Friday, October 26, 2007

Halloween headlines

Breaking news: Bush's psychosis confirmed!
If we (Europeans) don't starve Iranians, Cheney will bomb them! Let's starve Iranians to prevent Cheney's war!!!!< Uhhmmm ... how about starving Cheney and Israel for a change?! Shame!
Is there something amusing about Americans accusing others of "terrorism" ?

Checkout these headlines!

Bomb Iran LA Times (last year)
We must Bomb Iran
, says US republican guru The Telegraph, UK

Bomb, Bomb Iran New York times
Podhoretz secretly urged Bush to Bomb Iran Politco
Likud members: Bomb Iran Ynet News
Bomb Iran? U.S. Requests Bunker-Buster Bombs ABC news
We may have to Bomb Iran Times (last year)

The Case for Bombing Iran, I hope and pray that President Bush will do it
. Wall Street Journal
Bolton Calls for Bombing Iran The Guardian
We must attack Iran before it gets the bomb The Telegraph, UK
US plans to Bomb Iran, inspite denials The Independent
The Plane that will Bomb Iran
The Atlantic
Bomb Iran Now
US planning contingency plan to Bomb Iran Reuters

And this is the extent of criticism:

Bomb Iran: For Israel and America!CounterPunch
Dowd: Bomb, bomb Iran International Herals Tribune
Let's go Bomb Iran Znet

Bomb Iran Music Video


bijan said...

Hi Naj!

I hope you don't mind. I emailed everyone I know and bloged this email as well, but I hardly have the trafic and audience that you have. That's why I leave this on your blog as a comment, the entire email, from my peace loving intellectual activist friend, M. J. Shahidi (in Minnesota.)

Bijan ;)

----- Forwarded Message ----
From: ""
Sent: Sunday, October 14, 2007 6:12:51 PM
Subject: Military Attack On Iran

I am sorry to send you this ominous message. And, I beg you to forward it to others.
A U.S. military attack on Iran is about to take place. The U.S. armed forces are waiting for President Bush's "Execute Command" order. Some reporters as well as former intelligence and military official are saying so.

Even though the majority of the American people are against it, a small but powerful lobby is pushing for it.

Please contact your political and community leaders and explain to them that a military attack on Iran will bring retaliation against Israel and U.S. personnel in the area and cause worldwide economic depression. Iran has the capability to do severe damage to U.S. allies in the region. The entire Middle East will be thrown into chaos and bloodshed for decades. Such action, now, would be madness.
There is still time for diplomacy. Let the U.N. and other negotiating groups do their work.

I will explain this issue on Twin Cities Public Television, Ch. 17 or 13, at 10:30 p.m. tonight.

Naj said...

:) it's okey Bijan.

I am convinced Israelis will do ALL in their power to make that happen. But I don't think it will.

Sleep well :)

MarcLord said...


This could have something to do with the Iranian Finance Minister's visit to Washington:

The head of the IMF is basically saying the dollar's at the edge of a cliff. Iran has been wanting to open a Euro-based oil exchange. The US wants to stop it from doing so. A great time for a Finance Minister to do some back-room dealing.

Would it be possible for you to translate the article you referred to? I will post it if you can do so.

Naj said...


that is our (my hubby and I) precise assessment here too!

Iran announced a week or so ago that it had reduced its $ share of its total foreign assets to only 20% of what it was!

I will try to translate the article and dig more. I couldn't get the lint to teh daily you had puit on your page.

Naj said...

Spiffy translation:
26-oct-2007, Fars News

Danesh-Jafari: Any move against Iran will distabelize the world's economy

In a press conference in Washington, refering to the insignificant impact of America's sanctions against Iran, the Finance minister warned that any move against Iran will jeopardize teh world's economy.

Citing Press TV, The Iranian finance minister participated in a press conference after teh IMF meeting in washington and stated that Iran believes that the share of the rich nations that take extra benefits from the IMF and the world bank needs to be reduced.

Davood Danesh-Jafari said: "it is necessary that some of the shares of the rich nations be transfered to the poor ones to balance teh disparities.

