Wednesday, October 31, 2007

An American Stem Cell Researcher in Tehran

In recent issue of Nature, this month, The MIT Professor Rudolf Jaenisch reports on his visit to Tehran, and "Enthusiastic stem-cell researchers in Iran face plentiful funding but a shortage of equipment."

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his travelog

"During my time in Tehran, however, I encountered only enthusiasm and hospitality. Other Westerners, such as Emory University's Sarah Berga, who has spoken at this conference before, were treated equally well. My only regret is that there were not more Americans there. Despite my colleagues' concerns, I felt safer than if I had been a tourist in a large American city. There were no panhandlers or aggressive touts to harass me, and the country is beautiful."

This is not the first time Iran is featured in the prestigious journal Nature!


Amre El-Abyad said...

check the reply left to you by someone on Zeinobia's blog where you commented. Maybe then you learn something about where you belong( away from us Arabs) go to hell, to heaven to china.....just get lost and take your snakish arms off the Arab world. Also you will learn about how the Arabs have been educating you for thousands of years. and how under their domiance you have learned arts and alpahbet

Anonymous said...

huh? Amre, what are you talking about? You are clearly not a scientist, or historian. If you were it would be pretty clear to you that the Arabs had no culture of science in the pre-Islamic era, and received a massive boost from Persian Muslims afterwards. Infact, the Persians were the driving force of the Islamic golden era, in virtually every intellectual discipine.

As for today, well, in my area of research young Iranian scientists are producing world class results, on par with Americans, Europeans, Indians, Chinese, Israelis, you name it. The Arabs are nowhere to be seen. I'm familiar enough with my research community to know that I (an Arab) am almost alone out there.

That's just outside of Iran. In Iran itself, the publication rate is going through the roof, Iran is probably the most progressive country in the world right now for scientific advancement.

I think you need to stop letting your hatred cloud your objective judgement, it doesn't help you.

A.N. Iraqi

Larry said...

This is a view that never gets out in the war pushing press for fear of others knowing the truth.

PoliShifter said...

In order for the government to be able to garner support for a bombing campaign against Iran they first need to dehumanize the Iranians which they have been trying to do pretty successfully labeling them all as 'crazy jihadists'.

Reality just as this article reflects is that newsflash: IRANIANS ARE FUCKING HUMAN BEINGS TOO! And as such they are just as intelligent and resourceful as anyone else.

I work with several Iranians. They are smart, intellectual, and very good natured. I'm sure Iran has their assholes...just as America does.

But to brand an entire country as a buch of lunatic Islamists is careless, callous, reckless, and compassionless.

Again though, the reason for doing so is to garner support for bombing Iran, of which 52% of Americans think it's a good idea in the latest poll.

The Bush Administration probably sees this as a victory and will just step up their propaganda and rhetoric even more.

Naj said...

Hello AN Iraqi, Larry, PoliShifter

Just one little not the 52% poll is just a LIE. visit!

Brother Tim said...

If the people of the world will unite in saving life rather than destroying it, we will have attained peace. Evil is a small, yet extremely powerful force.

Peace and Grace.