified polity & state? They never were: The First Four ruled over Arabs and non-Arabs and that continued with Omavids, Abassids, and Western Omavids. Later, Arabs were either ruled by Turkic dynasties or were organized into (at times warring) states. In short, there was never ever a unitary Arab state. This is the dream palace of Arabs for which Israel & Iran - and now Iraq - have paid in blood and treasure.

You dismiss the Iran - Iraq War as "history". That war is alive and well in Iran. Its effect on Iranian psyche is akin to World War I in Europe. The War of Sacred Defense has created a deep chasm with Sunni Arabs and Shia Iranian. Even if La Vache Qui Ri repents, even if the Arab Dictators, Kings & Princes come and kiss the feet of Ayatollah Khamenei, the hostility of that war and its memory will not be eradicated. It will take decades of open friendship from the Arab States and Peoples to overcome that. And I know that will not happen.

I also take exception to your presumption that there is such a thing called "Arab Civilization" - there is only a Muslim Civilization based on the core & foundation of Islam. We, the Turks, you, Pakistanis, and others are members of that Civilization.

The Egyptians had no reason to join in a war of aggression against Iran - that they did indicates to me the depth of anti-Iran antipathy in the soul of the Sunni Arabs. And when Saddam was gassing Iranians and Kurds nary a sound of protest came out Arab intellectuals - from the Nile to the Atlas Mountains the Arabs were silent.

Yes, I like Arabic poetry but those Arab poets like Ma'ari, Adonis, Darweesh, Turki, Abu Nuwas, Mutenabih were never for Arabism. They were Muslim humanist who, upon meeting a non-Arab, would say, please sit down and have some coffee with me. Those are the people I salute.

pen Name (Anonymous)

Zeinobia said...

hey Naj, I found this wonderful blog through our naughty friend Amr who doesn't represent the majority of the Egyptians ,I am an Egyptian and I want to tell that I love your country so so so much really just like Nadia said , the history,the nature ,the civilization and more important the people who made the civilization and the Art
My late Grandfather was one of the members in the Egyptian Iranian Friendship society whether in the time of Shah or after the revolution of course lots of time and years to get back in business
one of my dreams is to visit your beautiful country and walk on the famous bridge in Asfhan
anyhow I hope you visit my blog as Iran always in it
my dear friend there will be no war with Iran and it is well armed , those countries go after the weak exhausted countries like Iraq to invade it easily

Nadia said...


your hatred for Arab nationalism and Arabs cannot be expalined.
├Żou say there is no Arab civilsation. I tell you that i do believe that there was a great Persian civilsation which is capturing my imagination.

Out of respect for the fine lady whom i happen to be her guest and the great people of Iran whom i am sure you dont represnt their majority, i wont get engaged in such a useless hate speech


Dont ever let Mr anonymous and Amr keep the ancient great people of Persia and the Arab lands apart

we are supposed to be wise enough to forgive the past and get along

peace and love my dearest...........

Anonymous said...


There was once, perhaps, a Persian Civilization. It is now dead and gone. We are part of the greater Muslim/Islamic Civilization.

I do not hate Arabism - I hate the Arab Nationalists that gave us the Ba'ath, the Iran - Iraq War, the gassing of the Kurds, etc.

I have contempt for Arab Nationalism as a set of ideas and practices.

I do not know how many Iranians think like me - I speak for myself and not for Iran or the Iranian people.

pen Name

Naj said...


I truly appreciate your consideration.

I do hate my guests bickering against eachother and pooping the party, forcing others to leave, because the arguments are circular and really irrelevant :)

Hey I just got a glimpse of what publicity Amre is giving me. He is pathetic! Which makes it even more precious that you have come here through his soiled pathway of hatred!


Get that blog of yours going! :)

Naj said...


I also appreciate your stating your personal opinion.

I disagree persian civilization being dead; I think civilizations are continuous; and what we have today is a part of the same thread.

But I agree with you that Iran is NOT LOCKED IN SASSANID/ACHAMENID PAST, as some lazy Iranian nationalists may wish to be stuck in.

