Friday, April 25, 2008

Action Call

Take action
against Hillary Clinton's
promise to Obliterate Iran

Clinton = Cheney
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Read Gareth Porter's new analysis
Cheney aggressively solicited political support from Turkish leaders for a U.S. strike against Iranian nuclear facilities during his visit to Turkey last month, according to a source familiar with Cheney’s meeting in Ankara.

Cheney was “very aggressive” in asking Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and President Abdullah Gul, as well as Turkey’s chief of general staff Gen. Yasar Bukyukanit to get “on board” with such an attack, according to the source, who has access to reports from the Cheney visit.

Cheney indicated that Turkey had been added to the trip at the last minute, suggesting that the decision to visit Ankara was linked to the Fallon resignation.


Zeinobia said...

The action call is to make her lose in this action this crazy greedy woman

Larry said...

I sent one I just hope it isn't like everything else she does and ignores the desires of the people.

Brother Tim said...

I sent mine. I have also sent her 5 or 6 others earlier, to no avail.

Anonymous said...

There will be no war with Iran. be assured.

You did say this is a physiological war isn’t Naj..

Obliterate Iran? naaah ... it's a joke; it's a psychological war.

Beach Bum said...

Mine was just sent. People like her endanger the entire world.

an average patriot said...

I just sent mine. Her and McCain would both be a danger and will finish the nightmare scenario Bush has us on.

nunya said...


It's ok for Iran to nuke Israel?

"Obliteration" of Iran would be in RETALIATION for nuking Israel.

Get some sleep.

Naj said...

Nunya, dear ... Iran will NEVER nuke Israel or anyone!

May i remind you that the only people who have ever nuked anyone are the Amricans?!!

nunya said...

Well then, it looks like Hillary won't be nuking Iran doesn't it?

Hey psssssst, got some contraband here, you know anybody that wants to buy some Barbie dolls?

bwaaa haaa ha ha ha ha ha

Ghost Dansing said...

i have to admit i didn't really think anybody was going to nuke or incinerate anybody...... sort of felt like saying: well we'll put a cork in Hillary if you put a cork in Ahmadinijad..... enough of the nuking and incinerating already. all these loud mouths are going to get everybody killed!99 luft balons

Naj said...

Ghost dancing, welcome to neoresistance!

YEs Ahmadinejad's mouth needs a cork too; but at least the world and the iranians show indignaion when he opens his; Clinton is saying these things to get herself ELECTED!

That's the moral line of divide!