Monday, October 8, 2007

Iranian Children's message: Imagine Peace

Source: Please go to Blog of Revelations for more information.

Can someone tell me why there is such a silence about the Oxford Research Group's report on the disasterous failure of the War on Terror?


Larry said...

Since Bush has the mind of a child, it would be nice if he had an image of peace.

Naj said...

Funny Larry, I was just thinking about you and Lydia :)

Bush doesn't have the mind of a child. He has the mind of a psycopath. He typifies a spoiled rich kid, who lacks real talent, but has enough power to enjoy bullying the poor ones.

Look at it this way:
the world is making FUN of him for his stupidity. what does he do? He says: "yada yada say what you want, I show you who I am."

And then he holds the world by throat, so to stop them from laughing, and to show them who will have the last laugh.

an average patriot said...

I will be back and I did comment to you on my site amongst other things that this is not a failure to Bush but success as he needs it to continue his new order Forever wars. Anyway Here it is

Naj said...

Thanks Jim for the Ruerter's link.

I will try to get the full report.

By the way, did you here Tehran university students have protested against Ahmadinejad?

Now let's see if the Harvard ones will rebel against Bush!

Id it is said...

What a powerful collage! If only the world would heed it!

Daniel said...

Any report that shows the futility and idiocy of war will be ignored by those who profit from it, Naj.

While there is a link between profit and war nothing will ever change.

Take care.

enigma4ever said...

it is so beautiful....thank you....and may more of the world listen to the children...

Anonymous said...

hi naj,
nice painting here...especially the globe withe three pair of hands as abstract doves...
Thanks for stopping by once in a while.