Saturday, October 20, 2007

Savages talk again:

We can attack Iran!

WHAT FOR??!!!!!!!!!!!!

If I were an American, I would be blue with shame!
But if Bollinger is the kind of person who runs their universities, I am not sure they are aware of the concept of shame!


PoliShifter said...

All this focus on Iran, meanwhile Pakistan is becoming more and more unstable and has a nuclear arsenal.

Not to mention Al Qaeda and Bin Laden live comfortably there probably trying to get their hands on some of those nukes.

But Bush could care less. All he can think about is bombing Iran and getting to whack off while viewing the carnage.

Larry said...

Bush may be running his mouth about Iran, but the enemy is among us taking control:

Don't tell us Martial Law isn't on it's way:

Heavily armed paramilitary mercenaries from the Blackwater private security firm, infamous for their work in Iraq, are openly patrolling the streets of New Orleans. Some of the mercenaries say they have been "deputized" by the Louisiana governor; indeed some are wearing gold Louisiana state law enforcement badges on their chests and Blackwater photo identification cards on their arms. They say they are on contract with the Department of Homeland Security and have been given the authority to use lethal force. Several mercenaries we spoke with said they had served in Iraq on the personal security details of the former head of the US occupation, L. Paul Bremer and the former US ambassador to Iraq, John Negroponte.

"This is a totally new thing to have guys like us working CONUS (Continental United States)," a heavily armed Blackwater mercenary told us as we stood on Bourbon Street in the French Quarter. "We're much better equipped to deal with the situation in Iraq."

Blackwater mercenaries are some of the most feared professional killers in the world and they are accustomed to operating without worry of legal consequences. Their presence on the streets of New Orleans should be a cause for serious concern for the remaining residents of the city and raises alarming questions about why the government would allow men trained to kill with impunity in places like Iraq and Afghanistan to operate here. Some of the men now patrolling the streets of New Orleans returned from Iraq as recently as 2 weeks ago.

What is most disturbing is the claim of several Blackwater mercenaries we spoke with that they are here under contract from the federal and Louisiana state governments.

Blackwater is one of the leading private "security" firms servicing the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan. It has several US government contracts and has provided security for many senior US diplomats, foreign dignitaries and corporations. The company rose to international prominence after 4 of its men were killed in Fallujah and two of their charred bodies were hung from a bridge in March 2004. Those killings sparked the massive US retaliation against the civilian population of Fallujah that resulted in scores of deaths and tens of thousands of refugees.

As the threat of forced evictions now looms in New Orleans and the city confiscates even legally registered weapons from civilians, the private mercenaries of Blackwater patrol the streets openly wielding M-16s and other assault weapons. This despite Police Commissioner Eddie Compass' claim that "Only law enforcement are allowed to have weapons."

Brother Tim said...

I feel the shame all too much. For a nation of people who are self-described 'christians', to support, condone, or even tolerate war, and the senseless killing it produces, baffles my mind.

Gene said...

The warmongering faction may be getting desperate though. Jim Lobe's recent column is rather telling. He shows that the maggots are finally getting out of the woodwork. When that dreadful entity Pletka makes her voice heard, it means the neocons are nearing the end of their strategy. I find that she tends to stay in the background until the 'final push'. If they've indeed reached that phase and the question of whether Bush will attack Iran or not is still in the air, they may have already lost. One can hope!
[FYI, I have relinquished my former moniker & using my name from now on. It was time to move on.]

Aardvark EF-111B said...

Diversity Naj, Divesity

you are going around the same subject again & again & again for 3 weeks now!!
you mad yourself already damn clear!!

world is in motion!!, MOVE


QUASAR9 said...

Hi Naj,
it's a horrible thought
but since Iraq was just a walkover from the USAF, I guess the Pentagon thinks they can bomb the shit out of any country, one by one every five (or is it seven) years.

But if the ground troops got bogged down in the occupation of Iraq, all hell would be let loose in Iran. See it is easy to bomb a place to smitherings from a distance. But the occupation of Iran would be another Vietnam.

Mind you I don't know why the Iranian President keeps bear bating Bush and the zionists, they firmly believe in pre-emptive strikes. In other words, don't even give your enemy a chance, send them back to the middle ages or dark ages with the overwhelming force and superiority of the USAF.

