Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Olmert:The Halloween Messenger!

"The Iranians need to be afraid that something will happen that they do not want to happen to them," Thus spake the criminal of the July war, Olmert.

Is it just me, or is everyone finding the state of politics in this past 24 hours somewhat amusing?

Without chronological order:

Putin gets a death threat.
Rice gives a little smack to Israel.

Putin goes to Iran.
Putin shows a little finger to certain someones (Sarkozy, Merkel, Rice) by announcing Iran's nuclear program is peaceful.
Olmert threatens.
Olmert runs to Putin. (Maybe he feels finger deprived!)
US pisses off Turkey.
US pisses off China.
Indians are pissed off with US's nuclear deal and they are likely to opt out of the pact!
Turkey attacks US-installed Kurds!
And Bush's drunken look in this picture is cute!!

Israelis, being Israelis, must be stewing in paranoia that "peace" may happen to them, and that the world may actually stop hating them! Now how can they live WITHOUT the world's hatred?! That will be ruinous to their economy and security!
This is why Olmert is on a "scare and conquer" mission! This is the new world order!


A comment on Haaretz by Chris Linthwaite

Olmert threatens to Wipe Iran Off the Map!
So placing the same criteria as placed on Iran by the international community Israel is now a nuclear armed rogue state who has threatened to use its nuclear weapons.

Therefore an immediate imposition of sanctions on Israel must be imposed by the international community.

Israel is now an existential threat to peace and stability in the Middle East. Has access to weapons of mass destruction. The Iraq solution must be an option.


Larry said...

If Bush really wants to stop these enemy countries from having Nuclear weapons, why doesn't he start with China.

David said...

I think that some sanctions on Israelis are long overdue. They have been violating the human rights of Palestinian people in the occupied territories for the past 40 years. Trouble is that American fundamentalist Christians are too willing to forgive Israeli violations because they have their own apocalyptic agenda. American Jews are also part of the problem. They have a lot of money and far too much influence in Washington, D.C.

Palestinian President Abbas seems like a very reasonable and pragmatic man. I have some hope for a just and peaceful settlement between Israelis and Palestinians because of him and others like him. If only a reasonable and pragmatic man were the Prime Minister of Israel, as well. Then maybe some real progress might be made.

Anonymous said...

Therefore an immediate imposition of sanctions on Israel must be imposed by the international community.

A what's a sick juke>

Anonymous said...


Israel have not just violating only human rights for last 40 years, they had ignored not applied 99 UN resolutions they never obey them, in additions many UN resolutions that veto by US and UK and other power who control the stage in UN.

The fact is Israel created on fails accusation and Zionists project none of you have spoke the truth how on earth giving a land to the People without land by taking other Peoples land who lived for centuries.

If all the world stand and tell this truth Israel should be not created.

But keeping “Feel Good” by statements from some like you and others about human rights and all this grape where in fact the Palestinian People treated every day for the last 75 years (sorry to Palestinian People to say) less than animals, even the animals you have some protecting their rights and protesting any harm to them from some stupid humans.
Now some of your friend asking US government and few in the world protesting Islamic killing of animals as they claims its hearts the animal!! OH so sweet they very care about animals but not humans in Iraq in Afghanistan in Guam, and the rest in the world.

Spadoman said...

I certainly cannot trump the anonymous comment for it is truth. The US is a worse human rights violator than most other countries.

Before the United States was the united States, there were people who lived in what is now the Unitedc States. These indiginous people welcomed the people into this new land, but those that came, saw it as a discovery of land for them to inhabit and "own".

That's where all the trouble started on this side of the pond. The new conquerers acted just like those from which they came, the British. remember the saying? "The sun never sets on the British Empire"

It is not a new thing to manipulate and own other countries and disguise it as humanitarian. The ally, Britain, has held Northern Ireland for centuries. They starved them, like the colonists tried to starve the Native Americans, and so on and so on and so it goes.

These problems are not new, just new players behind the curtains, and some of them have experience.

Mitakwe Oyasin means "We are all related" in the Lakota language.

Anonymous said...

Britain, has held Northern Ireland for centuries. They starved them,

Yes, but what we saw in east Timor small separatist (Christian) group had all the support and loudness to get their independence, in Iraq all crying for the Kurds and Shiites there, and what we seen from the invasion of Iraq till now the killing in north south and all around Iraq did the US Smart Weaponry knows who is Kurds or Shiites from other Iraqi?

like the colonists tried to starve the Native Americans, and so on and so on and so it goes.

Just to comment on the above if some they don’t know the kill 20 Millions Native Americans Yes they kill them and steal their land.

Anonymous said...

David, Spadoman

read this:

Israel doesn't want peace
By Gideon Levy

The moment of truth has arrived, and it has to be said: Israel does not want peace. The arsenal of excuses has run out, and the chorus of Israeli rejection already rings hollow. Until recently, it was still possible to accept the Israeli refrain that "there is no partner" for peace and that "the time isn't right" to deal with our enemies. Today, the new reality before our eyes leaves no room for doubt and the tired refrain that "Israel supports peace" has been left shattered.

Larry said...

Here is a film you might be interested in Naj.

Meeting Resistance

Anon-Paranoid said...

I believe that World War III is coming as Der Fuhrer {Adolph} Bush and the Dark Lord Dick {Heinrich Himmler} Cheney are insane madman whom our representatives won't impeach and remove from power.

Here's the reason the Democrats won't impeach Der Fuhrer Bush or the Dark Lord Dick {Heinrich Himmler} Cheney.

Watch this short YouTube of Ralph Nader explaining why.

No Impeachment.

We really don't have an opposition party.

God Bless.

Naj said...

Thanks for the link Larry. I confess, the cover-image turned me off.

I can ABSOLUTELY not condone anyone who makes any form of explosive devices, irrespective of their cause and objective.

Didn't Gandhi kick out the Brits without bombs?

Okey maybe I will find the guts to watch it later. But I hate militant concepts of resistance.

If Pen Name e-friend of mine reads this, he will say that I am a spoiled naive wuss who thinks the world is a utopian dream, and who doesn't appreciate the generation who fought Saddam, in order for his rapist army to not lay theyr hands on me!

So I don't know. Maybe if I am forced, and pushed to the edge, I will become a militant as well. I hope not.

Naj said...

Anon, good to see you!

I think it is scary that the congress couldn't overturn this Dumbo's veto!

And that WWIII ... hah hah! Even the White house is embarrassed but this Bush's idiocy!!

Naj said...

Nader is a vote splitter.
I am always suspicious of the alarmism!

Larry said...


No need to become a militant. You make a difference with the approach you take daily.

Anon-Paranoid said...

It's not about Nader. Its about what the Democrat said in response to the impeachment vote sent to him from his district and what he says about it.

Martial Law, War with Iran, suspended elections.

That is what I have been saying for a long time now.

Nader is a spoiler, however he's reading something a elected official said who responded to a petition for impeachment that was voted for by his constituents.

Got to hit the sack now. Take care and ...

God Bless.

Naj said...

Anon, I know.

That Cheney's got an evil vision for the world is a FACT. I am beginning to realize his motivations are not econo-geo-political, rather psycopathic!

No human with that kind of a grin should be elected to a public office. Thinking of it, Bush's sulk is not too comforting either :)

Oh the history will have such a great fun with these pathetic figures: Ahmadinejad, Olmert, Sarkozy, Bush, Cheney, gonzales ...

sigh ... i wish I was an artist!