According to this report, after establishment of the IMF and WB after WWII, rich countries such as US, EU and Japan purchased large shares and left very little to poor countries.

Danesh-Jafari criticized America prohibiting the increase in shares of poorer nations. He added that the US and EU were controlling these institutions. He pointed to Amrica's political interference in WB's decisions and said: many countries hold shares in this bank and they have to reap the benefits as well, "This political phenomenon has steped over Iran's interests"
He added that, in spite of american propaganda against Iran to occlude the investment environment in Iran, Iran has been able to sustain its economic conditions.
He added that America's conspiracy has has little effect on Iran and that any move against Iran will destabilize teh world economy.
he added that, everytime the rift between Iran and the US widens and America's anti-Iran rhetoric increases, teh oil market becomes destabilized.
He added, Iran has always been the winner of this friction!


my comment: this is CLEAR signal to the US: "shut up and put up and will will help you!" Which has been the consistent message from tehran since at least 15 years ago.

some Iranian general has said: "our missiles will only hit the intruders and not any other nation!"

good one!

nunya said...


Next time you go looking for criticism of the bomb Iran group try this Google search:
don't bomb iran

Did you know that when Bush came to visit San Diego all the planes and helicopters that were fighting the fires were grounded?

Hey, now there's a way to make sure that Iran doesn't get bombed--Get Bush to visit Iran

nunya said...

Oh, and as I was watching the BBC last night I saw the thing about the sanctions and I just sighed. Sanctions just hurt the Iranian people, they don't prompt policy changes.

I know that ordinary Americans don't want to hurt the ordinary Iranians.

I understand that the real atomic bomb here is the oil currency.

I just wish the city, county, state and federal governments in the US had allowed people who care about people to plan our cities rather than people who care about profits.

RickB said...

In a roundabout relation the Brit historian who once wrote attacking Iran would lead to a disastrous WW3 has said some accurate things about our establishment-

Discussing why the elite retain such nostalgic delusions, he said: "In my belief the elite remained prisoners of their indoctrination at public school and Oxbridge. There they had been programmed to be house prefects to the world. But given Britain's postwar problems, these Victorian or Edwardian reflexes were simply obsolete mental kit overdue for scrapping."

I wonder would you find Cheney et al have been quietly moving their portfolio to euro based funds, America now largely asset stripped to their satisfaction.

Anonymous said...

It is quite amusing, in a sick way, how high profile American politicians can glibly talk about bombing Iran while if Ahmadinejad talked about bombing America there would be outrage and comparisons to Hitler and bin Laden etc.

It's like the global psyche has been conditioned to assume the US has a prerogative to behave this way, whereas the enemy doing it is seen with distaste. Maybe it's just the novelty of non-Americans taking a no-nonsense stance that catches people's attention and makes Iran look hostile.

The oft-quoted "wiping Israel off the map" seems to hold the same weight as actually almost wiping a country off the map, as Israel did in 2006 with Lebanon, and aerial photographs would attest.

A.N. Iraqi

Naj said...

A. N. Iraqi:

The complicity of the media with this is astonishing!

And the fact than no journalist dares to decry that reflects "who" is paying their checks!

Spadoman said...

I am speechless. I am ashamed.

What is it I can do? The letters to the elected officials are answered with form letters that explain their decisions. Their decisions, by the way, have already been made, and no amount of discontent or disagreement with policy by the American public will change their minds.

We stand on a corner in our town, every Tuesday, and ask for peace, an end to war. The support is amazing, but to the politicians, this activism is invisible.

My head is not in the sand, yet it seems we are helpless.

I pray to The Creator, my God as I understand him, to help us come up with answers.

Brother Tim said...

These are the ramblings of the Neocons, the New World Order. They quest for war and fascist global domination. Their agenda is subjegation of the masses. They care not about human suffering or the sanctity of life. I am certain, that there will be a special place in eternity for them.

Brother Tim said...

Also, do you have any information on the progress of the Iranian oil bourse?