Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Showdown With Iran!

Let's see what Cheney wants to bomb:

Richard Armitage concluded correctly: "I have never seen such an ethnocentric country. For these people, Persepolis is not something of 4500 years ago. It is today!"
The Frontline documentary was a timid one: it only shyly exposed the Israel lobby, the American Enterprise Institute, and Bush's ignorant incompetence!
Watching this, I thought of America with the same disdain that I think of a rapist.


Daniel said...

Cheney is a sick man. He has many blood brothers!

A madness has overtaken our world, one precipitated by naked greed: for wealth, for power.

The Four Horsemen are already riding!

Amre El-Abyad said...

pERSOPOLIS WAS BUILT IN 500 B.C! and not 4500 years ago.

Those like you who have no civilsation and no ancient history, would be desperate to invent one. But I guess it is very difficult to imagine that someone would descend top that level and put such a downright silly lie

Naj said...


I know you are an idiot, but I thought you are capable of understanding what "quotes" mean!

Actually, what you are bringing up (in addition to reminding us of your pettiness) is the fact that Richard Admiral is ignorant about the Iranian history!

Now go watch the documentary and shut up :)

Amre El-Abyad said...

Dear Naj,

Thanks for the clarification. By the way, you also ought to thank the Arab Babylonians who taught you how to build like that.
I dare you to Publish that comment, that is if you are realy confident in your history and civilsation.

No offence, but Iam desparately curious to know what you or other Iranians would have to say on that.

Kind regards

RickB said...

As not a direct target of the empire, what strikes me from (even the synopsis on the web page) is the sheer domineering arrogance of a country that sees its moral right to invade and manipulate all other countries on earth simply to serve its interests. Then cloaks all this imperial aggression with claims of noble aspirations to democracy or freedom or some other great lie the domestic population enjoy swallowing because it makes them feel like the good guys from their simple minded movies.

MarcLord said...

Beautiful homage to Persepolis, Naj.

My reply to your comment on my Bhutto post:


While the Pashtun majority seems secure, the ethnic divisions in Pakistan do indeed remind me of those in Yugoslavia. There's little doubt that Pakistan is on the brink. Of what is a good question.

The question of Pakistan employing nukes depends on a couple of factors. First, to what extent extremists have infiltrated the military. Second, if there is sufficient opportunity, i.e., a good target. My guess is their ideal target would be a fleet offshore.

As for proliferating nukes, the ISI has already done so. There is, of course, an argument that proliferation brings about a better balance of power, one that's practically needed and theoretically true. But again, set those nukes down into a Yugoslavian scenario, and then I'm not so sure. Very unsure and frightened, in fact. They demolished Dubrovnik, after all, and only lunatics would've done that.

enigma4ever said...

Iran is a beautiful country full of History and Culture- and yes, MrCheney and MrArmitage are just pieces of a Government Regime that is powerful, evil, and shameful in their disdain and disregard or Human Life, Culture and History, they have destroyed so many lives in Iraq, and even in their own country, yet they continue on their blind path.....I hope and pray that they do not Bomb or attack Iran, but I can no longer understand WHAT they do, they are an Evil Criminal Regime gone Rogue at this point. Please I know you say you hate America, I hope that does not mean ALL americans- because some of us despise...loath this Evil Corrupt Regime as much as you.....but many of us within do feel powerless too....I have no answers...


an average patriot said...

He'll bomb all of it and he could care less. those are beautiful pictures by the way. i came here right now to make sure you read this. I told you it was all a plan and nothing short of total war will suffice. Tell me what you think, this is not goog, I told you war can not be avoided.The relentless drive for WW3

Naj said...


bug off!

Well i have to say listening to the British war criminals is less painful than to these American idiot war mongers. Did anyone hear Bush threaten Cubans today and call them to uprise against Fidel?

Man the level of ignorance and simpletonness in this nation is amazing!

I don't know, i think the only nuclear danger stems from America! I don't think even in a balkanic scenario they can be as dangerous as they are in an American one!

It's really getting ridiculous how everyone is assuming that iran IS pursuing nuclear weapons. Also the mess in Pakistan, i would still blame it on America. Destabilizing Pakistan is their way of creating instability in Iran/Pakistan relations and also aimed at creating the "next" axis of evil to move the "war on terror" Eastward!

Oh I know Americans do not condone these criminals, but why can't you hold your congress and your democratic candidates to task?

Average American
Yes WW3 is what bush wishes for :)

RickB said...

I see the UK as the weasely henchman to the US, 'yeah boss, you show 'em.'
Because our risible politicians think it's better to stay friends with the bully then risk its wrath, which is fairly false as we could easily ally with Europe more and avoid being the organ grinder's monkey so much.

Naj said...


What you are saying is ignoring the fact hat the "capitalist" elite of London and the Us are rather indistinguishable.

I see things very differently:

I see the UK manipulating the idiotic Americans into action, and directing their action, while "pretending" to be the followers!

The British national IQ is DEFINITELY higher than the American one :)

RickB said...

Really, Britannia still rules the waves? You'd make a lot of old imperial patriots happy!
[Although I am a treasonously unpatriotic scoundrel myself.]
But I think the time the UK could manipulate the US is gone although both have that imperial sweet tooth. So in terms of nation states I think the UK is the client state now. But British imperialism clearly inspired US imperialism, in terms of the elite I agree, also their national identity is not as important as their bank balances/power to them and that also relates to the rise of corporations as power bases without national identity other than those adopted for convenience and tactical advantage.
If Britian is conning the US into doing our bidding then I shall do my best to ensure Iran is left unmolested (although I have a feeling they don't listen to low born folk such as I) and all lady Persian bloggers receive an annual stipend of at least £25,000- flattery works!

Naj said...


Rick, I didn't say the British "state", I said the British businesses!

A western country, in which "class system" still exists, cannot easily wash itself clean of its filthy racist past!

I totally agree with you that corporations do not have a national identity, but the head of your state, the little queen of yours, is a filthy rich bonny herself, and she happens to be racist as well, and so I won't doubt the British "elite" taking pleasure in manipulating a savage like Bush!

That said, I really do like the British. They are polite, at least! (Okey those that I deal with!) There is nothing that I hate more, than rich people who behave like George Bush!

Wealthy criminals ought to have "pwopeh manness" (say it with a fine English accent) ;)

By the way, do you expect the London allowance as well? :)

RickB said...

-don't know if my reply went through, ISP went off. So I said drive a hard bargain, but ok on London weighting as you show such good taste in respect to our filthy rich racist Queen (and she wears boring hats)!

Naj said...

nope rick, your reply didn't go through!

But the royal hats do baffle me!
She looks far more interesting in her horse-riding attire! And what's the deal with that purple! (yah I know color of "royalty" ... damn ugly though)

RickB said...

Maybe there should be a royal version of-

Zeinobia said...

Dear Naj Cheney did not give a damn for Iraq and look to what they destroyed in it !!??