No the Iranian airforce would not stand a chance against the USAF. Like in Iraq, the airforce would never take off, hoping he could save his 500 planes for future use, a lot of good that did Saddam.

See even if the US lost 500 planes, they could just build another 500. Whereas Iraq & Iran, (and germany in world war II) onlt have the 500. And when they are gone they have no means to build any more. Even the mighty Japan succumbed to the overwehelming air & sea military superiority of the US.

That aside, let us hope that opposition to any attacks on Iran is voiced even more strongly than the invasion of Iraq

Torang said...

hi, i'm iranian girl and i am living in iran now, to me it is more seriouse. we are always talking about it. you know i wish such totalitarian rejim in iran will be stopped but not with war. i dont want it for any place in the world. i don't know what i can di but pray for peace, global peace. bani adam azaye yekdigarand...

Naj said...

Greetings all.

Welcome Gene, Torang.

Aardvark, I speak about whatever I want, for as long as I want. :)

Quasar, you point to a subtle reality: That America's military is the existential source of US power. They are indeed bullies. And if they must find a country to destroy, to get their economic blood run, they won't stop at anything; even nuking the civilians in a country that has already accepted the terms.

Ahmadinejad ... sometimes I think he is on Israel's payroll.

However, there is a GREAT silence in the media about Iran's repeated statements about their willingness to comply with the IAEA.

Iran's signatory to NPT. There is a religious decree banning Nulear weaponary and Iran has repeatedly said that they are not going to pre-empt any attack on ANYONE. This is quite opposite to what America and Israel have been doing lately, no?

It saddens me that all these war mongers of the world do not realize the harm they are doing to Iran's forces of liberation and democracy. I am sure they exactly KNOW. This sabee rattling equals the CIA coup that took Iran's Mosaddegh away. Idiotic megalomaniacs are the kind of leaders the neo-conservatives WANT for the middle east!

But I think their plot is exposed now. We are not living in the informational vacuum we lived 7 years ago. The table will turn, and this is the juncture in American history when the fascism will have no choice but to come out of its dark cave and confront Americans in the daylight. This is why I think the Martial Law scenario is very plausible.

What is disturbing is the Congress' impotence; which is only illustrating their complicity. Again this is not a bad thing. because it has made Americans awaken to the DIRTY reality of their politics, and also to trace the perils of humanity to their source.

You see, there is a HUGE market out there, for arms. This market is mostly generated based on a virtual promise of insecurity! And of people have started feeling safe and secure, well enough wars are started to change their mind!

The void of the "Nazis", and the "Red army" had to be filled with something: Bin Ladan and Islamist Jihad! It is all simple mathematics of the psych.

nunya said...


Sadly, I think you may be "preaching to the choir" here.

Ummm, that would be red with shame, blue with fear (from holding our breath to see what the neocon nutjobs arrogantly proclaim is their God-given right to bomb next).

My friend accidentally picked up my book, so I haven't been able to read it. Did you finish it? Did you digest the information in it? What did you think?

Naj said...

Nunya my dear,

I am not even preaching. I am just venting off. I don't think in my whole life I have been this angry!

We are allowing colonializm, racism, militarism, fascism to become legitimate again.

That people DARE to speak in such terms, and that there is no uproar of disapproval makes me terribly angry!

I haven't read beyond page 170; I have been stuck with work.

Maybe i will pick it up again tonight.

nunya said...


Ok, so the idiom I chose was incorrect. Lots of people vent here, about the same things you do. I don't think that anybody who visits your blog regularly wants war with Iran.

I'm still trying to figure out what the hell war with Iran could possibly accomplish for anyone, you know?

I think it's the fear that keeps getting pumped into Americans that the neocons are using.

Grumpy Old Man has a blog post that is truly frightening for us here in the US.

Halliburton builds concentration camps that the Army will use civilian prisoners in. The President can declare martial law.

betmo said...

hey- we are already 'red' with shame. let's hope we turn blue next round of elections- if only to stem the tide of insanity and give everyone a respite. people fail to realize that america is no longer a republic- we are a corporatocracy.