There is by the way, an exhibition of the Safavid dynasty in the British Museum!

Anonymous said...


I am not bickering.

But I feel that I must set the record straight. That we cannot go on and speak of humanism, peace, justice, etc. in historical vacuum. We need to face the events of the last 30 years and make of them what we can.

We cannot profess mutual friendship and give each other Excellence in Humanism Awards without noting the bitter history of the past.

With Charity to All
With Malice Towards None..

pen Name

Naj said...

No Pen Name,

I don't think you were bickering.

I just expressed I don't like bickering between my guests in general.

Honestly, it is interesting and educational for me to hear your voice too.

And I think Nadia was suggesting the same thing that true frindships can form after having gone through animosity; and having healed the grudges of the past.

Nadia hasn't raised an arm on an Iranian; nor has any Iranian raised arm on an Egyptian; so let's deal with historical facts in the grand scheme of things; and make sure mistakes of the past will not repeat.

Now I should do some science for a change :)

By the way, have you told me what book you read when you were young? (I am sure you are not much older than me, but I like you always thinking I am too young to remember :) )


Amre El-Abyad said...

I get tons of name-calling, and I love it…it’s when I know I hit a nerve

You know you’re over the target when you start catching flak.

You hate Arabs because their countries are older in civilsation that yours. you use their ALPHABET
and you current contemporary culture is distorted version of the Arab culture.

Eventually it was Arab brotherhood that brought about you defeat......

and it will defeat you again......

the arab republic of egypt is sole leader of this region along with Iraq, you get out of our arab world......and enjoy your funny Persian culture................

Anonymous said...

The memorable novels that I read when I was young were:

"The Second Chance" by Constantin Virgil Gheorghiu


"You Can't Go Home Again" by Thomas Wolfe.

Naj said...

Amre, sweety, you are right!
good boy!
Now go play with civilized people!

Damian Zerek said...

Amre, I have no idea what you are really talking about but western culture uses the Arab Number System not alphabet (we use the Latin Alphabet).

Brother Tim said...

Hey Naj--

I posted Ahmadinejad's letter, interspersed with a few of my own comments. If you have a minute, take a look and let me know what you think. Peace, Sister.

Anna said...

Happy Sizdah Bedar, Naj!

And let us keep on hoping for the best. And keep on believing that reason and peace IS possible ... despite all - unfortunately -legitimate doubts darkening the skies in these crazy times

Amre El-Abyad said...

naj please quit mentioning my name where i leave a comment like in the "fanonite" i never talkedabout you it is you who invoke my name.

I'm sure you can find a younger guy in the U.S just keep on scoutingheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Naj said...

Brother Tim:
That's a great post! more comments on your blog.

Happy 13-be-dar to you too. It's raining here, but we'll find a chance to go out and throw our wheat sprouts in the river.

What is great is that in Iran, people are going about their lives enjoying spring. That is a happy resilient nation if you ask me. You'll be going to Iran soon, no? :)


Sophia said...

Hi Naj,
Back to normal for me with this link:

Anna said...

Yes, Naj ... on april 20th with my heart and mind so wide open and now just litteraly counting the days ... what else :-)

Everything best to you!

Amre El-Abyad said...

by the way Naj, i forgot to say Egyptian blogs are forbidden territories for you........

Aardvark EF-111B said...

Dear Naj
I knew you by chance while i was in a face-off with the psycho Amre.

first of all, i have to admit that unfortunately we have in egypt many of similar xenophobic psychos

it is the mental retardation results from decades of millitary dogmatic rule in egypt.

i have to apologize for his offending behaviour and i am looking to follow up your blogging as i always wished to have a Persian counterpart to exchange opinion with

with great respect.....

Aardvark EF-111B

Naj said...

Good to have you back!
I am literally envious :)
Welcome to neo-resistance; and pleased to meet you.

Please do not apologize for other's psychotic behavior. There is an actual clinical description for such conduct; and it really has nothing to do with nationality or upbringing. this is chemical imbalance: simple! Nothing to get offended by!

See you around.