Saturday, October 6, 2007

I wish to give thanks to bloggers who cheer me up

In case you want to take a break fromCrooks and Liars as your humorous digg of the day:

A good rule of thumb in military history is to bet against a belligerent which hires mercenaries. For bad ideas, it generally ranks up there with press-ganging peasants into service and sending them into battle armored with straw, carrying scythes and pruning hooks. Commingling the former with the latter is more than a rule of thumb, the results as predictable as throwing a match into a keg of gunpowder which is lying under an outhouse near a propeller. Unless, of course, one adversary is determined to outbid the other in terms of simple stupidity. There is an undeniable element of luck in battle, as those who lived through them attest. The famous Hans Holbein engraving, attached above, conveys the image of confusion without the blood. Read more of his hilarious take on mercenaries and the Black Water case!

  • Sophia of Les Politiques takes on the hypothetical nature of declaration of terrorist plots:
Despite all the talk and wars on Terror, can somebody tell me how many terrorists have been publicly tried up to now ? That's a legitimate question since we, citizens, are spending our tax money on these wars on terror, and we are renouncing our fundamental freedoms and rights because of the whole WOT business. Enjoy the humor of the common points she finds in all the foiling terror plots.
  • And of course, Brother Tim was nursing a sprained shoulder from patting himself on the back on a post dealing with Bollinger that his jaw droped to hear that a Roman Catholic University (Minnesota College) is taking it's 'marching orders' from the Zionists (after they cancel Nobel Laureate Tutu's speech on Peace and Justice).

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And give thanks ;)


Larry said...

Nice job Naj,

I like how you have combined each of these into a blogroll of sorts with a flavor for each one.

Good job!

JollyRoger said...

You should be proud that a skank hag from Hell like Cagan doesn't like you. I sure as hell wouldn't want her to be friendly to ME.

Naj said...

lol "shank hag" I learned a new expression from you Jolly. Your repository is fascinatingly endless!

Some years ago I was in a media conference and some student presented an interesting paper: The reason for "left" alienation is that they are just too sober!

There is a physiological limit to how much pain we can take before shutting our "shock" system off and become apathetic. Nothing, in my opinion, keeps a mind as fresh and as critical as does satire. This is a lesson I learned from Canadians!

Brother Tim said...

Thanks for the mention.

To be included with such great bloggers like MarcLord, Jolly Roger, and PoliShifter, really made my day. Thanks again, Sister.

PoliShifter said...

Hi Naj, great roundup and thanks for the mention.

enigma4ever said...

nice roundup naj..okay not nice...hmm, good roundup...( I can not use the word good anywhere near Ann Coulter..)

well you know what I meant....I have not been over as much as I like this week, had a bad week..I wrote you back over on the Burma post that you left a messege..please come over..or come back we need to talk..I think I upset you and I don't feel right about that...please come back or email me when you have

Spadoman said...

I found my way here from a comment you made on Betmo's blog, Life's Journey. Glad I came over. Good stuff to read. I have a lot of learning to do. I took the liberty of linking your site and a quote from your comment on Beymo's site on my latest post. I didn't ask permission, so, if I need to remove it, let me know and I will post haste.

I also suggest the Noam Chomsky site to all. In the "articles", there is a good one about Iran and an invasion of Mexico. Here's hsi site:

I'll be back. I need to be informed. Thanks.

Sophia said...

I saw your poll on Debra Cagan. You know what ? When I saw the picture and this woman in this strange outfit, I thought that the picture was doctored for humour purposes. Well it seems that Mrs cagan dresses like a Nazi camp guard, that,s the firt thing that came to my mind when seeing her outfit. What an ugly hateful woman !

Thanks for the cross posting.

Naj said...

You know Sophia, when apologist trash like the movie Downfall started to stir sympathy and public adoration, I KNEW we have begun to deshame our culture of Nazism.

What is quite fascinating, is that the Zionists are fitting the jackets now, shamelessly, as their natural inheritance!

Designers ALWAYS go back to their original designs, don't they?

MarcLord said...

Dear Naj,

thanks for including me in your delightful take on a blog-roll. You can claim it as an invention, and it was like great sushi for the brain.

Things truly do turn into their opposites, as the child so often turns into the abuser, the jailer into the criminal. So it seems to have come to pass with Israel and the Nazis, and Desmond Tutu being disinvited from my country's public spaces for speaking out against aggression.